The Best Online Casino Slots Reviews

Casino slots are probably the most dynamic and popular casino products. Thanks to technological innovation that happened in the past several years, great casino slots are also available online, and almost every respectable online casino offers an impressive list of slots you can play. The best slots offer a great variety of combinations and playing opportunities as well as the progressive jackpots and free spins for great playing experience. Check out the most popular slots in the casino industry in the list below, read our reviews and play like never before!

What is a Casino Slot?

A slot or a slot machine was, in its original form, a special machine used in casinos that has several reels that are spinning after an activity such as pushing a button or moving the lever is performed. The slot must have at least 3 reels, and the more reels it has the better as playing will be more dynamic. Every reel has a set of symbols and depending on the combination achieved, the player gets a payout or not. Traditional slot machines can still be found in casinos all over the world, but lately, online slot games are becoming more and more popular. Still, in the USA, 70% of casino incomes are based on slot machines.

casino slot vegasWhat are Online Casino Slots?

Online slots operate in the same, but yet completely different way. Online casino slots are created for online playing, simply to allow players to access their favorite slots from their own home. Thanks to online approach, slots can nowadays be played anytime and any place. You can even use your mobile phone, but more on that later.

Instead of pushing a button, or pulling a lever, online slots are used with a click of a mouse, or alternatively, by touching a screen. Generally speaking, the playing experience on online slots is very similar to the one on the traditional slot in a brick and mortar casino, but you don’t have to be physically present in the casino to play it.

How do Online Casino Slots Work?

There are many myths and misconceptions that people believe govern the way online slots work. Maybe you are one of those people who love the idea of winning money from a online slot machine but have no idea how they actually operate.

Every online slot has an impressive and technologically advanced software background. That background enables the slot to present you with a different combination of elements every time you start a game. However, most important part of the software is the RNG, or Random Number Generator.

What is Random Number Generator in Online Casino Slots?

Imagine all the players, all over the world, who are playing the same slot at the same time. It would be impossible to manually assign a different combination to all of them in a reasonable amount of time. That is why RNG is crucial for all slot games. RNG is delivering random combinations to players all over the world in milliseconds of time. You don’t even notice it as a player, as it works side by side with slots algorithm. RNG makes sure that the combinations are diverse. Previous combinations never affect future ones, which means it is a completely objective way of delivering the best playing experience. The RNG and the algorithm don’t know whether or not you have lost or won in the previous games – their only goal is to deliver a new and exciting combination each time.

Online Casino Slots Types

As most players already know, not all slots are made the same. One of the crucial elements that should be taken when selecting an appropriate slot is the platform, and software behind it. Nowadays there are many respectable companies that develop new slots every day, so it is always advised to use products developed by leaders in the casino industry such as:

We recommend you to try slots provided by serious development companies or custom-made slots by different casinos. Also, keep a close eye on the list of available slots with your favorite casino as it gets updated regularly. Sometimes certain casinos get specialized offers and special slots that are not available elsewhere.

It is also important to accentuate how there are also other characteristics that determine the online slot type. The most popular slot types are:

  • Classic slots
  • Video slots
  • Progressive Jackpot slots

Online Classic Slots

Online classic slots are slots that almost look like slot machines found in casinos. They are frequently called ‘fruit machines’ due to the specific design and its origins and have usually 3 reels. Classic slots, no matter whether online or in a casino, are very straightforward. Players cannot count on huge bonuses or playing benefits, but this doesn’t mean there is no jackpot. Depending on the offer and the slot, jackpots can be pretty lucrative!

Video Slots in Online Casinos

Video slots often remind players of video games. They have more than 3 reels, usually 5, and can have even more than 100 paylines. This makes them very interesting for most players who are looking for something more exciting that classic slots. It is important to accentuate the fact how video slots have more dynamic graphics and offer more dynamic playing experience thanks to numerous benefits, bonuses, jackpots and plentiful of combinations. They are often called 5-reels, so don’t let different names confuse you. The largest number of modern slots falls under this category.

Progressive Jackpot Slots – Most Rewarding Slots

jackpot illustration red Progressive jackpot slots have quickly become the top choice for many players. This type of slots awards players who are ready to put in larger amounts of money, as maximum bets are supported with maximized payouts. The progressive jackpot is accumulated with each new bet. There is often a special field that tells you how big the jackpot is at the certain moment. The progressive jackpot is accumulated across the entire playing community on that single slot.

Once it has been won, the reset follows, and accumulation starts all over again. By playing this type of online casino slots, you can easily gain more than when playing multiple slots with the traditional approach. Also, progressive jackpot slots are offering many other bonuses and benefits, so even if you never win a big price it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to make money. This type of jackpot is sometimes found with certain blackjack or poker games, but it highly depends on the casino.

Types of Progressive Jackpot Slots

Not even all progressive jackpot slots are made the same. Yes, the basic principle always stays the same, but there are also some differences, so don’t let them confuse you. You can only benefit if you know more about different slots that are available with your favorite casino.

Standalone Progressive Jackpot Slots

This type of online progressive jackpot slots is not connected to other games and slots available in a certain casino. The jackpot is accumulated exclusively based on the bets by users of that certain slot. Basically, if there are only two players present on certain slots, a percentage of every bet they place will be put into the jackpot. The more players, not only the jackpot gets bigger, but also the competition.

In-house Progressive Jackpot Slots

In-house progressive jackpots are accumulated through multiple games and even multiple casinos that belong to the same company. Such jackpots are usually higher as more players are making their contribution.

Network Progressive Jackpot Slots

This type of online slots has the most lucrative jackpots that are accumulated across the great network of casinos that operate on the identical platform type. Considering how many players play each day, there is no need to do the math. This type of slots is more than generous when it comes to jackpot!

Multiple Progressive Jackpot Slots

This type of slots offers you to win one jackpot, with multiple jackpots offered. This type of slots usually offers 3 jackpots.

How to Play an Online Casino Slot?

Playing a slot in an online casino is fairly easy. There are no specific rules like in poker or other similar card games. Also, you never have to ‘read’ your opponent. Online slots are the most accessible casino game and they are becoming increasingly popular. Once you have found your casino and made your account, there is nothing stopping you from playing on different slots.

The principle is always the same: online slot contains several elements like the frame, reel screen and a bar with elements such as play button, bet amount etc. After you set all the parameters, simply press the button and reels will start to move! That’s it, and that is the greatest advantage of slots, especially when compared to other casino games. You can start playing immediately and without hesitation as soon as you have funded your account with a minimum deposit. There is also no special strategy to be applied either, as combinations are completely random. The only thing to keep in mind is the good old saying – never put all eggs in one basket. You should also never put all your money in one bet, but rather place multiple bets with the same slot.

Should I use Play for Fun?

Most online casinos will allow you to use ‘Play for Fun’ option before opening an account. This means you get a certain virtual amount of money to play their slots. As the money is virtual, all the money you make is virtual as well, but don’t underestimate the power of it. You can test all the slots and then play real money with the ones you like the most. Play for fun allows you a better insight than any review could. Of course, slot reviews are important so you learn more about the slot, but nothing can replace the experience of real playing. Play for fun, or demo, as many describe it, can be your ultimate tool for selecting a good slot that suits you and that will help you get that jackpot you always dreamed of.

money manHow to Cheat on Casino Slot Games?

There is an urban myth that you can easily cheat on slot games, but only if you know how. This misconception is often motivated by certain rumors that prove little to no evidence. Technically speaking, modern slots that are used online are so advanced that it is simply impossible to trick them. They perpetually generate new and random combinations for players all over the world, and it is impossible to predict what happens next.

In order to cheat on a game that has such sophisticated background, it would take a whole team of specialists. It is better to focus on finding a good online casino rather than trying to learn how to cheat on slot games.

Winning on Casino Slots – Is it Possible?

Another great misconception is that it is impossible to win while playing online slots. Slots usually allow small denominations which makes them more approachable than, for example, poker. Also, you don’t have to analyze or learn anything.

Still, there are several things all players should keep in mind.

  • There are also some bad slots that have algorithms that are bad for players. Their RNG lacks precision and is badly programmed which makes it very difficult for players to make money.
  • Sticking to one slot doesn’t guarantee you a higher payout, especially if the slot is bad. The algorithm behind the slot doesn’t care if you have been faithful or not.
  • It is impossible for a casino to do changes by themselves. All changes made on slot machines have to be supervised and reported to the authority that regulates the casino.
  • New slots are not necessarily better than the old ones. Even though new slots appear each day, it is impossible to neglect the fact that some of the oldies are popular for a good reason.
  • If you put all your money in one bet, that won’t guarantee you a win on casino slots. Be reasonable and rather play several games than a big one, because, as already mentioned – the algorithm doesn’t care.

What are Free Spins with Online Slots?

A free spin means that you can play a real money casino slot game without wagering your own money. The casino provider gives you free spin credit in your casino account. The stake value of the free spin is usually very low making it improbable that you will win big sums of money. However, the aim of free spins is to give players a ‘taste’ of a slot game and encourage them to wager their own money if they like the game.

Learn the Game and Win Money Using Free Spins

Playing a slot game with the casino’s money lets you understand exactly how a game plays out and how it pays. Whilst you are discovering a game, you may win a reasonable amount of money. Many casinos offer free spins across all types of slots games. However, they tend to focus on big favorites and new releases. Furthermore, with the rapid growth of mobile slots games, there are lots of free spins offers aimed at mobile casino players. Most slots fans find that free spins are fun and worth using. Especially as they give players the opportunity to discover new games without risking any of their own gaming funds. What’s more, everybody enjoys winning even if it’s not a huge amount.

How to Get Free Spins?

You can look for free spin credits in the promotional offers at your online casino. When you sign up with a casino, you may get a free spin offer together with a welcome bonus. Every time your casino gets a new game you could get free spins offers sent to you by email. Whether you take up the offer is up to you. Like most bonus offers in reputable casinos, you need to accept the offer before it’s activated. Some game developers include free spin bonus rounds into their games making them very lucrative indeed. You can only find out by trying out the games and free spins provide that opportunity.

No Deposit Free Spins Bonuses

Sometimes you get free spins offers before you make a deposit to your new casino. These are advertised as no deposit free spins and are designed to convince players to join the casino. For that reason, they can be very rewarding! Read our reviews to find the best online casinos with free spins offers.

Lucrative Free Spins Offers for Mobile Casino Players

Many casinos are looking to increase their market share of mobile casino users. To that end, they often create special free spin offers for mobile casino gamblers. These mobile offers can be very lucrative so keep an eye open for especially exciting free spins offers on your mobile.

Win Real Money with Free Spin Bonuses

Significantly, you can win real money by playing a slot game with your free spins bonus money. This is totally different to playing a slot in fun mode where you don’t wager real money. Playing in fun mode or practice mode helps you discover a slot game. However, you don’t win real money. Offering players free spins on new or existing games is a great way to please existing customers. It also serves to attract new players to the venue. After all, everybody loves ‘freebies’ and for the millions of slots fans worldwide, free spins are definitely the best!

slott reel illustrationWhy do Casinos Offer Free Spins?

Online casinos give their players bonus offers to reward them for their commitment to the venue. They also use other types of bonuses to attract new players, so you’ll find offers that vary widely.

Many offers are very innovative, combining free spins with match deposit bonuses for example. These kinds of combined bonus offers are fun and often lucrative too boot. With thousands of online casinos competing for players, you’ll find plenty of great gambling offers. Especially when you read our reviews of the best online casino platforms.

Good Casinos Reward Loyalty

Slots enthusiasts are very important customers for online casinos. Not only do they form a big proportion of online players, but wager lots of money spinning the reels on slots games. Whilst many players have fun winning on the slots, the very nature of gambling means that you can’t be a winner all the time. Casino providers use some profits to give players lucrative promotional offers like free spins bonuses. They also offer free spins on popular slots as a way of attracting new customers.

Free Spins Encourage Players to Try New Games

Players enjoy being introduced to slots games with risk free offers like free spin bonuses. Especially when new games are released onto the market. Players may be wary of new video slots as they are not used to them. It can take a few games to develop a winning game strategy and to decide if the game is worth playing. Most players may not want to risk their own money trying out a new game just in case they don’t like it.

Free Spins Usually Have Conditions Attached

Free spins are a type of bonus so they usually come with terms and conditions. We advise players to read the free spin conditions carefully. Especially as casinos frequently require players to wager the winnings several times before withdrawing the cash. The wagering requirement can range from 10X to as high as 60X depending on casino bonus policy. Moreover, you will need to use the free spins within a stated time period and only on specified slot games.

Unconditional Free Spins Offers

In very rare cases, casinos offer players free spins without any conditions attached. The reasoning behind this policy is to risk a short-term loss in hope that players join the casino remaining loyal in the long term. All reputable casinos hope to keep their customers happy and retain them for the long haul.

Casinos Need to Take Precautions

It’s understandable that casinos need to qualify their free spins offers with certain conditions. If a new player gets 10 free spins before making a deposit and wins £300, what’s to stop the player quitting the casino and going elsewhere if there are no conditions attached? There are plenty of people looking for opportunities to make bonus money from casinos without having a real interest in the games. If casinos didn’t act prudently, the online casino industry would disappear taking away all the pleasure that players enjoy.

Casino Slots Mobile Apps – The Best Way to Play?

As already stated, many important casinos and slots are working on mobile apps and mobile versions of their most popular games. The reason for this is fairly simple: we have become addicted to our mobile phones and they are becoming a replacement for a whole set of devices. Slots that support mobile playing will give you an opportunity to play whenever you feel like it. However, keep in mind that mobile approach may not be the best for everyone, simply due to screen limitations – all symbols will be much smaller and less visible. Still, if you have few minute of spare time, mobile slots are the way to go. Why not play a couple while waiting for a friend?

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