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TitanTrade Binary Options – Blacklisted

  • Conclusion:

    We make it our mission to not recommend anything but the best – which, according to industry experts, is IQ Option, the top regulated broker for your country with a minimum deposit of ONLY $10!

    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
    Your capital is at risk
    1. This broker was proven to be a scam and this is why FBO blacklisted them, in order to know more, go to our Blacklisted brokers section.

      TitanTrade offers a plethora of trading options in a software that can be run from the browser. Other than standard high/low binary options mode, it also offers other trading models, such as long term, 60 seconds, one touch and pairs. Pairs can be considered a special since it presents a great option for those who rely more heavily on the fundamental analysis. Which asset will outperform or underperform the peer is the basis for this option.

      TitanTrade has a clear business philosophy that sets premium service with rich account options starting with even the lowest accounts. This kind of strategy benefits people who are serious about trading and profiting from trades even if they are newcomers. Newcomers get premium service and support for the first steps they take. The trading academy along with good service included even in the basic account type may cater to those who want greater assurance that their deposits will bring them the profit.


      TitanTrade Complaints

      TitanTrade offers a lot of account possibilities, trading modes, complementary trading options such as Rollover, Buy Me Up and Double Up that extend clients chances of successful trading. Support service is excellent and uses all possible ways to communicate. To have a more extensive overview of the TitanTrade offerings visit our review.

      So far, we are proud to emphasize that there have been no complaints about TitanTrade. For all future customers, it is good to know that they can also contact Fair Binary Options in case they have any complaints about any of the brokers on our broker list. We will try to assist all the customers who registered and deposited via our site.

      TitanTrade, as part of its school of binary options, offers a “step-by-step” guide, that explains the basics of binary options trading. There are also monthly strategy guides developed to leverage all the trading tips and month’s hottest assets. Personal guidance in portfolio management includes trading assistance for all the TitanTrade assets. Investment risk portfolio assistance enables users to learn how to accept risk, embrace the possibilities and ensure better performance. All these options are dependent on the type of the trading account.

      It will be assuring for users to know that TitanTrade customer support service is available via live chat, mail or phone. As already stressed, contact Fair Binary Options if there are any complaints, even though we are sure that TitanTrades track record without complaints will remain solid and that their multilingual customer support will solve all the issues users may have.

      In order to enhance the possibilities of a better result, TitanTrade platform has options as Buy Me Out which lets users sell an option before expiry if they believe it will end badly. This way users have a chance to profit even from the losing trades. These and other perks are the reason we list TitanTrade on our website.

      TitanTrade Account

      Binary Options are a fun and simple way to trade. Some of the advantages include easy to set up account, trading made easy since there are no margin calls, there are no complicated ways to assess your position, positions are always transparent, it is always visible how much does the trader stand to win or lose. TitanTrade leverages these advantages to offer a compelling set of services for most traders.


      After registering on TitanTrade, users must choose the account type they prefer and deposit. Depositing doesn’t take much time if using a credit card. It is advised to verify you account at the point of registering so the withdrawals go faster later. Account type depends on the depositing amount, which in turn depends on the individual trading style and level.

      ·        “Micro/Test” account is ideal for beginners. It does require a comparably high starting amount ($500) for the beginner’s account, but it includes a 20% bonus, access to daily market commentary and a meeting with a personal broker, which is usually not included in the basic accounts.

      ·        Classic account ($1000 – $2499) is good for beginners who want more breathing space along with a good support. It adds to the micro account the personal brokerage services with 2 daily tips from the TitanTrade analysts. The bonus is 30% for the initial deposit. Other educational tools are also available.

      ·        Premium trading account suits advanced passionate traders with large turnovers. It requires min $2500 deposit and includes all the benefits of the Classic to which it adds sessions with an analyst, one risk free trade, advanced trading assistance and 5 daily tips plus a 40% welcome bonus. Full access to strategy guides is included as well.

      ·        Platinum account starts at $5000 deposit, for traders with high payoff expectations. In addition to premium account perks, it offers 24/5 access to TitanTrade brokerage department, 50% bonus, additional education on the RSI and MA. The market review will be delivered via email and SMS so it enables traders to be informed instantly.

      ·        VIP account is essentially a full advisory account for traders who want to work with personal brokers to attain goals. Also, VIP enables super-fast 24 h withdrawals of profits exceeding the initial amount deposited. The welcome bonus is 75%, the market review is delivered via email, SMS and push. VIP Risk Management Portfolio is included as well as the creation of an individual financial portfolio. VIP starts at $10.000 deposit.

      TitanTrade Tips

      Before trading, it would be best to take a look at TitanTadem School of Binary, where free videos are available for everyone, and they are divided into the beginner and advanced groups. The trading software is run from the browser and it is very simple. At the same time, it neatly orders all the required information for the trader – the chart, current stance, expiry, big high/low buttons and the maximum win. In the tabs at the top, one finds the available trading modes.

      Trading modes add some additional features into the ordinary high/low binary options trading.

      ·        LongTem mode resembles more to the traditional stock trading with the shortest expiry times being three days. This way there is more fundamental reasoning involved and traders have the chance to avoid some really unexpected moves.

      ·        60seconds mode is the exact opposite, catering to traders who value a more dynamic trading. It allows setting expiry date to 30, 60 or 120 seconds. These trades carry high-profit opportunities and require fast reaction to technical signals in order to be successful.

      ·        OneTouch can have up to 500% payouts, but are “all or nothing” type of options, where traders stand to win much but lose all they invested. There is no need to wait for the expiry, as soon as the price reaches target price or falls below, the trade result is shown.

      ·        Pairs is an interesting way to trade since it does not rely on individual asset prices, but on the relative performance of assets, meaning that the trader doesn’t bet on the price outcome, but must know which asset will outperform the other one in a specific time frame.

      Other trading options, that can greatly affect the results are “buy me out” (selling before expiry), “double up” (add another trade if you believe it will end with profit) and “rollover” (add to expiry time).

      TitanTrade Withdrawal

      TitanTrade is a broker with a versatile trading platform and a simple website.

      In order to make withdrawing funds easier in the future, TitanTrade requires the client to send the compliance document scans by email within 48 hours after funding the account. This way, later, when a customer requests a withdrawal, the process goes smooth and no verification is necessary.

      In order to verify identity and protect funds, one must send following documents via email to TitanTrade: a) a copy of an identification document, government issued, with a photo (you can cover ID serial number); b) a utility bill to verify the address (client is free to cover personal info other than name, address and the logo); c) if credit card is used, a copy of both sides is needed. (first 12 digits of the credit card number can be covered, with last four visible). ID and bill address must be the same.

      The withdrawal process is then easy to do, in just a few steps in your account panel. Credit/debit card transfers are immediately visible. Minimum withdrawal is 100, in the currency selected when registering. There is no fee for withdrawals when using the card. If there is less than minimum amount, users can withdraw all the funds, as a final withdrawal. Profits to withdraw, higher than initial deposit must be withdrawn by wire. Initial deposit amount must always first be transferred to the car and the rest to the account, otherwise it is considered illegal, and authorities will think its money laundering.

      Wire transfers take a bit longer to execute. Once the request has been processed, it takes up to 5 days to show up on the client’s bank account. The account must be trader’s and not someone else’s. First wire withdrawal every month is free, and subsequent withdrawals are subject to fees by the broker. Banks will charge fees for any wire withdrawal. Clients can speed up the process if they choose the VIP account which includes a fast withdrawal service.

    2. Your capital is at risk