TheFinancial-Academy Review 2018

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TheFinancial-Academy website is owned and operated by the Israeli company, ITN ACADEMY LTD and subject to the laws of Israel. The website provides a clearly presented platform for structured education and information sharing about financial markets. TheFinancial-Academy is the first financial ‘social’ academy where students are encouraged to connect and exchange opinions about course material openly on the website. The academy provides ‘driven’ mentors to assist students in achieving ‘financial freedom’ through access to financial education, consultancy and financial solutions.

Potential students of the academy are given a broad choice of course categories including courses ‘on demand’ and the opportunity to participate in ‘upcoming events’ where targeted courses are available at a set price published on the website. We were impressed by the transparency of TheFinancial-Academy website where all course content is described in detail and prices clearly stated. Importantly, potential students are given full access to a trading station, trading tools and a hub for blog posts and interaction with other academy members. All standard courses with the exception of the Beginner’s Course, allow one year of access to the weekly webinars, making the learning process flexible.

It’s important to realise that TheFinancial-Academy is not an online broker providing access to a live trading platform. Neither does it offer live trading advice or guarantee profits in financial trading. Moreover, TheFinancial-Academy is a private company and not a government accredited educational institution for further education. Notably, to enrol on any course at TheFinancial-Academy, applicants must be at least 21 years old and have a credit/debit card from a bank recognised by the company. The course prices quoted in our review are not binding. The prices are those seen at the time of writing our review and may change according to the policies of TheFinancial-Academy.

  1. Website Preview

  1. Account Features

    The academy offers customers access to individual course categories, each with a price stated in EUR and a final certificate provided upon course completion. Whilst most courses are in English and Spanish, some are offered only in English. The courses are interactive and include online assessments of the member’s performance.

    We were pleased to see that there is no obligation to select course categories in a particular order or to complete all the courses on offer. Significantly, potential students are invited to sign up for a free trial where they can access the entire worksheet. This includes the lessons, quizzes, practice exams, certificate of completion and even contact with the course instructors.


    Customers aiming at completing several course categories, can benefit from the ‘Memberzone’ price that’s significantly lower than registering for each course individually. Currently, a ‘Memberzone’ price of €4,000 gives members access to the academy for one year. During that time members have access to a trading station, community chat, a three-month webinar and a mentor. The courses covered in the ‘Memberzone’ are the Beginner’s, Advanced, Trading Psychology, Scalping and a VIP Live class. Signing up to the Memberzone does not stop members from paying to participate in any other courses or upcoming events that they find interesting.

    Beginner’s Course: €990 reduced from €1,480 until 12/12/2017

    The Beginner’s trading course is in 9 webinars delivered weekly, providing a foundation for understanding the financial world. The webinars are in English and Spanish. The lessons cover trading basics, including explanations of financial instruments available for trading, terminology, reading charts and market size. Importantly, the Beginner’s course looks at Spreads, Leverage and Margins in financial trading, together with the importance of managing margin trading. The later lessons of the Beginner’s course introduce members to fundamental analysis and the link to technical analysis, as well as trading psychology and risk management.

    Advanced Course: €2,490 with 1 Year of Access

    In 15 interactive webinars, available weekly, members learn more about technical and fundamental analysis, seen as the two ‘most important pillars of an analyst’. The lessons go deeply into the ‘Dow Theory’, technical tools, indicators and trading methods in multiple time frames. The lessons are available in Spanish and English.

    Scalping Course: €3,489 with 1 Year of Access

    Aimed at ‘Day Traders’ the Scalping course comprises 5 webinars held weekly in the academy. The lessons are in Spanish and English. The course covers risk management, the ‘false break model’, ATR indicator and ‘Fibonacci Magic’ and 7 winning strategies for intra-day Forex trading.

    Trading Psychology: €1,590 with 1 Year of Access

    In 10 weekly webinars, available in Spanish and English, students are taught about the psychology needed to be a long term, successful trader in financial markets. The course discusses managing emotions and making rational business decisions based on predicting market trends. Notably, this course is strongly recommended by TheTrading-Academy for mastering trading psychology.

    One-on-One Personal Consulting Course: Price on Request

    Individuals interested in trading can choose to have 5 personal, one-on-one webinar lessons in the English language with a mentor from TheFinancial-Academy. Notably, customers can have as many packages of 5 lessons as they please. The timing and content of the lessons are flexible with the member deciding when to have the lessons. The aim of the one-on-one lessons is to strengthen weaknesses and develop personal trading strategies. We were pleased to see that the first 30 minutes is free with a full introduction to a mentor. To set up the one-on-one training and discuss the cost, customers are requested to fill in the form on the website in the One-on-One course section.

    Elliott Wave Principle: €6,800 and Subject to Availability

    The ‘Expert’ category, Elliot Wave Principle course is made up of 22 lessons given over weekly webinars in the English language. Day Traders can benefit from this highly specialised course which aims to help traders master their trading portfolios.

    Coaching Course: Price on Request

    The highly personalised, interactive, Coaching course comprises of 5, one-on-one consulting sessions in each package. The Coaching course aims at guiding individuals to achieve their personal goals in life. To enquire about starting the Coaching course, customers must fill in the form in the Coaching Course section.

    Crypto Course: €1,790

    Individuals who want to learn about many types of Crypto currencies may find this new course at TheFinancial-Academy especially interesting. Members learn about trading in crypto currencies, where to buy and how to sell, as well as in-depth information about crypto currencies.

  2. Trading Software

    All students enrolled on a trading course at TheFinacial-Academy have access to a broad range of trading tools including Economic calendar, Blogs, the Community Hub, Market Analysis, Certification and a Glossary.

    Educational Products Provided ‘On Demand’

    The academy provides multiple educational products on demand. The Coach and Consult product offers six types of monthly programs starting at €350 per month for the ‘Mini Coach’. Customers can discuss these educational products with the academy before enrolling if they would like more clarification.

    Upcoming Events

    A monthly calendar with numerous upcoming events is posted on the academy website. Members or non-members can register for unique live streamed classes on specified dates and at pre-set times. The cost is clearly indicated, and enrolment is possible in advance of the date. Some of the courses are only open to enrolled students of TheFinancial-Academy.

    Webinar Programs

    Three different webinar programs are offered by TheFinacial-Academy aimed at helping individuals keep track of financial markets and events with the interactive assistance of mentors. Individuals can have unlimited access to webinar classes on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis starting at €24 per week. The webinar programs also provide access to the trading station, live events, community chat, weekly analysis and 24/5 support. The webinar programs function independently of the courses available at TheFinancial-Academy. Importantly, the academy does not oblige anybody who enrols on the Webinar Program to buy the financial trading courses offered on the website.

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  3. Support Information

    TheFinancial-Academy offers 24/5 support on a UK phone number indicated at the top of the homepage. Additionally, the academy provides a contact form on the website where anybody can ask questions by providing a name, email address and telephone number. We saw two UK telephone numbers at the foot of the home page along with two separate email addresses for support and info. Significantly, enrolled members of the academy as well as members of the Webinar programs have 24/5 support from the website interface.

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  4. Payment Methods

    To enrol on any course at TheFinancial-Academy, customers must be at least 21 years old. We saw in the company terms and conditions that applicants must have a personal credit or debit card issued by a bank approved by TheFinancial-Academy. Currently, the company accept payments made with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB and the E-Wallet, ‘Paypal’. Significantly, TheFinancial-Academy operates a strict privacy policy stating that it does not share, rent or sell personal information without prior permission from an enrolled student. Moreover, it carefully safeguards information collected about its students using ‘physical, electronic and managerial procedures’.


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