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RTC Finance Broker Review

  1. We are not promoting RTC finance at the moment.

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    RTC Finance is a brand of Icon Markets Limited, a company regulted by IFSC in Belize, allowing it to provide derivatives trading services, however, as their website states, the service provider is loated on Cyprus and called Firstworld Consultants Limited, and carries all the liability. Since most customers are probably from the EU, this may be good for them, depending how important for them is if the broker is regulated by CySEC or not. In any case, RTC Finance offers CFDs trading in four groups of instruments with well-known Sirix platform. For details on the services and the platform itself, read the rest of our RTC finance review.

  2. RTC Finance offers several types of accounts targeting various types of customers and their trading needs. We feel the accounts were set primarily for the really experienced traders with big bucks to invest since the basic account ends in $10,000 range, meaning more needs to be deposited in order to attain better perks offered by the broker. The broker does not mention maximum spreads nor does offer a functioning demo at this point that we can see for ourselves how the spreads behave.

    RTC Finance Introduction Account

    • Minimum $200 deposit
    • Max 1:50 leverage
    • 1 academy lesson
    • “Variable spreads”
    • Webinars access

    RTC Finance Bronze Account

    • Minimum $10,000 deposit
    • 1:100 leverage
    • 3x lessons from the academy

    RTC Finance Silver Account

    • from $25,000 deposit
    • 1:150 leverage
    • 50% bonus
    • 8x lessons from the academy section
    • pro account manager

    RTC Finance Gold Account

    • from $50,000 deposit
    • 1:200 leverage
    • daily trades
    • 100% bonus
    • 10x academy lessons
    • pro account manager

    RTC Finance Platinum Account

    • from $100,000 deposit
    • 1:400 leverage
    • 100% bonus
    • no commissions with fixed spreads
    • pro account manager
    • daily trades

    Overall the account setup is pretty weird, but in many cases, we feel bang for buck, keeping all other things to consider constant is not so good when compared with other brokers in the industry. The low leverage may be good for beginners, but someone depositing $9000 is hardly to be a beginner we hope – there are ways for brokers to weed out newbies and restrict leverage, like other brokers do. We have no idea what are daily trades – probably signals, we will update our RTC Finance review when we get the answer.

    The broker also offers bonuses, but understand there are terms and conditions that apply. A number of lots must be traded in order to be able to withdraw the bonus. The benefits are not very symmetrical since in case one wants to withdraw before the bonus requirement is reached, all losses will be deducted from the trader’s deposited funds, while all profits will not count and will disappear along with the bonus when the “premature” withdrawal is requested. This was one of the reasons why CySEC banned bonuses, but not the only one.

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  5. RTC Finance uses Sirix as platform of choice to offer CFDs trading services to their customers. We have reviewed this platform with several brokers and concluded it is very user friendly while packing decent amount of features in attractive design. RTC Finance Sirix platform also offers social trading integrated directly into the trading interface. This ensure there is no need to switch products in case social features are to be used.

    With RTC Finance there are 90 underlying assets that can be traded, they are available to all the traders as we have seen and they can be divided into four asset classes

    • stocks
    • indices
    • forex / currencies
    • commodities

    RTC Finance does not offer bonds or ETFs like some other forex & CFDs brokers do. The minimum spread is 2 pips.

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  7. RTC Finance has English Arabic and Spanish translated website. The broker can be contacted via live chat, call or even screen share. We really like the idea of screen share, in many cases it can help if the trader is not sure how to use features on the platform, however, make sure that it does not become vehicle for broker representative to place trade on your behalf.

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  9. The minimum deposit with RTC Finance is $200. This is in line with the rest of the industry. The deposit methods are fairly standard – bank wire, cards and Skrill and some other e-wallets.

    Withdrawals are to be made using the same method that was used to deposit. Make sure to deliver all the ID verification documents before requesting the withdrawal, best right when you open the account. Bad thing is that it may take up to 5 days to process the withdrawal since the standard in the industry is 24h. After that it may take few more days if slow methods such as bank wire are used.

    The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 with cards and there are no fees. Bank wire withdrawal is minimum $30 and there are no fees for withdrawals of up to $1000. For bigger withdrawals than that, $50 fee is charged.

    RTC Finance Scam

    We have not received any kinds of complaints about this broker. Browsing the internet we did find some complaints, especially in specialised forex scam forums, however, the administrators shut down the discussion since the client was not ready to bring forward proof she is really a client so the administrator shut down the discussion.

  10. Conclusion:

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  11. Your capital is at risk