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BinarySignalsTrader Review

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    BinarySignalsTrader is new auto trading software based on binary options signals that recently appeared on the market. Traders will like to read this BinarySignalsTrader review as it delivers much important information about this product.

    BinarySignalsTrader claims to be trustworthy software for binary options trading that is delivering superb service to traders all over the word. BinarySignalsTrader is a product that supports auto trading exclusively with currency pairs and stocks, which means that it will be interesting for traders who already have their favorite assets, or for traders who don’t want to get confused with large number of assets.

    Find out more in BinarySignalsTrader review.

  2. Account Features

    BinarySignalsTrader is auto trading software based on binary signals. This auto trading signal provider was established by Simon Russell, a trading expert who developed a special software that ill be user friendly and easily adapted to different styles of trading. BinarySignalsTrader claims to be developed for both beginners and more experienced traders alike.

    BinarySignalsTrader – Free and No Download

    There are many different auto trading signal companies that require complicated installations of their product, which can be demanding for average trader.

    BinarySignalsTrader requires no downloads and delivers automated signals trading directly from the browser. This makes Binary Signals Trader software very convenient for traders who don’t like to install additional programs or are not used to such approach.

    BinarySignalsTrader review noted how this product claims to have high accuracy, which means that win rate should also be quite high. However, in order to understand how trading with BinarySignalsTrader really looks like, it is important to get familiar with features available.

    BinarySignalsTrader review showed they take great pride in their live signals, as they understand how delayed signals are not very useful for traders, especially those who like to experience the rush of the short term trading.

    All trades are placed on dashboard developed by BinarySignalsTrader software. This signal trading software delivers a trading interface that can be described as friendly and easy to understand. BinarySignalsTrader has several customization features, that traders might find handy during trading:

    • Expiry times that range from 60 seconds, across 2, 5 and 30 minutes to end of day
    • Risk levels
    • Two strategy types – Correlation and High-Frequency trading
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  5. Trading Software & Assets

    Once traders register and enter the dashboard they will find several tabs that will navigate them through their entire trading process. They can see the selection of brokers available, balance state, profit made and opened trades. There is also a special button that activates auto trading, but traders can also trade manually if they like to do so.

    Traders can also set their asset preferences by simply clicking on specially designed fields. This gives them possibility to filter assets according to their trading preferences and trading style. If a trader wants to trade only currencies on BinarySignalsTrader software, it is possible to do so.

    BinarySignalsTrader features are helping traders experience signals auto trading in a whole new way, as there is no need to visit broker each time signal is delivered as all trades can be executed immediately on the BinarySignalsTrader platform.

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  7. Support Information

    BinarySignalsTrader has customer support that can be reached via live chat. If you are not in the mood for a chat, you can always check out the FAQ section or simply read numerous guides available on the website. You can also send an email.

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  9. Banking & Company Information

    BinarySignalsTrader delivers an interesting trading experience that combines auto trading and signal trading with some of the most renown brokers around. The dashboard is pretty straightforward and easy to understand, even for traders who are encountering this type of trading for the first time. Of course, in order to be successful traders should always long to understand all things binary options related and perceive risks.

    BinarySignalsTrader review showed how customization possibilities delivered by this software can really improve user-experience, as traders can simply manage their asset, strategies, risk level etc. All this can easily be done by clicking through assets and categories. Traders should definitely take advantage of this possibility.

    Another great feature of BinarySignalsTrader that was noted in the review is that it is free. This makes it good choice when limited funds are involved, as traders don’t have to pay any additional fees or charges, and they only have to deposit with their broker selected from the BinarySignalsTrader platform.

    BinarySignalsTrader review noted that traders can also contact customer support in case of any inquiries and, additionally, visit FAQ section that will provide answers to some of the most important questions they have regarding this product.

  10. Conclusion:

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  11. Your capital is at risk