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PUTnCALL Broker Review

  1. This broker is under investigation. Try trading with HighLow instead.

    PUTnCALL offers a very interesting trading solution that not only embeds huge amount of assets to choose from but this broker also implemented easy to use, but advanced risk management tools right into the trading interface. During our PUTnCALL review we enjoyed trading while using advice from their daily and weekly market reviews as guidance. In addition to an awesome broker team helping users profit on a daily basis, PUTnCALL features great binary options education centre and many other interesting features. To learn more, read our PUTnCALL review.

  2. All features with PUTnCALL binary options broker are set up as part of extensive account packages, While there are three account types, every account package includes levels, subgroups that pack features even more specifically tailoring them to be the most diversified account line up in binary options business. To see how these accounts compare, read the rest of our PUTnCALL review. For each level we list only the better/new features. Every level includes features listed in the basic level.

    PUTnCALL Standard account

    PUTnCALL Standard account LEVEL 1

    • min $200 deposit
    • 20% bonus
    • ebooks and tutorials
    • market reviews

    PUTnCALL Standard account LEVEL 2

    • min $500 deposit
    • 25% bonus
    • account manager

    PUTnCALL Standard account LEVEL 3

    • min $1000 deposit
    • 30% bonus

    PUTnCALL Business account

    PUTnCALL Business account LEVEL 1

    • from $3000 deposit
    • 40% bonus
    • 1% cash-back when out of the money
    • signals & signals widget
    • 1 week demo
    • account manager
    • ebooks and tutorials
    • market reviews
    • analyst one session

    PUTnCALL Business account LEVEL 2

    • from $5000 deposit
    • 50% bonus
    • 2% cash-back when out of the money
    • analyst four sessions
    • 2 week demo
    • trading plan

    PUTnCALL Business account LEVEL 3

    • from $7000 deposit
    • 60% bonus
    • 3% cash-back when out of the money
    • analyst eight time session
    • 3 week demo

    PUTnCALL VIP account

    PUTnCALL VIP account LEVEL 1

    • from $10000
    • 70% bonus
    • 4% cash back
    • 1 month demo
    • VIP broker
    • 16 sessions
    • 1 financial advisor session
    • VIP account executive 1 week

    PUTnCALL VIP account LEVEL 2

    • from $25000
    • iPad
    • 80% bonus
    • 5% cash back
    • 3 month demo
    • VIP broker
    • 32 sessions
    • 2 financial advisor sessions
    • VIP account executive 2 week

    PUTnCALL VIP account LEVEL 3

    • from $50000
    • MacBook Air
    • 90% bonus
    • 6% cash back
    • 3 month demo
    • VIP broker
    • 32 sessions
    • 2 financial advisor sessions
    • VIP account executive 1 months


    • MacBook Pro
    • 100% bonus
    • 7% cash back
    • VIP account executive 2 month
    • all other feature unlimited access

    PUTnCALL also offers Islamic Accounts which comply with Sharia law making binary options trading available across the muslim world. PUTnCALL clients’ funds are held in special interest-free accounts and are not qualified to trade on margin or use leverage. PUTnCALL also presents the members of its team on the website so people can see who are they going to cooperate when trading, depending on the account type chosen. While testing features for the PUTnCALL review you are reading, we found out that PUTnCALL also, from time to time offers up to 35% bonus for subsequent deposits. Trading academy includes texts on technical and fundamental analysis, as well as on strategies along with an e-book.

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  5. Trading with PUTnCALL is a real delight. Their excellent customized SpotOption platform performs even better than the original. It retains the modular design with multiple views, but it adds features and upgrades the color scheme for much better visibility. The platform is intuitive and even new users will have no problems understanding how to trade. During our PUTnCALL review we saw that it is really better than many of the next generation platforms.

    Users can choose between four types of options. High/low are the traditional binary options, touch options and range options are also available. 60 seconds, probably the most popular binary options at the moment are present too. This means that users get to choose between traditional and high yielding exotic options

    Additional risk management tools are embedded in the trading interface enabling everyone to choose risk reward ratio in range of 20 percentage points. The drop down menu is right below the asset selection tabs. It comes naturally to set it before entering a position. Users first get 180%/0 ratio and can bring it to 160%/20% back. PUTnCALL platform shows the payout and not returns, that is why it states 180% instead of 80%.

    Asset list is super long. There are 11 commodities, 16 currency pairs, 28 indices and more than 120 global stocks from all around the world. What is interesting is that PUTnCALL also features Bitcoin and Litecoin currency pairs (with USD) trading, meaning this broker is following the latest and hottest assets and market trends. The website also has an embedded economic calendar.

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  7. PUTnCALL customer support didn’t meet our expectations. PUTnCALL is available trough many channels of communication, but also via desktop sharing environments. Users can contact the help desk via email, live chat or by phone for direct help. Most of users also have an account manager and/or a broker for their trading support available. Problems is that the user may have open issues and problems very long  even with so many options.

    If there is a technical problems, the website enables users to download the Team Viewer software, which is available for macs and PCs. With this software users can share their desktop with the customer support so technicians can directly access the computer and repair whatever is needed. Again problem is that there is no response from the support This brings the whole idea of binary options trading to a lower level since service is very important. During the PUTnCALL we found ourselves trying to use the support but just failed to reach them.

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  9. Banking with PUTnCALL is very easy and most users will quickly find their way around the withdrawal and depositing controls on the website. The website offers a wide choice of various deposit opportunities, from regular credit cards, bank wire to net wallets. Accepted currencies are USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, CNY. All the withdrawal and deposit methods take shorter or longer time to transfer the funds. Credit cards and net wallets are the best solution in this respect.

    Accepted credit cards are Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Diners. The site supports local bank transfer and bank wire. Of the net wallets, users can use Poli, Neteller and CashU as well as all the connected services. Most of transactions are free, depending on the transfer type. Minimum withdrawal amount is $100 or emptying the trading account. Withdrawals are free unless done with bank wire, than there is a $30 fee. The processing time for withdrawals is 3-10 days.

    We didn’t like the fact that this broker doesn’t lis the parent company – it is not transparent.

  10. Conclusion:

    We make it our mission to not recommend anything but the best – which, according to industry experts, is IQ Option, the top regulated broker for your country with a minimum deposit of ONLY $10!

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  11. Your capital is at risk