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PowerOption Affiliate Program – Closed

  1. This broker is closed.


    The use of PowerOption’s user-friendly platform and empowered designs can be of great help in keeping track of the performances all the time. Their partners will keep track of the impressions, conversions and clicks along with reports on the dashboard to make sure that you have things you need for well-optimized campaigns. One of affiliate programs is which offers great features and data visualization that will provide efficient marketing techniques to help affiliates get the most out of the partnership with them. This is truly an incredible offer with lots of great features and data visualization that will make you have an efficient and well taken care of marketing techniques and be able to get the most out of your engagement or partnership with them. Affiliate programs are recommended for beginners and experienced clients since they offer solid marketing plans.

    PowerOption Binary

    As the new technology products in the binary trading industry, PowerOption Binary are altering the world of online trading experience and Power Option is standing out from the rest of the companies offering the same services. They made trading available for all major mobile platforms so you can always be informed about latest offers, but also aim to provide one of the most efficient trading platforms.

    New accounts can get exclusive 100% bonuses. PowerOption offers payouts up to 400%. Traders are offered with real-time market data, but also with up to the minute news that will help them in becoming a successful trader. Its trading system is available 24/7 and it offers trading currencies, stocks, and commodities by picking a trading period from around 60 seconds to an hour in a secure manner, along with a user-friendly platform that is easy to use.

    Login with PowerOption

    The process of registering and logging in is very easy, safe and simple. All new traders need to do is to provide their data for initial registration. Before depositing, for the customer’s safety, PowerOption will need to verify all data provided. After that, an e-mail will be sent to activate the account. All this process takes no longer than 24 hours to be concluded. Besides, traders have to prepare a government-issued ID with a photo, copy of the credit card and some residence/personal bill with their complete name and address.

    You can choose between different trading options: high/low, One Touch and Boundary. The trading platform is easily accessed through iPhone and Android. There are two options when it comes to deposing funds: through credit cards or bank wire, whichever suits you best.


    PowerOption Demo Account

    If you are new to binary trading, definitely try Power Options. Unlike many other brokers, PowerOptions offers a demo account. Demo account is available before depositing, so you can test their platform for free.  Small and beginner investors will benefit this way since Power Option effectively lowered the threshold for access to the binary options world. All traders get great customer support 24/7 and access to the educational section.

    The company has special promotion regarding bonuses, 100% up to a maximum of $10,000 invested. Deposits between 100€ and 299€ get a 50% bonus. Those who deposit from 300€ to 499€ get a 75% bonus and everyone depositing 500€ and more will get a 100% bonus. Withdrawal clause states that bonus can be withdrawn after 25x turnover. Minimum deposit with PowerOption is 50€ (all funds can be also deposited in USD, subject to selection when registering).

    This is why we recommend users to take a look at the educational section of the broker’s website before real trading. You can also take a look at our video section to see an amazing lineup of videos on basic analysis and then use PowerOption demo account to test the strategies we proposed!

    PowerOption Complaints Report

    PowerOption is a registered broker under EU legislative. We are happy to report we have received no complaints regarding PowerOption since it was added to our list. This is one more reason to believe PowerOption is a trusted broker with great trading platform available on every PC operating system and on the mobile platforms. PowerOption has a rich asset list and a range of trading modes that enable traders to reach great profit opportunities in smallest expiry times. They are constantly upgrading their products list raising the possibilities for trading.

    To support its clients, PowerOption educational center is completely free and not tied to amount deposited as with some other brokers. Customer care is excellent, available 24/5 via phone, e-mail or live chat. This is extremely important since it is crucial for traders to be able to access support when they need it in the dynamic world of financial markets. Banking is also reliable and fast, offering easy depositing and fast withdrawals.


  2. Your capital is at risk