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    We make it our mission to not recommend anything but the best – which, according to industry experts, is IQ Option, the top regulated broker for your country with a minimum deposit of ONLY $10!

    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
    Your capital is at risk
    1. Legitimacy is a keyword when dealing with trading binary options and brokers. Many stories are heard and reviews are done negatively in relation to what some brokers have done on the financial market, due to their irresponsibility and also the distraction of some naive traders.


      Legit Binary Options Broker

      But why do many people believe that trading binary options is totally a scam? Well, several traders try to open accounts and start trading without having a single idea of the operating principles, and, when they are not successful or lose their money, they assume that they were cheated and that everything is a huge fraud.

      And how to prevent scams when dealing with binary options trading? One of the best things to do is to talk to people, especially experienced traders, who can give you a better idea of how to start without being surprised with negative situations. Besides, you should understand how binary options work, by reading and watching tutorials and videos about how to start profiting with binary options. Calling customer service support and asking questions regarding the platform, deposit methods and withdrawals are also extremely relevant to be considered.

      If, by any circumstance, you feel that you do not trust 100% on a specific binary options broker, or if it seems untrustworthy somehow, then do not open an account with the broker, or, if you still insist on doing so, do not deposit a big amount of money, but just the minimum possible. Indeed, do not spend all your budget on a single trade.

      RegulatedOptions Minimum Deposit

      It is the fact that traders, especially novice ones, do not want to risk large amounts of money and, therefore, they end up looking and trading with a broker that has the lowest minimum deposit on the market. But there is no risk when depositing, risks surface only when funds are used to trade. Minimum deposits however, can enable an easier way to evaluate binary options broker at low cost.

      This can be a good strategy or not, all depending on how the trader will deal with the trades. Of course, if you intend to open an account with just $100, you also need to have in mind that the expectations related to amount of time one can test the platform should not be the highest one. In order to test RegulatedOptions or any other broker properly, traders usually have to trade more.

      Keep in mind that brokers differ from each other in relation to minimum deposits, and Regulated Options ask traders to deposit a minimum amount of $250 in order to start trading. This is not a bad amount, as many traders require higher. With maximum returns of 87%, RegulatedOptions is registered and licensed by CySEC, and the customer support offered by the broker is one of the best. Traders can reach them 24/7 by email, phone or live chat, either in English, German, Italian, Spanish or Dutch.

      RegulatedOptions Minimum Trade

      We are already aware of the fact that binary options brokers have different styles and strategies to attract traders. Many of them prefer to have low minimum deposits, services added to the accounts, bonuses and educational training in order to help traders profit. Depending on the level of minimum deposit required, there are different kinds of service provided by brokers, and it will all depend on trader’s wish and opportunity to choose among the services given.


      And the question is: does the minimum trade requirement for opening an account make the whole difference? Well, it will all depend on the broker you choose. What we often see is that the standard minimum amount to trade and open an account is $250 while some brokers offer a minimum deposit of $100, and others a much bigger amount. In terms of law and legislation, there is nothing set in relation to a minimum amount to be traded.

      Regulated Options are on the market since 2008, and, as it is regulated and licensed by CySEC, we can proudly review it here at FBO. They also have a minimum trade of $250, which we believe is a very reasonable value when it comes to trading. They also offer a demo account in case the trader needs to practice strategies and plan before trading real money.

      Something that is really outstanding when it comes to trader’s benefits is the fact that Regulated Options do not charge anything when traders need to withdraw, no matter the amount is.

      The account can be set up in the beginning in USD, EUR or GBP. Different methods to deposit funds are also found here, so traders can choose between credit cards, bank wires, and e-payment options. As it is really simple, the process does not take long to be completed, and whenever in doubt, just contact the personnel.

      RegulatedOptions Mobile App

      What could be easier and better than trading binary options and profiting while enjoying a vacation, or from home? It is possible due to the fact that many brokers are aware of trader’s needs and pace of life, as nobody is able to stand 24/7 in front of a computer, checking market opportunities.

      That is why Regulated Options offers a mobile application for binary options trading. Everybody knows that the Internet enabled countless possibilities with money and investment, as many people prefer to make most of technological trading tools. Trading on the go is the next revolution in binary options industry taking the simplicity of binary options out of the house.

      Five types of trading are available to trader’s choice: Binary options, Pairs trading, 60 seconds, One touch and Long term trading. Stocks, commodities, indices, and currencies (over 150 different assets) make a remarkable list of assets for traders to choose from, depending on their preferences.

      Not all features are available in the Regulated Options mobile app for trading, but the crucial trading tools are there and from now on, they can be used even

      RegulatedOptions Withdrawal

      The most important part of the platform for binary options traders is banking service, specifically withdrawals, as this is the positive result of their investment in binary options trading. But what generally happens is that some people may get confused or frustrated when it is time to withdraw, either because the broker does not have an established rule for that, or because they charge great sums of money in order to allow traders to get their money.


      With Regulated Options (click for review), traders do not need to worry, as the company has the best policy regarding withdrawals: besides being able to get their money at any time, traders do not have to pay a single penny to do so if they use credit cards, differently from many known brokers, who charge for this service.

       RegulatedOptions: Licensed by CySEC

      Here at FBO we only review and advertise fully regulated and licensed binary options brokers, and RegulatedOptions can be proud to be part of this selected group. CySEC is the organization responsible for regulating and assuring that a specific broker is legit and reliable, so traders can be relaxed when it comes to trusting them.

      But how does a broker become regulated or not? Well, an EU broker is, most of the times, regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), member of the European Union, and it became more evident after the financial crisis of 2008 that, as many traders became worried about the safety of their investments and accounts, regulation will have to be stronger to protect them. By doing so, traders can contact a regulated and licensed broker in order to check where their funds are deposited, and what kind of guarantees they have in case of any problem may occur.

      When it comes to RegulatedOptions, traders can feel totally comfortable to trade with this binary options broker, as they have been 100% regulated and licensed since 2008. Offering a very intuitive way to trade forex, stocks, indices, and commodities, Regulated Options use the platform SpotOption, one of the best existing software available on the binary options market.

      Regulated Options: Scam or Not?

      May factors influence the success in trading, and one of them is the dedication and patience from traders towards the selection of a reliable and legit broker. We always advise that it is extremely necessary to read reviews and comments, get in touch with other traders, especially the ones who have been on the market for long, and also the customer service from the broker you intend to trade with.

      But one broker we here at FBO can be very proud to announce as a totally reliable and prestigious one: Regulated Options are no scam at all. Licensed and regulated by CySEC since 2013, the company uses SpotOption as their platform, one more reason why traders should consider investing their money with Regulated Options. The fact that Regulated Options is under the scrutiny of regulators is one of the biggest assurances of the good business practices when it comes to customer treatment.


      Another great feature regarding Regulated Options is the fact that there are limited fees for withdrawals of any amount, so traders can be sure that they do not need to pay any other services than banking transaction costs when taking their money from the account.

      Traders can deposit and withdraw to and from their accounts through debit cards, credit cards, wire transfers and e-payments as well. Customer support can be obtained via phone call, live chat and emails, in English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian. All this ensures that customers use the top secure payment services and that they understand the terms of transactions.

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