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Does Regulated Options Accept US Customers? – Closed

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    Your capital is at risk
    1. Many traders from the US ask themselves if it is legal to trade binary options in their country. There are many excellent brokers who support this. But the most important aspect to be taken into account is the fact that such binary options broker who claims that they do accept US customers is not a fraud or a scam. Tons of traders are deceived by brokers who affirm that they are listed on registered exchanges or traded on some specific contract market, and, as the majority of the trading market operates through the Internet trading platforms, which are not always in compliance with applicable US requirements of law and regulations, you may suspect that such broker is engaged into some illegal act.


      Trading for US Customers

      So, not only it is legal to trade binary options in the US, but there are several regulated brokers which have operated by exchanges in the US, approved since 2008 by SEC and CFTC. What happens is that offshore binary brokers tend to refuse US customers due to the commodity options, which has a specific statement in the CFTC regulation. In other words, the majority of offshore brokers which accept US clients will restrict their trades to stocks and indices.

      Unfortunately, RegulatedOptions are not accepting US customers by now, but all other nationalities are welcome since it is an EU regulated broker. If you want to take a look at the review of RegulatedOptions we at FBO have prepared for you, just click here.

      The company is regulated and licensed by CySEC, and they offer great services, such as training and video tutorials in order to help traders, especially beginners, to build confidence and trade like a pro.

      RegulatedOptions App

      With the technological advance in all areas of life, we could also expect the expansion of trading through devices, such as tablets and mobiles. Trading binary options has grown significantly for the last decades, and we see that new binary brokers are daily released.

      RegulatedOptions is part of SpotOption trading platform. Easy and extremely intuitive, the platform can trade Forex, stocks, commodities and indices, depending on what is better for traders.

      Besides, no download of software is required, making things even easier for traders. RegulatedOptions assure a high level of stability and safety standards, such important features when dealing with trader’s money and investments. By doing so, the broker surely guarantees a profitable trading experience to both beginners and experienced traders.

      With a minimum deposit of $250 and a maximum bonus of 100%, RegulatedOptions App is fully designed to provide traders with the best information he can expect to get in order to have successful trading. Through the mobile, traders can easily check for updates related to the financial markets, open new trades and follow the current ones, and much more.

      RegulatedOptions Assets List

      RegulatedOptions are binary options broker that is fully licensed by CySEC and reviewed by us at FBO, and it enable countless possibilities when it comes to investing.

      Traders have several assets to choose from, among stocks, indices, commodities, and currencies. Five kinds of binary options contracts are offered to traders, either beginners or experienced ones: Binary Options, Long Term Trading, Pairs Trading, One touch Trading and 60 seconds Trading. It is up to the trader to choose how the trades will be done, according to their preferences or market influences.

      Over 150 assets can be found on RegulatedOptions web page, as currencies (EUR/USD), commodities (silver, gold), indices (DAX, MICEX10) and stocks (Twitter, Google), to name a few.


      As it is part of the CySEC regulation, RegulatedOptions will never save or keep trader’s credit card data. This is also a very relevant element when trading: be aware to the banking and deposit methods before depositing your money or opening an account. So all that is left is to focus on trading with as many assets types as possible.

      There are no fees related to withdrawals, differently from several important brokers on the market.

      RegulatedOptions Binary Options

      Usually, binary options offer high returns in relation to the money invested, and it is also very important to be aware of the rules required to better operate it. As with any kind of financial investment one must be aware of the risks involved.

      Also, it is advised to choose trading platform wisely, which is where your money will be dealt with. So, a trustworthy and reliable platform should be easy and simple to use and understand, especially for the beginners, who have no idea of how to start investing in binary options.

      Unlike other kinds of investment options, binary options have a fixed return and some risk associated with them, and this is one of the reasons why we see more and more people choosing this way of trading.

      And one of the brokers we do recommend and that traders will find reviewed on FBO brokers page is RegulatedOptions, a totally regulated and objective binary options platform, who is focused to lead traders to succeed in trades. All traders need to do is to choose an asset, predict whether the price will go up or down within a specific time limit, place the investment according to their preferences (a minimum of $200 is required), and that’s it.

      In case of assistance needed, the customer support is available in English, French, Italian, Greek and Russian, as well as live chat and email contact.

      RegulatedOptions Binary Trading Platform

      One of the main things that binary options traders look for when choosing a broker to trade with is the trading platform the broker decided to adopt. When it comes to Regulated Options, we can affirm that they made a great choice when selecting SpotOption to be their trading platform.

      Well-known and with an excellent reputation among binary options traders, the platform SpotOption, along with RegulatedOptions, assures that traders will have a great experience when trading options. Totally secure and easy to be used, as well as one of the most user-friendly trading platforms on the market, SpotOption guarantees a superb trading experience to either novice or expert traders.

      No download is required when trading with RegulatedOptions, which makes it easier to trade anywhere, at any time, from tablets and mobile devices as well. Since 2008, SpotOption has used market data feeds from remarkable market specialists, and this for sure is responsible for the successful outcomes we can notice among traders. For new traders, SpotOption is certainly a great choice, as they are able to make better quality decisions in a consistent way with optimum confidence. Also, the best risk management tools on the market can be found at SpotOption.


      With amazing mobile application, full API for integration, a very strong ROI (immediate revenues generated), SpotOption has more than 150 assets available for traders, in a reliable and extremely user-friendly platform that ensures site profitability.

      Trading options with RegulatedOptions are possible through USD, EUR or GBP, and deposits and withdrawals are 100% safe if traders manage to use credit cards, wire transfers, and debit cards. Support is available in English, Italian, French, Spanish and Dutch, which gives traders an array of possibilities to contact their personnel, either by phone, email or live chat.

      RegulatedOptions Bonus

      Bonuses are a very successful tool that several binary options brokers use in order to attract customers, especially the new ones, who haven’t made up their minds whether trading or not, or with whom to trade with.

      RegulatedOptions offer excellent payouts, as high as 85% per standard trade, and also 10% payouts when trades are lost. They have a fully organized trading academy with videos, a binary video course for traders, as well as a free eBook ready to be downloaded. Personalized individual training in order to increase trader’s skills are also possible to be found. Bonuses with RegulatedOptions reach up to $5000 and enable traders to increase trading chances.

      As their main concern is to offer customers a state-of-art service, the company has recently upgraded their platform SpotOption, and now it is possible to trade One Touch, 60 Seconds, 90 Seconds and 2, 3 and 5 minute options, as well as Long Term Options. Available in Italian, English, French and German. Many assets such as Forex, commodities, currencies and stocks are offered. All binary options can be traded when achieving the volume required for bonus withdrawal.

      So far, traders from the UK and EU countries are allowed to trade with the company. The latest bonus offered by RegulatedOptions is a brand new iPhone 6 that the broker is giving for those who sign up with them. We at FBO advise traders to get in touch with the personnel through phone, email or live chat and solve all doubts related to deposits, withdrawals, and bonus procedures before trading. This is for sure a very important fact to consider when trading binary options.

      RegulatedOptions Demo Account

      Demo accounts are a very interesting resource traders have in their hands when choosing to trade binary options. It is really relevant for traders to know where they are putting their money into, so a demo account allows them to preview and practice some techniques and strategies before risking real money.

      RegulatedOptions offer a demo account to all traders who wish to open an account with them and start trading. But, how does a demo account work, and what are the real benefits of creating one?


      Well, a demo account is basically an account that does not cost anything and provides traders with virtual funds to be invested on the platform. Traders are able to develop and test the system of a specific broker without any risks, and also using the traced plan when trading a real account later on.

      The trading psychology factor is relevant when trading binary options, and should be taken into consideration. It is completely different to trade real money and fake money, so traders need to be sure of what they want. Better saying, a demo account is not responsible for teaching emotional strategies to traders, once there is no real money involved on the game.

      Just to be more clear: a demo account can allow traders to experience an amazing array of financial services and products, such as forex, currencies, commodities and so on, and traders can be aware of what best suit them before trading their money.

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