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The Growth of Online Gambling Products

casino world photo illustrationThe sports betting and gaming industry was one of the first to see the potential advantages of operating on the internet. The online gambling revolution began in the early 1990s with leading sportsbooks migrating to the internet. They were followed by casino and poker platforms who soon established a following of players living all over the world.

Since, the 1990s, the online gambling industry has grown and evolved at a rapid pace, helped significantly by several major factors. These include fast internet connections and cutting-edge technology ensuring smooth, uninterrupted gameplay.

The development of stunning animated graphics and special game features, making online gaming entertaining, as well as potentially profitable. The phenomenal growth in the market for smart mobile devices, facilitating online gambling anywhere, at any time.

The Online Casino Industry

There are thousands of casinos operating on the internet. They offer a vast range of virtual casino games and more recently, live dealer games. The kind of online casino games players can expect to find include classic slots, video slots, video poker, jackpot games, classic card and table games as well as poker. Many online casinos also offer live dealer games broadcast from authentic casino studios located all over the globe.

The online casino industry has benefitted greatly from advances in digital technology, especially for graphics and sound. Most video slots feature breath-taking HD visuals with animated graphics, dazzling colour and realistic sound effects. In our opinion, modern video slots bear more resemblance to exciting, animated interactive movies, rather than traditional slots games.

Live Online Casino Platforms

It could be argued that the most exciting breakthrough in the online casino industry recently, has been the development of ‘Live’ casino platforms for online casino websites.

A combination of complex digital technology and high-speed internet, has made it possible to stream live dealer table games, directly to players’ computers and mobile devices, in real time. Evolution Gaming and Net Entertainment are industry leaders in powering live casino platforms for online casinos.

How Do Live Casino Platforms Operate?

Players access live casino table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat, directly from the dashboard of an online casino website. They use their casino username and password to get into the secure live casino, where chips are bought with money from their regular casino accounts.

It’s important to realize that players wanting to play at the live dealer tables, don’t need a separate casino account or even separate funds. What’s more, the winnings from live dealer games are added to the player’s regular casino account and can be wagered on any kind of casino game, virtual or live.

Most live casino platforms, broadcast live dealer games from licensed casino studios. The secure ‘replica’ studios are equipped with real casino tables and live dealers, operating solely for online players, twenty-four hours a day.

Notably, the live casino table games are run by professional dealers under the supervision of pit bosses and casino managers. Video cameras, strategically positioned around the game tables, give players a ‘birds eye’ view from all angles.

Live online casino platforms also allow players to interact between themselves and the dealers through a live chat function. Moreover, if players wish to question the outcome of a game, they can speak to the pit boss or casino manager using the live chat function at the live casino table.

Video recordings of every game are made in the live casino studios, allowing players to request ‘play back’ of live dealer games in the event of a dispute. Significantly, the recordings of live dealer games are checked regularly by supervisory staff, for possible collusion between players and live dealers.

The availability of live dealer games at online casinos has attracted thousands of players who normally preferred physical casinos. However, the friendly atmosphere created through live chat with dealers and fellow players has made live online casinos, more sociable than many bricks and mortar casinos.

Online Casino Software Providers

hand reaches buttonThere are numerous software providers powering online casino platforms, each with their own style and identity. Thousands of slots games, instant games as well as card and table games have been developed by renowned software developers in the iGaming industry.

Well-known software ‘giants’ include PlayTech, Microgaming, Net Entertainment, IGT, Merkur, Play N’Go, Cryptologic, IGT and Evolution Gaming. However, the industry is expanding rapidly with innovative new developers, challenging the established leaders.

Recently launched companies are bringing exciting new game styles to the online casino industry, benefiting players everywhere. Exciting new games are released regularly, making online casinos, thrilling gaming destinations.

Traditionally, online casinos were powered by a single software brand. However, in response to players’ demands for increased variety, newer online casinos offer games from multiple software developers. Notably, our FBO reviews of online casinos, only cover exciting, contemporary casinos with several software providers.

Odds and Payouts at Online Casinos

It is well-known, that online casinos offer better odds and payouts than ground based casinos. Notably, odds and payout information is displayed at the virtual gaming tables in the same way as at the tables of physical casinos. What’s more, odds and paytable information is included in every virtual game in online casinos. Players simply need to click on the ‘i’ button on the game control panel.

The game odds and payouts are incorporated into the casino software and carefully controlled by industry specialists. Online casinos are not permitted to tamper with the odds and payouts displayed in the casino software. Moreover, online casinos operate in a crowded market where millions of players can easily compare the odds and payouts, offered across the various online casinos. Whilst odds and payouts vary between online casinos, it’s easy for players to find those casinos offering more favourable odds, by referring to the casino reviews available on our Fair Binary Options website.

Odds and Payouts in Ground Based Casinos

Bricks and mortar casinos largely determine their own in-house game rules and payouts. Subsequently, payout percentages and casino game odds vary widely between different establishments.

Players must accept the rules of local casinos or travel elsewhere to casinos that might offer better odds. It’s not something that players normally do when visiting bricks and mortar casinos for an evening of entertainment.

Online Casino Rules

In the same way that ground based casinos have specific rules, online casinos have ‘terms and conditions’ published on their websites. Players registering accounts with online casinos are asked to read the terms and conditions and tick a box saying they have done so.

Unfortunately, most players don’t read the terms and conditions until they are unhappy about something. We always advise our readers to read the rules beforehand, thereby avoiding disappointment at a later stage. Terms and conditions governing promotional offers make essential reading, as do the rules about withdrawing money from your casino account.

Benefits of Playing in Online Casinos

There are multiple advantages to playing in online casinos. Apart from enjoying better payouts and game odds than are usually offered in ground based casinos, there many other things to consider.

The most obvious that jumps to mind is that players don’t need to leave their comfortable homes to enjoy casino gaming. Traveling to a casino located at some distance from home is an expensive undertaking and not something that many players can afford. What’s more, being out in poor weather conditions, late at night, can be risky.

The fact that online casinos operate on the internet, allows them to open 24/7, throughout the year. Even the live casino platforms offered in online casinos operate twenty-four hours a day. Live online casinos give players the possibility to chat with dealers and other players during their live online gaming sessions. Players can make friends and enjoy socializing, without leaving home Bonuses and valuable promotional offers are a permanent feature of online casinos giving players added value when compared to physical casinos. Online casinos offer secure mobile platforms for players to access on the go. This allows players to enjoy casino entertainment at any time of day, from any location on mobile phones and tablets. Reputable online casinos offer permanent customer support with instant live chat. Players can ask for help during gaming sessions and receive an immediate response. Significantly, many online casinos support several languages which is convenient to players living in different countries.

The majority of online casinos allow players to deposit in multiple currencies, using a broad range of secure payment methods. Moreover, reliable online casinos employ high levels of security, making them safe gambling destinations. The Fair Binary Options website, recommends online casino platforms using advanced encryption technology, protecting customers from fraud.

Why do Casinos Offer Promotions and Bonuses?

Bonuses and promotional offers, not only make online casinos more rewarding than physical casinos but serve to differentiate between the thousands of casinos operating on the internet. Fair Binary Options casino reviews assess the welcome bonuses and ongoing promotional offers of a large number of reputable online casinos.

The use of welcome bonuses to attract new players is typical in online casinos. At the same time, a broad range of valuable promotions are offered to maintain the interest of existing players in their chosen online casinos.

Typical Welcome Bonuses in Online Casinos

man in suit online casino playerThe most imposing feature on any online casino interface is the Welcome Bonus or New Player bonus.  It is after all, the ‘face’ of the casino and aims to pull in new players, essential to the casino’s long-term existence.

For this reason, the welcome offer is designed to be attractive and different from the offers available at other online casinos. Typically, the ‘welcome’ can take the form of a straightforward 100% deposit bonus up to a specified limit or it may be a bonus package, offering a deposit bonus and free spins.

The welcome bonus is sometimes staggered over several deposits to the casino, or it may be limited to the initial deposit. Players may even receive a no-deposit bonus or free spins, before depositing money in their new casino accounts.

No-deposit bonuses are increasingly popular in online casinos. Especially because they give players the opportunity to try out casino games, without risking their own funds.

Understanding Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions

Whatever, the welcome bonus happens to be, it always comes with terms and conditions. These should be studied with care, before accepting the bonus offer.

The reason for wagering requirements is to stop unethical people trawling through online casinos, collecting bonus payments without any intention of playing in the casinos. If online casinos did not impose wagering requirements on promotional offers, the online casino industry would probably go bankrupt overnight!

Occasionally, the bonus wagering requirements are so high, that it’s better to reject the welcome bonus and begin playing unconditionally in your chosen casino. Just because the welcome bonus has stiff requirements, doesn’t make it a bad casino.

On the contrary, we have found that casinos with very stiff welcome bonus wagering requirements, often have more lenient terms and conditions on their ongoing promotions.

Promotions in Online Casinos

Promotions take a multitude of forms in online casinos. Fundamentally, they are designed to reward players for loyalty. Deposit bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, re-load bonuses, free spins, prize draws and game tournaments are just some of the promotional offers made to the existing players in online casinos.

Often, players benefit from ‘permanent’ offers for each day of the week covering a variety of casino game categories. Also, time limited or seasonal offers appear over Christmas, Easter and Summer Holiday periods.

Free spins promotions for newly launched slots games are a frequent occurrence in online casinos. As are casino competitions with prizes of cash and expensive gadgets.

Notably, promotional offers are not just gimmicks for beginners to online casino gaming. Both professional casino players and players with years of gambling experience, search for rewarding promotions in online casinos, as they have real money value.

Whilst promotional offers can appear fabulously rewarding, all online casinos attach significant wagering conditions to promotional offers. It’s important to read the terms and conditions before opting for any kind of ‘freebie’.

Download and Instant Play Casinos

Traditionally, players were obliged to download and install casino software to their desktop computers. Additionally, casino apps were commonly offered for mobile devices, with a limited number of casino games available to play on the go.

However, modern technology and fast internet connections have changed the way most online casinos operate. The vast majority of online casinos offer instant access to their casino platforms, from the browser of a PC or mobile device. Indeed, the trend is towards making all online casinos, browser based without any software download.

Significantly, most casinos that have been operating online for several years, are updating their software platforms. Subsequently, many online casinos offer players a choice of instant play casino games or a full software download.

It’s important to realize that both download and instant play casino games are secure for online play. Reputable online casinos recommended on our FBO website, use encryption technology and industry standard firewalls to protect themselves and their customers from fraud.

How Do Online Casinos Function?

Online casinos offer virtual games powered by specially designed software. At the heart of the online casino is the Random Number Generator. This is a computer program or algorithm, that generates numbers and game results randomly.

At gaming tables in physical casinos, croupiers are employed to shuffle and deal the cards or spin the Roulette wheels. However, virtual casino games operate entirely with an RNG. Only the live casino platforms, streaming live dealer games to online players use real live dealers.

Is the Random Number Generator Fair?

The question we hear most frequently about the RNG, is whether it is rigged to favour the casino. We can say with total confidence, that we only recommend trusted casinos on the Fair Binary Options website.

Reliable online casinos, partner with trusted software developers to offer fair casino games on licensed casino platforms. The casinos on our website, employ reputable industry specialists to audit the fairness of the RNG, the casino games offered and their online casino operating systems.

Online Casino Games

The overall number and diversity of games offered in online casinos varies hugely from one casino to another. The majority of online casinos, are powered by one or more, third party software providers.

In fact, nearly all recently launched casinos, offer games from multiple software providers. The advantage of playing in online casinos is that most allow players to play all the virtual games for free. Moreover, they can play as often as they like, in order to become familiar with them.

Contemporary online casinos tend to focus mainly on slots games, reflecting the immense popularity of these exciting games with players all over the world. However, there is normally a satisfactory choice of virtual card and table games in online casinos, for players who enjoy classic casino games. Moreover, the addition of live casino platforms to virtual online casinos, has expanded the choice enormously.


jackpot slotSlots games include classic 3-reel slots and 5-reel video slots, with thrilling additional features and huge winning possibilities. Progressive jackpot slots with massive prizes fuel, the interest in online slots even further.

3-Reel Slots

Players with little or no experience of slot games are advised to start out on the simplest slots with just three reels. They are often referred to as ‘Classic’ slots and don’t have the kind of animated graphics and bonus features, often found in 5-reel slots.

Whilst 3-reel slots are straightforward games with less than 5 paylines, it doesn’t reflect on the size of the actual payouts, which can be very large. One of the main reasons that online casinos continue to include 3-reel slots in their game portfolios is the continued demand from players.

Video Slots

Amazing technological advances allow software developers to create video slots with thrilling animated sequences and interactive bonus features. Some of the video slots available in online casinos, are more like lucrative interactive video games than ‘standard’ slot machines.

Video slots usually have 5-reels or multiple ‘ways to win’ displayed on the game screen. They are complex games, offering players the possibility of activating between 10 and 243 paylines. Some video slots, offer the opportunity for players to bet up to €2,500 on a single game round.

Video slots usually have profitable bonus features such as free spins and prize picks, activated by specific symbol combinations. Wild and scatter symbols increase the possibility of forming valuable winning combinations. Some video slots offer possible payouts exceeding €250,000, making them very attractive.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Slots with progressive jackpots are typically linked to multiple casinos, powered by the same software provider. The way progressive jackpot games work is to take a small percentage of every player’s bet for the progressive jackpot. In this way, the jackpot grows until it is won by a player in one of the networked casinos.

Several progressive jackpot slots have become world famous for creating instant millionaires. Iconic jackpot games like Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah and Arabian Nights are available in most of the online casinos recommended by FBO.

Tips for Playing Slots in Online Casinos

Before playing slots in online casinos, it’s worth considering a few tips aimed at helping our readers boost their bankrolls. We always recommend that players gamble responsibly, meaning they should set wagering limits and stick to them.

It’s very easy to start spinning the reels and lose track of the overall amount of money wagered on the slots. Playing online casino games should be more about having fun than aiming to get rich quickly.

Significantly, online casinos, allow players to set a broad range of personal limits such as betting limits and loss limits, in their personal casino accounts. Reputable online casinos encourage sustainable gambling behaviour, for long term entertainment.

The first thing for players to consider when choosing slot games is their gaming budget. There are plenty of thrilling slots suited to every bankroll. Notably, it doesn’t require a huge bet to trigger a huge win! Many slots offer big, potential payouts, through bonus features triggered in the base game.

It’s worth getting familiar with a slot game before betting real money, by trying it out for free. The old saying of ‘practice makes perfect’ can save players a lot of money. The online casinos recommended by FBO, allow players to try out games in practice mode as often as they want to.

Players should always take a few minutes to read the game rules. Surprisingly, many players don’t bother and wonder why they didn’t do as well as they had hoped. Reading the rules really does help players to increase their wins. The rules and payout table are always included in the game itself, so players don’t need to look far. Click on the information icon on the game control panel and on the ‘Rules’ button, if it’s shown separately on the control panel.

Players who don’t have experience of playing slots, should consider starting with simple 3-reel slots, rather than complex video slots with multiple paylines. Success on 3-reel slots will boost the player’s bankroll and provide cash to bet on more complex games.

Know when to stop. Players need to know when to cut their losses or simply be happy with their winnings. Greed usually leads to players losing all their gains and perhaps even their total gaming wallet in a single session.

Free Slots in Online Casinos

There is no better way of becoming an expert player on a virtual slot game than by trying it out repeatedly. Obviously, players are averse to risking their hard-earned cash trying out games they don’t know.

Online casinos have stepped up to the challenge by allowing players to practice on any virtual games they like the look of, without wagering real money. Essentially, the games play out exactly as they do in real money mode when you play them in demo or practice mode.

Admittedly, free games don’t give players any real money wins or comp points for their bonus accounts in an online casino. However, they do give players confidence and expertise.

By reading the game rules incorporated in the game control panel, then playing for free, players can develop winning strategies. What’s more, they can switch to ‘Real Money’ mode when they are ready to wager with real money. To do this switch, they don’t need to leave the game as the real money button is shown on the game itself.

Virtual Table Games Compared to Live Casino Games

Players often ask about how virtual table games differ from live casino games. The short answer is that the only real difference is the human factor. At live dealer tables, live croupiers deal the cards, spin the Roulette wheels and throw the dice. In virtual table games, computer programs execute the actions at the tables, depending on the results produced by the casino’s random number generator.

Notably, the tables depicted in the virtual table games look like authentic casino tables. The payout rules governing the games, are printed on the tables in the same way as they are printed on live dealer tables.  The same applies to the virtual Roulette wheels and other types of table games.

Advantages of Free Virtual Table Games

roulette on blackThe big advantage of playing at virtual casino tables, is players can usually try out games for free in practice mode. In this way, players learn the games before risking their hard-earned cash. This is in stark contrast to live dealer games where players are not permitted to practice for free.

For those players who are new to the casino table games, comprehensive rules are available within each virtual game, under the information tab, along with detailed payout tables.

However, when players play live dealer casino games, they need to know the rules beforehand. ‘Muddling’ along during a live card game, is inconsiderate as there are other players at the table waiting their turn.

It can also lead to inexperienced players losing their bets, as they don’t know what they are doing. Indeed, inexperienced players at live game tables may feel under pressure to act fast without thinking.

Card and Table Games in Online Casinos

Most online casinos provide a much greater choice of card and table games than the average bricks and mortar casino. Typically, players can enjoy a broad range of Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette Game variants.

However, exciting games such as Punto Banco, Sic Bo, Red Dog, Craps, Oasis Poker, Casino War, Casino Hold’em, Caribbean Stud Poker, 3-Card Poker and Pontoon are usually available along with many more games, too numerous to mention.

Unlike bricks and mortar casinos, the virtual card and table games have instantly accessible game rules and payout tables within each game. Consequently, players can experiment with casino games that they have never ‘dared’ to try out in live casinos. Because most online casinos allow players to try out virtual games in practice mode for free, they can become familiar and confident with new games very quickly.

Mobile Casino Platforms

Playing casino games on smart mobile devices, is a popular pastime for millions of people worldwide. In fact, the massive growth of mobile gaming is driving online casinos to invest in cutting edge mobile casino platforms.

Notably, casinos launched online in recent years, offer instant play from the browser of any smart mobile device irrespective of the operating system. The development of HTML5 technology, has facilitated browser based casino gaming ‘on the go’.

Many casinos offering native casino apps are rapidly changing to browser based casino platforms. Casino apps often provide players with a satisfactory selection of casino games to play on the move.

However, they must be downloaded onto the mobile device, taking up a large chunk of memory. Moreover, they are not updated with new games automatically like browser based mobile casino platforms.

Most of the casinos recommended on the Fair Binary Options website are ‘instant play’ browser based casinos. To find out about the mobile casino platform of any online casino at FBO, go to the end of each review, where we list important facts about the casino.

Can Players Cheat in Online Casinos?

There are plenty of websites on the internet offering players supposed ways of cheating on a wide variety of casino games. We recommend that players stay away from such sites. Scamming online casinos is impossible as the casinos run special software to monitor the kind of game play done by players.

If a certain kind of behavior is picked up by the software, the player is barred from the casino. More often than not, the bonuses and winnings from free spins will also be removed from the player’s account. The best way to make money in online casinos is to select games that suit the player’s level of experience and build up gradually. Essentially, before playing the game, read the game rules!

Licensing Regulations Governing Online Casinos

Reputable online casinos are licensed by specially appointed gambling industry regulators in many countries across the globe. They are independent authorities who oversee the provision of Casino, Bingo, Sportsbetting, Poker, and Lotteries to the public. Essentially, they protect the interests of gamblers, by setting rules for fair gaming as well as establishing regulations for protecting players’ funds.

mga logo greyWithin the European Union, the main regulatory bodies for online casinos are the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. However, there are other equally reliable licensing authorities ensuring the fairness of the gambling industry. FBO casino reviews always include the name of the licensing authority. Notably, we never recommend casinos operating without a valid license. Players should beware of registering accounts and depositing money with online casinos who do not reveal the license provider on their website.

Banking at Online Casinos

Online casinos typically propose a broad range of well-known deposit and withdrawal methods to their registered customers. Country specific payment methods appear in a drop-down menu when players register an online casino account.

Some casinos offer a lot more payment options than others. However, most offer popular debit and credit cards, bank transfer, prepaid cards as well as electronic payment methods. It’s important to read the casino banking information, in the terms and conditions on the website. Especially as some casinos may charge fees on various payment methods.

Significantly, the length of time needed to process withdrawal requests varies hugely between online casinos. As do the daily, weekly and monthly withdrawal limits. Every casino review on the FBO website has a lengthy appraisal of the banking policies of individual online casinos. We include clear information about payment methods, deposit and withdrawal policies as well as withdrawal limits.

Customer Support in Online Casinos

Reputable online casinos make customer support a priority on their websites. In our FBO casino reviews, we always make a point of checking the quality of customer support. We consider fast and friendly assistance, an essential requirement in online casinos.

Most contemporary casinos offer live chat directly from the website as well as Email support. It’s worth checking out the FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions on the online casino websites before seeking help from support agents. Most online casinos have comprehensive FAQs pages where most questions are clearly answered.

How to Select Online Casinos?

With so many online casinos available on the internet, it’s difficult to choose a reputable website, without some assistance from industry experts. Most casinos claim to offer the best of everything, which is obviously impossible!

It can take several days of careful research, close comparing games, promotional offers, as well as the terms and conditions of many online casinos before a player can be sure of choosing a reliable website. It’s an exhausting and boring task that most players want to avoid.

The team at Fair Binary Options, does all the ‘leg work’ for our readers, providing in-depth reviews of outstanding, online casinos. We go as far as blacklisting casinos with bad reputations to protect players from possible disputes.

Casinos recommended by FBO, are trusted websites with a proven track record in the industry. Players can browse through the long list of casino reviews and decide on a venue that suits their personal requirements and preferences.

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