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Poker is the most popular card game in the world that found its way from traditional casinos to online environment. If you are one of the 40 million people in the world that prefer poker over other casino card games, make sure to read our poker reviews. All our reviews are written with players in mind and have many useful information every player can use.

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Poker is one of the most popular card games of the 20th century. Historians say the game goes far into the 10th century when the Chinese Emperors played it. Also, there is information that the Persians played the popular game “As Us” dating from the 16th century created poker.

However, what is known to us, the closest game of poker in Europe was called Poque and dates back to the 17th century in France. Poker games are different because of the number of cards, community cards shared, the number of cards that stay covered up, and the betting strategies and rules. Since Fair Binary Options is the best place to get best Online Poker, Casino and Slots reviews, it was only natural for us to take up the task of presenting Poker to our players.

What is Poker?

Poker is a card game that combines skill, strategy, and gambling element. It is a game played by minimum two players or more who bet the value of the hands that are dealt with them. A winner is a player who has the highest combination at the showdown or by forcing opponents to concede with betting strategies or bluffs.

The game was mostly played on live tables, however, by upgrading computer software and the era of digitization this changed completely. Today, we have more than a hundred online casinos that have a poker section as one of the major assets to promote themselves and to keep active players regularly at the tables.

Poker Variations

There are different variations of poker games. We have Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Seven-card Stud, Razz, Five-card Draw, 2-7 Triple Draw, Horse, Irish Poker, Badugi. All these games are played differently, but the principle remains the same.

Each player must use the betting structure and chips that he has to make the best possible combination of cards and win the hand. Along with this, of course, there is a skill involved, strategies and luck which is an indispensable factor in every card game.

Poker Games and Rules

As all card games, poker has a set of rules that make the game interesting. Thanks to many variations, poker rules are somewhat different that in many other games, but there are still some similarities. For example, hands are always ranked the same way, no matter whether you are playing Omaha or Texas Hold’Em.

Poker Hands Ranking

Listed below are all of the poker hands in order going from the best hand in poker to “high card” the hand that contains no pair and it is the worst hand that you can have.

  • Royal Flush – Extremely rare hand which is made of high straight (ace to ten) with all cards being the same suit – AKQJT
  • Straight Flush – A straight flush is a combination of straight cards and all five being the same suit – 56789
  • Four of a Kind – Or popularly called ‘quads’ is 4 cards of the same rank like QQQQ2
  • Full House – This hand consists of the 3 cards with the same rank and 2 cards of the same rank. This is like having a three of a kind and any other pair JJJQQ
  • Flush – Consists of 5 cards with the same suit in any combination K9824
  • Straight – A straight is combination made of 5 cards consecutive in rank that are not all the same suit such as 89TJQ
  • Three of a kind – Consists of 3 cards with the same rank among 5 you have in your hand. This hand is also called “trips” 555K3
  • Two Pair – To have two pairs, a player needs to have 2 cards with the same rank in the hand plus two cards of the same rank shared with community cards JJ399
  • One Pair – Having 2 cards with the same rank and other cards unpaired is called ‘One pair’ 9937K
  • High Card – This hand is combination of unpaired cards with no possible combination listed above K3948 (King High Hand)

Online Poker Games Types

There are so many poker variations! Most popular type of poker is Texas Hold’Em, but there are other poker variations you can enjoy as well. Poker is very interesting game, and you will never have the same playing experience twice. Find out more about the different poker types below!

Texas Hold’Em

poker sign Texas Hold’Em is the most popular version of all poker games. It is a really simple card game that can take a moment to learn it but a lifetime to master. Each player gets two cards which are dealt face-down. Then, the players can use five community cards that are available to anyone who is involved in a hand.

The dealer first deals three community cards that are called a flop. After a round of betting, there is a fourth card shown which is called a turn. Another round of a betting is placed and then we have the last card revealed, the river card.

A winning player is a person with the best five-card combination. That means that you can use one or two cards from your hand in combination with 5 cards from the board. Also, you can ‘play the board’ which means that your two cards are not strong enough and the combination of five cards at the table is better than any combination with your two face-down cards.


Omaha is a more gambling game because odds in the game are increasing with the number of cards dealt. Each player gets four cards instead of two like in Texas Hold’Em and has to use exactly two cards of those four.

Also, players are combining their four cards with the community cards at the table. The betting structure is the same as in Texas Hold’Em, however, this game is a pot limit game. Pot limit means that there is a limit and players can bet the size of the already created pot. A raise can include the size of the pot after the players call is made already. This game has a lot of different strategies since you have 4 cards and hands like pocket aces or kings are not strong enough as in Texas Hold’Em poker.

Seven-card Stud

Before the Texas Hold’Em exploded with poker boom in the early 2003., seven-card stud was a more popular game than any other played with cards. In each hand, player gets two cards dealt face-down and one card face-up, and the betting starts with the player who has the lowest card face-up. There is a betting round after each card is dealt. In seven-card stud, we have seven cards altogether after all betting rounds and the player with the best combination wins. However, there are no community cards like in Texa Hold’ Em poker or Omaha.

Also, there is a version with six-card and five-card stud but it is not much popular and players are not playing these variations frequently.


Razz is a game similar to seven-card stud. Each player is dealt seven cards, however, to win in this game you need to have the lowest hand possible. This is also called lowball poker game which means that the best combination to win is A,2,3,4,5 and this is called ‘a wheel’.

Five-card Draw

This game is more popular to play with friends and for fun rather than in a competitive environment. Each player is dealt five cards face-down and has the opportunity to replace the cards with the number of cards he chooses from its hand. The betting rounds are the same after each card replaced it is possible to bet on your combination. The player with the best five-card hand wins at the showdown.

Omaha Hi-Lo

This game is also known as ‘Omaha/8’. It is similar to Omaha in the way that each player is dealt four cards and can use two of them with the community cards on the table. However, the game rules are a little bit different. There is a ‘split pot’ between best high hand and the best low hand possible.

This poker game leads to a lot of split pots, but also, one player can win the whole pot and it is popularly called ‘scoop’ or ‘scooping the pot’. If a player has the best high hand and there is nobody with the low hand, the player can scoop the whole pot. Also, there can be a combination with no high hand or no low hand involved and then a player with the best possible combination wins the pot.

2-7 Triple Draw

Triple Draw, or is it popularly called ‘deuce to seven’ game is a lowball game where players have 5 cards and have the opportunity to draw new cards in the same way as in Five-card draw game. However, they can change their cards only 3 times per hand. Aces are high cards in this poker game which means that best possible combination is 7-5-4-3-2.


This poker variant is often seen in poker circles as a royal poker game. The game is full of skill and combination and constant observation of opponents’ cards. You need to be very focused while playing this type of poker because of the extreme changes that occur during the game. Namely, after each orbit, that is, once a hand is dealt with all players one time, the game you are playing is changed with a new poker game. That is why we have the abbreviation of H.O.R.S.E in the name, and that would mean Hold’Em, Omaha, Razz, Seven-Card Stud, and Seven-Card Stud Eight or Better.

Irish Poker

This poker version is simple to play and it is now a regular game in online poker rooms. Players are dealt four hole cards and after the flop, they need to discard two of the four. The rest of the hand is played the same like a regular Texas Hold’Em hand. The winning combination is the best five cards mixed with community cards at the table.


This poker game is a variation of a draw poker, however, each player is dealt only four cards. The lowest hand wins and there are three betting rounds that can be played in every hand of Badugi. Players can’t have more than one card of the same suit and also, they need to avoid hitting a pair because the hand is worth nothing in that moment. Aces are the low cards which mean that best possible hand is A234 with all different suits.

Online Poker

poker chipsFree poker was firstly played on the popular chat channel called IRC. There was a section called IRC poker and many players were interested in this game. The first online card room that starts to offer real money games was Planet Poker. On January 1,  1998, first poker hand was dealt.

However, everything changed after Chris Moneymaker won 2003 World Series of Poker tournament. He went to win the main event, the prestigious poker tournament, shocking the poker community and starting a poker boom in the whole world. Chris Moneymaker won a satellite, which is a qualification poker tournament through an online poker room and then won the main event in five day battle with other poker players.

This action changed the perception of poker forever. Many players decide to take a shot and made a deposit with online poker rooms. The game has progressed so much for years that millions of players are playing nowadays. Today, some of the strongest online poker rooms in the game, create tournaments with guaranteed prize pools of millions of dollars.

Most popular poker rooms can be found in our Poker Section with every detail reviewed and all information provided to the player. The best online poker rooms in the industry are safe, reliable and trustworthy so it is always advised to use software developed by leaders in the industry such as:

  • Unibet
  • PartyPoker
  • Pokerstars
  • 888poker
  • Ladbrokes Poker
  • Betfair Poker
  • William Hill Poker

All online poker rooms are created with incredible software’s, quality customer support, and high range of game selection. There are different game limits in online poker rooms so you can find levels from $ 0.1 / $ 0.2 cents up to $ 2.000 / $ 4.000.

Online Poker Tournaments and Cash Games

Different online poker rooms offer various types of tournaments and cash games. On tournaments like Pokerstars, Party Poker, and Unibet, you can find tournaments with a guaranteed $ 1,000,000 or more.

The popularity of tournaments that are played in the seasons is growing and that’s why we have SCOOP or the Spring Championship Of Online Poker, the Sunday Million that is held every Sunday at PokerStars with a $ 1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool, Party Poker Sunday $ 150,000 guaranteed, Unibet Open poker tournaments and many others.

Cash games range from the lowest limits to the maximum limits that can be played in these prestigious rooms. You can find the limit that suits you the most and where you feel safe. This allows all players, from beginner to professional, to find a game that meets all their needs.

Also, live poker rooms at a traditional casino are more oriented to semi-pro and professional poker players, while everyone can play online casinos and not be scared to lose big amounts of money.

What is a Rake?

Rake is a commission fee that live casino or online poker rooms take because they are operating a poker game. It is usually predetermined and it goes from 2.5% up to 10%, depending on poker room or casino. Also, Rake has maximum and cardroom cannot take more than maximum amount fixed in the home rules.

In live poker rooms, it is created to pay for staff, tables, chips and other necessary things that are involved to be able to run a poker room. In online poker rooms, the rake is used for the various costs of operation as software, customer support, personnel that runs the tournaments, moderators etc. When the hand is over, the dealer takes the percentage from the pot and place it into a Rake box.

In the Online poker room, this is going automatically but you can see on your screen how much is taken from your pot. For poker tournaments, there is a predetermined rake which is usually 10% from the buy in. For example, if buy-in for the poker tournament is $500, the rake will be $50.

Black Friday in Poker

April 15, 2011. will be remembered forever in the poker world. Black Friday was Friday that many online poker players will never forget. Namely, that day, the US Justice Minister has initiated the indictment of leading executives of some of the biggest poker rooms.

The crime was irrational business and money investing in illegal activities. That day, some of the biggest rooms like PokerStar, PartyPoker, and FullTilt Poker had to stop serving US players and freeze their bills. After a long time of investigation and trial of certain persons who ended up in jail, the accounts were returned and all the money they had on their accounts was active again.

This caused many controversies in the poker world, and some of the biggest players were disgraced for participating in illegal acts, and it is known that the poker community is not forgiving so they are still the subject of scorn and disbelief when someone mention they name.

Poker Bankroll

Poker bankroll is the most important thing used by every poker player. This is the money you use for a poker game, for example, the amount you have on the poker room.

There are many different tips on how to use your bankroll and what you need to look out for, so we’ll list some of the most important items you should adhere to:

  • Play With Your Money
  • Don’t Monitor Your Balance
  • Treat The Game And Money Seriously
  • Pay Attention To Comfort
  • Exclude Tilt

Poker Books

We could say that there is a large library of poker books that every beginner, but also a professional should read. Something that has been called a Poker Bible for a long time is SuperSystem by Doyle Brunson, one of the living legends of the poker world.

Also, there are Hold’em Poker For Advanced Players by Sklansky and Malmuth, Harrington on Hold’em: Volume I, II and III, Let There Be Range by Cole South, Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen, Elements of Poker by Tommy Angelo, Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book and many others.

It’s always good to read a quality poker book and raise knowledge and strategy to a higher level. Many players feel that they only need to learn basic rules and start playing, but these books will show them that they are not right.

Poker Dictionary

  • Bet – To put money voluntary into pot
  • Raise – When player raises a bet for specific amount
  • Call – When player calls specific amount of chips
  • Chip – Small discs with value on it
  • 3bet – When player raise an already made raise of a bet
  • Aggressive – To play a game in aggressive style, raising and betting often
  • Bad Beat – When a hand is beaten by worse hand with luck involved
  • Big Slick – AK or Ace King
  • Boat – Full House
  • Bullets – Pocket Aces also called American Airlines
  • Buy In – A minimum amount required to enter a cash game or tournament table
  • Check – No Action (the universal sign for check is to tap on the table)
  • Cashout – To change your chips into money
  • Coinflip – When two hands go into the showdown with 50% chance of winning
  • Collusion – When two or more players are helping each other at the table to win
  • Dealer – A person that deals the cards in the live poker room
  • Dead Card – A card that is not playable
  • Dead Hand – A hand that is not playable
  • Donkey – A bad poker player
  • EPT – European Poker Tour
  • EV – Expected Value
  • Fold – When a player discards his hand
  • Family Pot – A hand where all players are involved
  • Freeroll – A tournament with no money required to play it
  • Gutshot – An inside draw for a straight
  • Limp – To enter a pot without raising
  • Pot – A number of chips that player can win in a tournament or cash game in a single hand
  • Rock – A very tight player who plays only premium hands
  • Rake – A money taken out of the pot by the casino or online poker room to make a profit
  • Shark – A very good player
  • Shorthanded – A game with only few players involved, usually 6-max
  • Smooth Call – When you only call a raise from the other player
  • SNG – Online Poker Sit and Goes
  • Steal – To win a pot with a bluff
  • Winrate – The amount a player can win per unit of time

What is a TILT?

4 aces cards Tilt is a popular name for a phenomenon that happens in poker when you are exposed to stress, fear, a combination of different events such as losing hands, the perceived loss of someone you consider to be a worse player, a luck element, etc.

Avoiding tilt is a desirable way to play poker because as drugs and alcohol affect your mental health the same tilt affects the adoption of quality and reasonable decisions.

The most common tips for avoiding tilt are: calm down, move away from the table whether online or live, listen to music that calms you, eat something, stop playing a certain time, etc. These tips can help but you must be the one who will feel that you are not playing quality enough at the moment and that you have to change something.

Play for Fun vs. Real Money

Online poker rooms give you the chance to play virtual chips where you can practice your discipline, skill, reading opponents and of course, luck. Playing for fun can help you learn a lot about strategies, rules of different games and after some time try the game for a real money.

The variety of levels and the availability of games on each of these networks will bring you into doubt and therefore we advise you to start from the lowest levels of the game. Of course, it all depends on the deposit you choose to make, but also about your readiness and education about the game itself.

Live Poker

Poker popularity has grown so much in the 21st century because of the online poker rooms and hole-card cameras that improved the game and turned it into a spectator sport.

Not only that viewers could see action and drama live on the television but they could also play the game from their own home. Broadcast of the best poker tournaments such as World Poker Tour, World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour, National Heads-Up Poker Championship, Professional Poker Tour created huge audiences for TV companies.

Cities like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau and other casino cities have become an inevitable tourist destination for every poker player. With good entertainment, they offer endless poker games at many locations and with over a thousand live tables they will do everything to get you back home with an unforgettable experience.

Because of that, many poker players became celebrities with their fans all over the world. Some of the respected names now in the game are Phil Ivey, Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Viktor Blom, Doug Polk, Bertrand ‘Elky’ Grospellier, Patrik Antonius, Fedor Holz, Justin Bonomo, Dan Smith and others.

Poker Chips

Many players will tell you that poker chips are an indispensable part of the game. The feeling of collecting chips and building the towers makes each player happy and the feeling of satisfaction when you ‘scoop’ the pot with a lot of chips is incredible.

There are various types of chips: clay chips, plastic chips, wood chips, ceramic chips. The most popular and best chips in the world are Paulson chips that are made of a combination of ceramics and clay. Beautiful colors, lightweight as a feather, and yet so special, were an indispensable part of some of the world’s biggest poker games such as Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker.

Poker Mobile App

Many players love to play poker on their tablets, cell phones, and laptops at any time. That’s why the largest rooms in the world like Pokerstars, 888Poker, FullTilt, PartyPoker, and BetOnlinePoker have made their software app that you can install completely free and join the tables at any time.

So, do not wait to come home or go to the casino to play the poker game. You can now connect to your cell phone at any time via iOS and Android system.

Smartphones and tablets are also available at the live casino so you can play different games at the same moment. For example, while playing a poker cash game, players can play a tournament on their tablet or mobile at the same time.

In this way, you can increase the chances of winning money, and that is what we want you to do! Good luck!

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