Binary options are prohibited in the European Economic Area. 83% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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Nadex Review


Many customers are confused when it comes to Nadex, a derivatives exchange designed for the retail traders. In our Nadex review we will try to explain basic principles of binary options trading by using their services.

It is important to mention that Nadex is not a classic broker, as are those in other parts of the world – Nadex is an exchange. The Nadex platform should be seen as a bridge between two interested sides in binary options trading. It is regulated by Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Nadex Account

Nadex is one of the only US regulated binary option exchanges. All traders need to do is sign up and choose between various trades, or contracts, as they call them. Signing up is free but it is important to emphasize that there are various fees that apply while trading.

Nadex offers only two account types to choose from, with only one being a real trading account, and other being demo account. Our review showed that after a long time, Nadex started to accept non-US residents as well.

Trader platform is something that could be considered regular account, as it gives traders fast, reliable and easy access to the trades. The traders are presented with real-time charts that give detailed insight into trades and makes decision-making a lot easier.

Nadex Demo

Nadex review showed that this is the best way to start binary options trading even for more experienced traders who never traded in the US market before, as Nadex is a bit different than regular brokers. Demo account is completely free and requires only basic information such as name, phone number, email, and username. Nadex demo provides every trader with $10,000 in fictional money that enables experiencing the platform and placing trades.

Nadex Automated Trading

Nadex platform is easy to use, although not as well designed as those belonging to European brokers. The entire interface reminds much of MS Windows, but generally speaking, it is user-friendly. One of the most useful features is the welcome note that appears every time a trader logs in. Nadex automated trading does not exist so don’t get fooled if someone promises something else.

Besides the desktop platform, our Nadex review showed that they offer a mobile platform, called NadexGo. NadexGO is a browser based mobile app and does not require a download from Apple App Store or Google Play store. The app enables tracking of the financial market, customizable trading charts, watchlist creating, and fast and easy trading no matter where the trader is. Mobile apps are always a great addition to the portfolio, but Nadex app doesn’t offer anything that isn’t offered in the desktop version of the website. It does come in handy when a personal computer is out of reach.

Options offered by NADEX are High/Low and Long Term, as well as Nadex Call Spreads. There is no opportunity to trade 60 seconds or One Touch options as the shortest expiry time is 5 minutes. On the other hand, traders have the opportunity of early close in case they realize they made the wrong prediction.

NADEX Knock-Out™ Contracts

Knock-Out ™ Contracts are a new type of a product offered on NADEX. They were introduced at the end of 2018 as Touch Bracket™ Contracts. These contracts allow traders to try to predict price movements in the pre-defined range which is set with floor and ceiling price levels. With floor and ceiling levels defined, we have the maximum boundaries for the contract. The contract expires when the price index of the underlying market touches (and/or surpasses) the price levels. The maximum duration is one week – meaning if the price does not touch the floor or the ceiling, the contract will expire based on the predefined expiry time.

Each week, NADEX will list four knock-outs with unique ranges floor to ceiling, per underlying market. These are specifically designed with historical price range movements for the underlying market, with the floor being the lowest point the contract can trade, and the ceiling being the highest point at which the contract will settle.

How to trade NADEX Knock-Out™ Contracts?

Like with other contracts – if the trader believes the market will rise, they choose to buy, if they believe the market is about to fall, they enter sell position. As the knock-outs are touched/surpassed, the contracts settle at those levels, otherwise, the settlement level is the level of price reached at the moment when the predefined expiry time is reached at the end of the week, depending on the contract specs. The payouts depend on the difference where position was bought/sold and the settlement price. Knock-outs do set fixed price settlement levels, however, if they are not touched, the payout will depend on the price at the time of expiry and is considered variable.

With knock-outs in play, the max reward and max risk are already known, since they define the floor and ceiling price levels for the settlement. If you enter position at X, and knock-outs are defined as +/- 20 points around the X, the trader knows that the 20 points are maximum risk and the max reward.

Example: If the buy position was entered, the trader knows that the max reward is the difference between the ceiling and the price level when the contract was bought. If a sell position was entered, the reward is the difference between the price at which the position was entered and the floor price.

Since the knock-outs are not always set asymmetrically, the trader can choose to focus on lower risk and higher potential reward, and vice versa simply by choosing the knock-outs.

Another important info about this instrument is the fact they use micro lot sizes meaning the capital requirements are low which makes this instrument accessible to more traders.

NADEX Call Spreads

Call Spreads are an interesting twist to online trading. Most of the time, people prefer to time bottoms or tops and use stop-loss and take-profit functionality to adjust their risk preferences. The issue with this technique is that the market might temporarily move against the trader short term, but eventually turn to how the trader predicted. In this case, the limiters will close the trade and an opportunity will be missed. With Call Spreads, NADEX introduces a contract where floor and ceiling levels are set, however, they do not trigger the trade to be closed. The trade stays open, however, the losses or profits are not accrued after those levels. This buys time for traders who firmly believe their predictions will come true. It allows to stay in the game even after the limits have been breached, until that time when the traded decides to close the trade or the predefined expiry time is reached.

NADEX Underlying Markets

Nadex offers traders products in markets of forex (11 currency pairs), stock indices (8 indices) and 7 different commodities.

Nadex Auto Trader

Nadex auto trader does not exist. However, traders can take advantage of the NADEX Mobile – NadexGO.

The Nadex mobile trading platform was just updated at the end of 2018. NadexGO is the newly redesigned progressive mobile app (PWA) that is synced with the desktop platform. This means the trades made are visible on both NadexGO and your desktop at the same time, and it even allows to start trading on desktop and continue to track trades on mobile, and vice versa.

Nadex Complaint

Nadex binary options trading platform is only available in English, which we consider to be a bit strange, if we take into consideration that many non – US residents aren’t so proficient in English that they can understand all Terms and Conditions. Adding Spanish as the second language would be a great feature, as Hispanics make up a large minority in the US. Italian, German and French would be welcomed as well. The customer service can be reached by live chat or by email 24 hours a day 7 days a week from 3:00 PM Eastern Sunday to 5:00 PM Eastern on Friday. Nadex trading platform and customer service are closed on the US holidays.

Our Nadex review clearly shows that they are dedicated to educating their customers, as they offer a number of webinars and handbooks. Some of them are completely free and can be used even by traders signed up with other brokers while some are reserved for registered traders only. There is also a useful glossary available with all important terms in binary options industry, and educational videos that explain some basic principles of the trading like what are binary options, what are trading possibilities and advice on how to trade. FAQ section offers answers to all common questions about accounts, security, and trading.

NADEX accepts traders from all over the world, but not from all countries. The list of eligible countries can be found on NADEX website. Traders will, of course, have to deliver several important information like permanent residential address, and national identification number or social security number. These have to be verified by documents requested by the exchange.

Nadex Minimum Deposit

In Nadex review, we found out that Nadex is a part of group, a global financial services provider, which guarantees safe and smooth transactions. Nadex offers various methods of depositing and withdrawing.

There is no minimum deposit for both US and non-US residents. US customers can make a deposit via debit card, bank transfer, wire transfer, and paper check while non-US residents can deposit using a debit card or wire transfer. US residents may withdraw their money by using bank or wire transfer, and offshore residents can use only wire transfer. In the case when traders use a debit card to make a deposit, there are special terms of withdrawal, as the funds cannot be transferred to the debit card. The trader must send relevant bank statement after sending a withdrawal request and send a 9-digit routing number. The money will be received via wire transfer. Wire withdrawal requests received before 4pm ET, Monday through Thursday, or before 3:15pm ET on Friday will be processed on the same business day. All requests received after the cut-off time will be processed the following business day.

Withdrawals are usually processed the same day, but it might take 3-5 days to see the funds on the account. In order to better serve our customers, Nadex hours have been extended with Customer service available 24 hour a day 7 days a week from 3:00 PM Eastern Sunday to 5:00 PM Eastern on Friday. Also, they have replaced phone support with live chat to provide much better and more efficient response times to their customers.