TradersBuddy Review 2018

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TradersBuddy is a brand new binary options auto trading software that offers different types of trading.

Unlike brokers, who provide a platform but traders must then execute trades manually, auto trading providers, such as the popular BinaryOptionsRobot, generally offer an added advantage; traders just customise their preferred settings, sit back and let the robot do all the hard work and execute trades on their behalf.

TradersBuddy stands out from traditional robots, as it takes things up a notch by offering traders the option of social trading, too.

  1. Website Preview

  1. TradersBuddy Account Features

    Traders will be pleased to hear that trading with TradersBuddy is completely free of charge, for the time being. Since the website is still in its initial stages, they are recruiting a ‘limited number of beta testers’ to try out the software for free. This may change in the future as the system gains popularity.

    To open a free account will take less than 5 minutes, as all that is required is filling out a short form with some personal details.

    Moreover, traders can choose from 3 different trading types. This is something of a novelty with binary options provider, who generally only offer either manual trading or signals/auto trading.

    Trading styles

    • Social trading

    Social trading, also known as peer-to-peer trading, has become something of a trend within the financial trading industry over the last few years. It is also TradersBuddy’s focal point; their social platform allows traders to ‘vote’, thereby sending a signal on a trade that can be either ‘put’ or ‘call’. According to how the majority of trades have voted, the trade will be executed as either ‘Put’ or ‘Call’. In this way, traders can make use of the market knowledge and experience of other traders.

    In order to make informed trading decisions and vote responsibly, traders may make use of the 3 indicators displayed for each signal: EMA, RSI and MFI –  the higher the percentages for these indicators, the higher the chance of ‘Put’ being the winning position and the lower these values mean that ‘Call’ will probably be the correct prediction.

    • Semi-Automatic Trading

    TradersBuddy generates 2 kinds of signals; those that be traded immediately and those that are ‘pending’, which can only be traded when the broker gives the go ahead. Each signal includes the type of asset, the confidence factor, the broker’s name, the ‘trade before’ date as well as the direction (Put/Call). Once given the signal you will have to manually confirm it in order for the system to place your trade.

    • Automatic Trading

    Unlike, signal trading above, fully automated trading means that the system will act as your financial advisor and place trades on your behalf without waiting for your approval. Of course, there is always the option to turn the auto trading feature on or off as you please, as well as to enable/disable it for a specific broker.

    By customising your preferred settings before, such as daily budget and daily stop loss, as well as the types of assets you wish to trade and the amount set.

  2. TradersBuddy Trading Software

    TradersBuddy provides its members with 3 distinct trading option methods to choose from, depending on their personal preferences and trading needs.

    • Rush options are short-term up to 120 seconds and deliver fast results and quick returns.
    • Basers are medium term options, with a 4-hour expiry rate, a perfect choice for day traders.
    • Lastly, Investo refers to long-term options for more conservative traders and can last for up to 3 days.

    TradersBuddy – Good to Know

    The Positions tab allows traders to view all open or closed trading positions, while the Connected Brokers tab lets you connect an existing account with a broker of your choice or even create a new one.

    The News tab allows members to keep updated on all the latest industry news.

    Traders are not required to download any extra software in order to access the TradersBuddy platform.

    Your capital is at risk
  3. TradersBuddy Support Information

    Trading can be a daunting experience, especially for beginners with little to no experience. Luckily, TradersBuddy offers 24/7 support to assist traders in times of need, both via email as well as live chat.

    In fact, upon entering the site, the help desk window pops up on the bottom right of the screen, displaying a friendly message and asking if we required any assistance. We usually find this kind of approach to be a positive sign of an authentic service.

    There are 2 email addresses provided; one for technical issues ([email protected]) and another for general support ([email protected]).

    The only thing we found to be lacking is phone support, however, the swiftness of the live chat responses means that you probably won’t need it anyway.

    Although the FAQ section could use some work, their extensive education centre provides a series of video tutorials offering detailed explanations on how each of the trading rooms work. It also offers several useful resources suitable for beginner and advanced traders alike, which will prove invaluable to improving your techniques.

    Your capital is at risk
  4. TradersBuddy Payment Methods

    The website is relatively new, founded just a few weeks ago, by the same team responsible for the legendary BinaryOptionRobot.

    With the worldwide success, the Robot has accumulated over its years of service, we believe that this newest product is set to follow in its footsteps.

    Moreover, since TradersBuddy memberships are currently being offered for free, deposits should be made through the broker account and not through TradersBuddy.

    We encourage traders to take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts.

  5. Your capital is at risk
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