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TR Binary Options (ex TradeRush) Scam

  1. Traderush was rebranded as TR Binary Options in December 2015.

    Is TR Binary Options a Scam?

    TR Binary Options was formerly known as the Traderush. They decided to renew their service and brand in order to improve customer satisfaction. This has not led to many changes on the surface, however, the business model and the team behind it were shaken and prepared to offer more than before.

    Fair Binary Options has never received complaints about TR Binary Options and Traderush before it. We take all reports seriously and try to listen to both sides of the story before trying to find a common ground. If it does not work and the customer has a case, we will blacklist any broker.

    Traderush has always been a broker we could rely on when it comes to offering a good service. They are very professional and work with SpotOption platform which is known for its reliability and speed. Customers should take a look what kind of features this broker offers before signing up and depositing. It is important to note that TR Binary Options is not regulated, so customers that prefer regulated services should take a look at our regulated brokers list.

    traderush 60 seconds trading binary options

    TR Binary Options Bonus

    TR Binary Options bonus structure heavily depends on the type of the account the trader has chosen. There are five types of accounts with TR Binary Options and each of them carries a certain set of features depending on the amount initially deposited. They start with the TR Mini account (min $500 deposit) and go up to the TR Platinum account that requires minimum $25,000 deposit.

    Bonuses are also progressive:

    • Mini account 25% (up to $250)
    • Starter Account 30% (up to $1500)
    • Silver account 50% (up to 5,000) or one risk-free trade
    • Gold account 75%, 3 risk-free trades or 1 Guaranteed profit trade
    • Platinum account – 100% bonus, 5 risk-free trades or 3 guaranteed profit trades.

    Bonuses carry terms and conditions. Customer must trade from 20x to 50x volume of the awarded bonus+deposit before being able to withdraw the bonus.

    Risk-free trades are logged as a bonus if the trade ends out of the money. Risk-free and guaranteed profit trades can be maximum 50% of the deposited money. Make sure to become familiar with the bonus policy before accepting a bonus.

    Depositing money with TR Binary Options

    Binary options deposit process is interesting to customers since it is the only way to start trading with TR Binary Options. Traders can ask for a demo account or start trading on a real account immediately. For this, they need to have money in their trading account.

    With TR Binary Options, there are several ways to deposit:

    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Neteller
    • Bank Wire.

    This is not the best list of deposit methods we have seen, however, it should be enough for most customers who want to trade binary options with this broker.

    In order to start trading without limits, traders need to verify their ID.

    For that, they will need to deliver a scan of:

    • a photo ID
    • proof of address
    • utility bill (for residence)
    • credit card with only the last 4 digits visible, if deposited by credit card.

    TR Binary Options Platform

    Traders will be able to earn up to 81% profit on most of the trades they make, and even 500% profit on one week or one-touch options. The best thing about the platform is that it is very simple to use and there are several helpful tools that traders can use to make the correct decisions such as charts and market trends. The technology incorporated in the platform is SpotOption.

    The technology enables precise execution of trades with 100 different assets to select from. This means that traders are going to find an asset to invest in, no matter what their preference is.


    There are numerous features and assets provided by TR Binary Options such as one touch options. One touch options enable traders to make a lot of money, even up to about 500% on what they invested in the first place. This is definitely a great option for those of who are trying to make a lot of money.

    There are also other options and assets available so make sure to take your time in looking at the different options available before making your decision. Pay attention when going through the educational section before making any trades.

    TradeRush Testimonials

    The process of trading assets and binary options with TradeRush is very easy. There aren’t any hidden commissions or fees that you should worry about and everything is clear from the beginning. With standard trades, the first thing to do is choose the type of asset that is tempting to trade. The next thing to do is to choose “call” if one believes that the price of the chosen asset is going to increase, or “put” if it will decrease. The third step is entering the amount that one would like to invest.

    One touch options are mainly for individuals who believe that specific asset is going to exceed a specific price point but aren’t so sure if that price is going to be maintained.

    Sixty-second trades are similar to standard trades and are called speed trading as well.

    TR Binary Options Strategy

    One of the best things about TradeRush is that there isn’t a hidden strategy required to be successful. Also, there are several features that TradeRush offers traders to make profits. Some of the main features include:

    • A demo account that traders can receive without any deposit.
    • Minimum trades worth $10.
    • Minimum deposit worth $200.
    • Different types of assets and binary options.
    • Outstanding customer services.

    TradeRush is continuously presenting various commodities, binary options, and assets that individuals can invest in. this also includes stocks and commodities. Types of commodities include coffee and even crude oil. Traders who use TR Binary Options are allowed to make the minimum deposit worth $200 and will even be able to make minimal trades worth $10 as mentioned previously. Even though there isn’t a great selection of international stock, there are other great options traders can choose from.

    There is definitely a reason why TR Binary Options is a leading online broker in the trading world. The great thing about TradeRush is that there are various long term trades that have huge payouts. An example of this would be a “put” option on a commodity for 48 hours with a return of 450%. There aren’t a lot of online brokers who offer these huge payouts to traders. This is also another reason why TradeRush has been able to overcome competition from online brokers during the past few years.

    TR Binary Options vs StockPair

    StockPair and TradeRush are both excellent online brokers and are known for their outstanding features and services. TradeRush was one of the first to offer pair options on their trading platform and this is still not provided by many other brokers until now. The trading of pair options on the platform of TradeRush isn’t only expressed in the form of asset classes, such as currency pairs. It is also not a single execution system such as the one offered by StockPair.

    traderush 60 seconds trading binary options

    StockPair provides two different assets on charts and allows traders to select the asset group that is going to perform better and be more profitable within a certain time frame. This is a great feature because traders will get to understand more about the assets they are going to choose. However, there are obvious differences in the trading platform of StockPair and TradeRush. The layout of the trading platform provided by StockPair is a lot clearer, especially for beginners. Pairs are shown as assets vs. second assets.

    Also, traders are going to be able to view the price of assets and they’re demonstrated on single charts with independent lines. StockPair offers traders with a larger selection of pairs whereas TradeRush only has seven pairs that traders can select from. This can be a problem for traders who are searching for a larger selection of options they can choose from and invest in.

    The customer service of both online brokers is outstanding and traders will be able to receive assistance all the time. Keep in mind that both online brokers offer assistance in different languages so traders don’t have to worry if English isn’t their first language. The decision of which online broker to choose differs from one trader to another depending on the features they consider to be the most important.

  2. Your capital is at risk