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Lucrosa Trading Software Review

Lucrosa Trading

In 2023 Lucrosa Software has reemerged however, we do not recommend using this software for auto trading. In EU binary options have not been allowed since 2018 and only automated software with reliable signals is Deriv Robot

Lucrosa is a relatively new trading software in the market. Originally, Lucrosa is released in August 2016 and it is an automated trading robot for trading binary options. In this review, we will show you all the advantages and disadvantages of this free binary options trading software.

Account Features

Lucrosa software for binary options trading promises traders amazing payouts with zero risk, however, we can safely say that there is no software that can guarantee profit with no risk involved. Atop Lucrosa software website, traders are guaranteed $210,000 each month. This usually seems like „sounds too good to be true“ marketing and it is hard to believe that this way traders can make an enormous profit.

After traders create an account, Lucrosa shows a video which starts playing automatically. In this video, a person who claims to be John Lucrosa is showing how to make a $7,000 a day. According to the software review, our team thinks that these numbers are unrealistic with initial $250 deposit. John Lucrosa is a characted who are supposed to be a creator and developer of this software.

Also, in videos that last for over 25 minutes, you will not be able to get any insight into how the software works. Banking nearly $7000 per day and acummulating $2.5 million in yearly revenue is really hard to believe, however, there is no demo account with which you can test all the tools and features that this free software provides to get more info about these claims.

According to the Lucrosa software, the best known settings for traders are:

  • Martingale Method System Trading
  • Indicators: TREND – MACD – RSI
  • Maximum number of trades: 3

How To Start Trading With Lucrosa?

According to the Lucrosa, traders need to follow some steps and simple instructions to start trading with this free binary software:

Sign Up – Traders need to enter their name and valid e-mail address. After that, traders will receive confirmation message about signup process and that’s it

Deposit – The minimum deposit to use this software is $250. Also, traders can invest more money and according to the Lucrosa, they will get higher chance of winning more money

Withdrawal – As Lucrosa trading software claims, withdrawal process can last 3-5 working days and traders will get their profit without any additional fees

Trading Software & Assets

The Lucrosa software is a very basic automated trading robot. After traders make an initial deposit, they can choose between risk level and amount to trade. After saving settings, Lucrosa trading software will start trading at some time intervals. According to the different analysis, every hour on low settings management, the software will place a specific trade for you.

The trading software is based on the algorithm of the binary options that works by finding trades available on the market for each trader and placing them on trader’s behalf. Every trader can set up and customize trading interface the way it wants and this way can track all trading investments.

The Lucrosa software doesn’t need to be downloaded or install. It is automatically linked to traders account as soon as the sign up with Lucrosa trading software. The system will be assigned automatically according to the trader location. Also, signup form is not available from certain countries and regions in the world.

Support Information

Customer Support is often an important part that traders look out for. Through customer support, they can at any time obtain the information they need to trade and understand the various tools and features that the software provides.

Unfortunately, Lucrosa software does not provide us with live chat customer support but they have provided us with a contact form on which you can send them mail anytime. We tested this service and sent a mail with several issues important to Lucrosa software, but at the time of writing this review, we did not receive any response.

Banking & Company Information

To use this software, traders need to click on Deposit button available after they sign up with Lucrosa trading software. The traders will be redirected to their account on the broker website. From there, they need to enter credit card details and amount that they want to deposit. After you make a deposit, the balance will be shown on Lucrosa software and you will be able to start trading. Also, all features and tools available will be unlocked so traders can use different methods and tools while trading at the market. Unfortunately, we have not been able to get information that can provide us with better insight into payment methods, but we assume that there are options for deposit like: credit cards, debit cards, different E-wallets and bank wire.

For withdrawal options, traders need to click on Withdrawal button on their Dashboard and they will be redirected to the broker website again. You need to enter the amount you want to withdraw and validate your account. According to the Lucrosa software, it takes 3-5 working days for your money to be withdrawn.