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Tradeolocity Bonuses – Not Recommended

  • Conclusion:

    We make it our mission to not recommend anything but the best – which, according to industry experts, is IQ Option, the top regulated broker for your country with a minimum deposit of ONLY $10!

    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
    Your capital is at risk
    1. We Don’t Recommend Trading With This Broker

      FBO has reasons to believe this broker may not be the best place to trade binary options. These reasons, which include but are not limited to bad reviews from our customers about the service, misuse of client’s trust and not paying their partners, made us act preemptively in order to protect customers from possible disappointing experience or even fraud.


      Tradeolocity offers only three account types, which shows their commitment to simplicity. All the accounts differ in only three benefit categories, meaning that most of the traders always get the same rich minimum support and feature package. The differences are concentrated mainly in the areas of personal support and bonuses.

      There are no fees or commission, for any account holder. Everyone gets access to the web and mobile trading platform as well. All accounts include the “T-social” platform, all trading instruments from the list, risk management tools, trading e-book, trader’s tools (news, calendar, charting) and a 24h customer support.

      Three account types are:

      ·        Starter account (min $250 deposit) offers up to $100 bonus, a dedicated account manager and a 10% redeposit bonus. 1-on-1 trading is limited to introduction.

      ·        Pro account (from $1000 deposited) includes up to $250 bonus, also 10% redeposit bonus, a professional as account manager for a better support and 4 hours 1-on-1 trading  a month.

      ·        VIP account (min. $10000 deposit) offers up to $2500 bonus and a 15% redepositing bonus. The account manager is a specialist and 1-on-1 trading is unlimited.

      Demo Trading with Tradelocity

      A lot of users find it perplexing to trade binary options, despite the fact that binary options are the simplest investment product out there. They don’t require a margin account, broker fees or understanding of the price move effects on the returns. These users think that investment analysis as such is an obstacle to worry free trading. Ofcourse, it would be an understatement to claim that there is little to worry even after one understands the basics.

      Tradeolocity Demo Trading is a part of their page where traders can check out how the binary options are traded. One problem is that this is not a traditional demo account which means that one can set trades but cannot create portfolios for a longer time. Other problem is that the demo trading is reflecting merely the technical aspect, not the investment aspect, since the underlying asset price movement is not realtime.

      Reason more not to take the demo trading too seriously is the fact that it is designed to show off the software, not so much to test the investment analysis. This is why it is advisable not to rely on the demo trading but to register and go after the demo account. To get a demo account, users should contact their account manager. This way they have a better opportunity to test their investment skills.

      Tradeolocity Minimum Deposit

      One of the ways Tradeolocity shows all customers are important is the very low initial deposit and ultra low minimum deposit. The initial deposit, tied to the starter account is just $250 which will be enough for most traders to try out the platform and see how their strategies work. Initial deposit bonus is also accompanied by the risk-free trade. First trade after registering will be classified as a risk free trade meaning that even if the customer ends out of the money, the lost amount will be reimbursed. There is also a small bonus tied to this first risk free trade.


      Every subsequent deposit is set to minimum $100 which is on the low end of the range of requirement found across the industry. Smaller amounts are important for individual portfolio setting. People can add as much as they want more easily when the minimum requirement is lower.

      Tradeolocity asset index is not the longest in the industry, but it does offer some great opportunities for trade. They have ten currency pairs, nineteen stocks, six commodities and seventeen indices. Some users who prefer to hedge their trades will find it interesting that Tradeolocity asset index also includes VIX index. Tradeolocity is a great platform offering a great set of features for the little possible cost. Costs for small traders are set to bare minimum this way. This ensures a healthy inflow of new traders who love to use their platform.

      Tradeolocity Withdrawal

      Tradelocity has a large list of trading instruments, a versatile trading platform and rich account options, and they even offer an islamic account option. You can read more in Fair Binary Options broker review.

      Tradeolocity finance department is responsible for all banking services, so they handle all withdrawals. It is advised that customers send the verification documents when first depositing so they don’t have to do it again when trying to withdraw later. One withdrawal per month is free while any additional withdrawal is charged $30. Credit Card and wire can require some additional fees. Digital wallet does not, and the funds are available instantly.

      Tradeolocity financial department may take 3-5 days to process all the withdrawal requests which is a bit long when comparing to other brokers. After they process the request, it may take additional 5-7 days for the funds to be transferred to clients account. This sums up the whole process to a longer than normal withdrawal period. In order to request withdrawal, users must download and fill a form, and then, upload it to their account. Alltogether, even if Tradeolocity follows standard broker withdrawal procedure, those who value faster banking services, will have to make a decision between great features and somewhat demanding withdrawal.

      Tradeolocity Complaints

      Fair Binary Options reports the customer satisfaction news for every broker we feature. Normally we do it trough articles like this one. Since we have a lot of customers, some who even use more than one broker, we get contacted a lot if some users believe they have been unfairly treated. If you take a closer look at our website, you will notice that we have removed some of our former partners from the list exactly because they failed to comply with our values.


      Tradelocity does not take shortcuts when it comes to transparency, and it is easy to find all the relevant information on their services, account types, platform features, depositing, withdrawing funds, other banking options. Every section has its own FAQ which is helpful since clients don’t need to lose much time looking for answers. as always, Fair Binary Options invites everyone to sign up to this broker via our website to take full advantage of the additional support we offer.

      We believe our track record in providing the best and most useful information on brokers we feature is a good incentive for everyone to join us on our quest for binary options trading excellence. Tradeolocity is a good platform for everyone who wants to trade binary options, they offer good service, low deposit requirements and a lot of additional features.

    2. Your capital is at risk
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