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Is Porter Finance a Scam?

  1. FBOA best new us broker bkPorter Finance online binary options trading platform is one of the recently introduced online trading platforms. It started the online operation in the year 2014 and its online experience has grown since then. They have attracted traders from all over the world due to the features and services they offer. One of the notable characteristics of this platform is its legit structure and organized way of operations. Porter Finance online trading platform is not a scam.

    There are factors that proof its genuine status. They have a 24/7 customer service support through which traders can get assistance. There response rate is also admirable in that they reply and assist traders with quickness and effectiveness. There are also legitimate methods through which traders can deposit funds to their accounts. Traders can deposit funds using the MasterCard, Visa, wire transfer, Carte Bleue, Skrill, Moneybookers and Visa Electron. Traders can also access customer service through the phones, chat, email or Skype when they encounter any challenges while interacting with the platform.

    It is one of the newest online trading platforms after commencing its operations in the year 2014. The online trading platform has been able to attract audiences or users from all nationalities excluding Turkey residents. The platform is no scam and has an emphasis on customer service to make sure they help out all their customers. Scams sites do not have clear ways of how funds change hands on the platform (on withdrawal requests and also deposits). The main aim of scam sites is to acquire easy money from the vulnerable extensive audience available. Since these scams are available online, they can con audiences from different nationalities and embezzle their funds.

    One way to know if an online broker is advisable is to enquire whether they are licensed by one the many regulatory bodies available. Online brokers are then allowed to operate or not operate in certain regions by the regulatory bodies. Scam sites are able to operate as unregulated brokers and operate all over the world.


    The regulatory bodies mean a great deal to traders engaging in online binary options trading platforms. They help to ensure that traders receive safe and reliable service by these platforms. On the other hand, there are citizens that are denied the chance to trade on these platforms for they miss out on the chance to earn profits on trading assets.

    Are There Any Porter Finance Complaints?

    Porter Finance online trading platform received no complaints on their services or operations. They have put all measures possible to curb any complaints that would result. They have a 24/7 customer care support where all traders can get assistance on all their queries. Traders can reach the customer support through Skype, chat, on e-mail or on the phone. Their response on all queries is admirable as they give a quick response to their traders. Traders can reach them on the phone from these countries; Canada, Australia, USA, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. Porter Finance customer care support only supports the English language. There is also a tab on FAQs for traders to seek for assistance when they have queries.

    The measures placed by Porter Finance to solve customer queries have contributed a lot in eliminating any complaints regarding their level of service. The traders can seek assistance anytime on the platform and easily solve their queries. All traders are able to enjoy the ever present customer service support offered and most of their complaints or worries are handled by professional personnel in real time. Immediate response to inquiries is a plus for Porter Finance platform since traders do not stay stranded when they want to trade or are in the process of trading.

    porter finance binary options

    The demo account introduced by Porter Finance is another feature that helps new traders to understand the trade tricks and ways. This feature eliminates possibilities of those traders to experience challenges while trading online. Traders using Porter Finance online binary options trading platform have reference materials which they can use when they experience problems when interacting with the platform. The training materials and the e-book acquired during sign up are resourceful materials for any financial market strategies and binary options information. They also provide Porter Finance reviews to the traders while are a source of information on the market trends. The reviews educate traders and make them aware of their surrounding markets. This makes the traders start to interact with the site as fully equipped users with no fear for them to incur losses or make wrong decisions.

    Is Porter Finance Regulated?

    Porter Finance online binary options trading platform has been in operation since 2014. There are a number of brokers offering online binary options trading platforms. However, there are regulatory bodies that govern the operations of these brokers in different countries. Regulations are set to streamline broker operations in a certain way. As much as the regulations are good, they also limit traders in certain regions to carry out trades on the assets presented on these platforms. Most of the renowned regulations set on certain online trading platforms are such that they restrict people for specific regions from trading on a specific platform.

    Porter Finance online trading platform is not regulated and traders from all over the world can trade using the platform expect residents of Turkey. The good thing about regulations is that it protects the traders from any fraud cases and an assurance that their funds are safe. This aspect gives the traders freedom of trade on those regulated platforms without any fear of losing their funds. Another good side about regulations is that there is an assurance that the services offered are standard and are covering the needs of the traders.


    However, there is a bad side to regulations. They restrict traders from specific regions from carrying out trades using the platforms and also deny them the fun of doing the online trade. Any trader residing in these regions faces the hindrance of making earnings online when such regulations are in place.

    An unregulated online binary options trading broker has the freedom to attract and engage traders all over the world. People living in regions or countries where certain online platforms are restricted, they can sign up with unregulated brokers and do their trades online.

    The regulated sites are safe to trade in for the traders. Some of the regulatory bodies for online binary options trading platforms are; MiFID of European Union, CySEC in Cyprus, FSPR in New Zealand or FCA in England. These bodies are known to set restrictions to online trading platforms as a way to protect the traders from manipulation or fraud on their funds. Without these regulatory bodies, the online market would be full of fraudsters and scam sites which would destroy the general online market standpoint. When a specific area is restricted for people to do trades on other platforms it would be considered as an illegal act when people involve in online trades from those sites. Traders should also seek clarity on the regulations before they commit their funds for trades on online trading platforms.

    Porter Finance USA

    Porter Finance online trading platform provides a way for traders to trade on its available assets and earn money. The fact that it is an online platform, it is able to attract a big number of traders all over the world. Traders from all nationalities can sign up on the platform except those from Turkey. These means that all USA residents can engage on trades presented on the platform.

    There are many assets available for traders to trade on which include; stocks, commodities, currencies, and indices. Trading on these assets is what attracts traders all over the world and the profits or earnings they would receive from the trades. The platform is easy to use for even the new users and they can make profits as soon as they sign up to create their accounts. Traders are also required to deposit money on their accounts for them to use the funds on trades.

    Porter Finance online binary options trading platform is available for USA citizens. This broker is unregulated and, therefore, their operations are available to all traders from all nationalities excluding citizens of Turkey. Traders are also able to reach their 24/7 customer service support on the phone from the USA and their queries would be sorted out.

    porter finance binary options

    On most of the times, online trading platforms are restricted to operate in certain regions by regulatory bodies. These regulatory bodies deny those residents a chance to enjoy profits earned online and have fun while trading on the available assets. The regulatory bodies, on the other hand, assure traders of the safety of their funds and reliable service from the online trading platforms. They also establish some of the legit sites and their restrictive measure is a way to protect their citizens from manipulative brokers who would embezzle the funds of the traders. Most traders are vulnerable to those brokers who only mind about their selfish gains of acquiring funds from genuine traders. This is evident with most of the scam platforms available. Porter Finance platform is not a scam. It is a safe and reliable online trading platform for all traders.

    CySEC has not licensed Porter Finance and it is the reason why it has allowed operations in the USA. Some of the older online trading platforms are restricted to engage USA resident in trading using those platforms. The newer platforms such as Porter Finance are yet to be licensed.

    Porter Finance Withdrawal

    Porter Finance withdrawal is an option for the traders to withdraw their funds from the Porter Finance platform. The earnings are made from the many available assets for which the trade on. The more the viable trades, the high profit will be there for our trader.


    Withdrawal of funds from Porter Finance platform is simple, fast and takes only two days to process. Porter Finance brokers have set withdrawal limits depending on what option the trader will be using to withdraw the funds. Some of these limits are as follows; credit cards have a minimum withdrawal of $30, bank accounts have a minimum withdrawal of $100 and Skrill has a minimum withdrawal of $30. They have an attractive feature for the trader which is that for every first withdrawal the trader requests, there will be no fees charged for the withdrawal. Whereas there will be charges incurred for any other withdrawal within the same month.

    One of the most common information that should be clear is the deposit and withdrawal options for all traders. Traders have an interest in monitoring their funds, as the core interest to engage in the online binary options trading platforms is the ability to make profits. Any unclear information about how their funds move around the platform would be a total turn off to traders, especially those willing to start up with the platform. Porter Finance is very clear on their withdrawal options available for their traders. They are legit ways of withdrawal mostly supported in different countries.

    Traders are able to get their funds or profits made online by placing withdrawal requests and are able to receive funds through the specified channels. The funds reach the traders within a short period of two days. This effectiveness in processing the trader’s funds is a plus for Porter Finance as is one of the features that encourage traders to plan short budgets on their online funds. The ability of an online binary options trading platform to process withdrawal funds for their traders within a short time is an indication of the quality of service offered by their personnel.

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