Binary options are prohibited in the European Economic Area. 83% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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NADEX Call Spreads


NADEX call spreads are an interesting and new way to trade. Call spreads have already predetermined highest and lowest points where a trade can settle, which makes them more appealing and less risky.

NADEX call spreads are defined as “short-term contracts based on an underlying market, which makes them suitable for hedging against movements in that market”. Traders who opt for call spreads can trade stock indicies, forex and commodities. All spreads are listed on the left side of the trading platform.

Every call spread has the floor and ceiling level as a part of their name, for example, EURUSD 1.3000-1.3250 (3 PM). The trader has to buy or sell prevailing bid or offer price. The most important thing is that the price will never go lower than 1.3000 or higher than 1.3250. The price will be somewhere in the range. Call spreads are offering effective leverage and hedging opportunities but also, many other benefits.

While trading with spreads, the risk always limited, and the positions that can be taken are highly leveraged. Traders can place more trades every day, and enjoy binary trading on a whole new level. Call spreads are a great innovation that will definitely improve the trading experience on NADEX exchange as NADEX spreads are rarely seen somewhere else.

NADEX Signals

Binary options signals are often used by traders in order to maximize their profits. Signals are considered to be trading recommendations provided by specialists and experts after careful market analysis. Signals used for binary trading are containing asset, expiry date, and direction so they are considered to be a full solution for successful binary options trading. Still, experienced traders will always recommend never to rely on signals completely.

NADEX supports the same approach, so their users cannot count on NADEX signals. This binary exchange doesn’t provide this service, as they believe that traders must be aware of market movements and never use instant solutions.

Instead of signals, NADEX provides a great number of educational materials that can be used by traders to improve their knowledge in binary options trading. Traders with good knowledge can check signals provided by other signal providers before using them for their trading strategy. No matter, how correct signals are, and are there even available, NADEX traders must accept the fact that proper education always surpasses solutions done by someone else. The Proper analysis must never be underestimated when it comes to financial investments.

NADEX How to Make Money

nadex logo smallBinary options are known to be an interesting way for traders to make investments in financial markets. They are easy to understand and trade, as they are very user-friendly. Traders must make a decision whether the price of an asset will go up or down in certain time-frame.

Just like in every aspect of life, traders have to put some effort into binary trading in order to make a significant profit. Even though they seem to be easy, one must never forget that binary options are connected to financial markets that can be considered the most dynamic aspect of finances.

This means that traders must frequently follow news regarding financial assets and markets in order to make money while trading on NADEX. Choosing the right strategy and proper analysis is also of highest significance. NADEX trading platform has many tools and charts available that can help traders make better predictions if they use them properly. Also, NADEX lowered the risk in the very beginning, by excluding the riskiest binary options types from the list of options available.

Proper money management, asset allocation and good strategies implemented upon well-executed analysis will help every trader achieve better results.

Trading with NADEX is a pleasant experience as this exchange platform is regulated by CFTC. This provides additional security to traders who don’t want to get scammed by unethical brokers.