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TR Binary Options Account Types

  1. There are different TR Binary Options account types that individuals can choose from. The different accounts available are Micro, Gold, Executive, and Platinum. The accounts differ depending on their features and the amount of deposits that traders are going to receive. However, it is essential to understand that the more traders deposit the more features they are going to receive and the higher the bonuses.

    The minimum deposit that is required to create an account is $200 for the Micro account while the highest deposit amount is $10,000 for the Platinum account. No matter what type of account traders decide to create, they will be joining a reliable broker with an outstanding trading platform and other important features.

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    Creating an account is simple and requires following some steps. The first thing to do is to enter details such as name, e-mail, and payment method. The payment method chosen is very important since it is used for depositing and withdrawing money.

    There is a verification process required for those of who choose to deposit money using a credit card. The withdrawal system depends on the account type one chooses. For example, traders who choose the platinum account are going to be able to withdraw money on the same day, but those with the micro account are going to have to wait for a couple of days before they are able to make a withdrawal. Overall, everyone should take time in choosing the account that is suitable for them and keep in mind it is always possible to upgrade account selected.

    TR Binary Options Executive Account

    There are five account types that traders can select from when they’re interested in joining TradeRush. Even though the Executive account is one of the best, there are other great types of accounts as well. The first is the Micro account that enables trading with as low as $200 whereas the standard about starts from $500.

    The deposit required for the Executive account is $1000 and this is the type of account that is recommended to beginners. The last two accounts are the Gold account which requires a minimum deposit of $5000 and the Platinum account which required $10,000 minimum deposit. No matter what type of account chosen, daily market updates and an e-book are always offered to traders.

    traderush 60 seconds trading binary options

    Obviously, the more traders deposit the more services and features they are going to receive. In comparison with the mini account, traders are going to receive candlestick chart assistance and training with the standard account.

    Features included with the executive account are training for money management, an account manager, a trade that is risk-free, membership to the training academy, and one free trading strategy. With the gold account, traders are going to receive the same features but more risk-free trades, trading strategies, and VIP membership to the trading academy.

    Platinum Account

    The Platinum account is recommended for professional traders only and includes all the other features and much more. For example, those who join the Platinum account are going to receive more risk-free trades and even an iPad for free. Even though all these types of accounts seem interesting, one should choose the one that is suitable for them. This will depend on the amount of money that willing to invest and level of experience. For example, it is not recommended to join the platinum account if one is still a beginner.

    TradeRush Gold Account

    The gold account is one of the accounts that TradeRush offers traders. The minimum deposit is $5000 and traders are going to receive a 50% bonus on the amount they deposit.

    traderush 60 seconds trading binary options

    This is very important to understand because many traders think that they won’t be able to upgrade their account and that the account that they choose is permanent. It is essential to take your time in understanding all the different types of accounts available before choosing one. Even though the gold account is an excellent choice, it might necessarily not be the right choice for you.

    TR Binary Options – The One Touch Options

    TradeRush is one of the few online brokers that traders can join even if they don’t have any previous trading experience. New traders are even going to be able to test the platform by taking advantage of the demo account. This is a great way to check out the platform and try different strategies without losing money. It is essential to understand that the demo account isn’t available for free and is provided on demand when you make a deposit.

    Traders are able to access the demo account for 48 hours only if they have access to a special code. To create an account with TradeRush, deposit a minimum amount of $200. The minimum deposit can be made by using the credit card, wire transfer, or other online payment systems.


    TradeRush has different types of accounts available that one can choose from depending on their trading experience and the amount that they want to invest.

    Also, traders are going to receive all the assistance they need before and after they create an account. The company is known for having excellent customer service and feel free contact them using different ways such as live chat, e-mail, and a unique toll number for those of who live in the US or Canada.

    Their customer service is also available in several languages such as Arabic, Spanish, and even Japanese. This is definitely rare because other online brokers only provide assistance in English which makes it difficult for traders who don’t speak or understand English perfectly.

    TR Binary Options Platform

    The trading platform on TradeRush is one of the best when compared with other online brokers. Even though the online broker launched a couple of years ago only, it is considered to be a leading online broker in the trading world.

    Everything about TradeRush is great whether it is the trading features, customer services, or deposit and withdrawal system. The trading platform enables you to invest in gold, currencies, and assets. Traders can invest in assets they find interesting and receive 78% returns if their trade was successful. The trading platform TradeRush provides has a very simple design and can be used by all traders no matter what their experience is.

    There are also outstanding charting tools to assist traders in choosing the right assets and making right decisions. With a $200 minimum deposit and a $5 minimum transaction, individuals will be able to invest no matter what their budget is.

    traderush 60 seconds trading binary options

    TradeRush provides their clients with a mobile application that they can download and use no matter where they are. This enables them to trade wherever they are and makes the process a lot more convenient. The application consists of all the different assets, features, and services of TradeRush. This application is also great to stay updated with all the trends and news of the market so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have access to your laptop or computer all the time.

    TR Binary Options vs Cedar Finance

    With various trading platforms available, Cedar Finance and Trade Rush are considered to be the most popular online brokers in the trading world. However, it is essential to understand the difference between both so to make the right decision. Even though both online brokers are great, one of them might not be suitable for traders depending on their budget and what they are looking for. Both online brokers are completely different and specialize in binary options and other features. Even though both websites serve the similar purpose, the TradeRush has definitely better website and the trading platform is a lot easier to use.

    When it comes to bonuses, TradeRush provides a bonus worth 100% and Cedar Finance only provides 75% which means that traders are going to receive higher bonuses when they join TradeRush. This is very important for those who are on a tight budget and are trying to make use of their money as much as possible.

    TR Binary Options Demo Account

    TR Binary Options offers a demo account traders can use to learn how to use the platform and do financial analysis using the chart tools. Demo accounts without a deposit into trading account are not seen very often. Only some brokers offer them because they add users to the platform without any assurance the trader is serious about trading.

    With TR Binary Options, traders need to get the TR Mini account, at least, meaning deposit minimum $500 and ask for a demo account. The demo account will mean that the trading account that has been funded with minimum $500 will also get another balance that will hold virtual money that can be used for demo trading.

    TR Binary Options awards customers of the demo with $5000 of virtual money which should be enough to gain some experience trading before going in for the real thing. With the virtual $5000 traders can place trade just as with the real account but without fear that their rookie mistakes will cause them financial harm. However nice this is, on the other hand, people behave differently when their money is on the stake and when it is not, so even after the demo account is gone, traders need to make sure they analyze the markets well before placing trades.

  2. Your capital is at risk