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    Your capital is at risk
    1. PlanetOption is one of the new binary brokers featured on Fair Binary Options. So far we have not had any problems with this binary options broker. This broker payment services are run by Ferrofortia Limited, even though the company is run by Obalt Services BVI. PlanetOption has earned its place among respected binary options brokers in a relatively short amount of time so we are sure Ferrofortia Limited will be the name many of us will be seeing in coming months as profits from our trading activities are paid out. With PlanetOption traders never have to wait much to get their funds and in part it is the result of efficiency at Ferrofortia Limited. PlanetOption is run by credible company with efficient payment services.

      Many traders find it important to find good brokers who support their traders. We think PlanetOption is one of those brokers so it is surely going to make many customers happy to know that their withdrawals, running over Ferrofortia Limited are fast and reliable. Ferrofortia is not regulated since PlanetOption is not a regulated broker. Everyone should know this. This is why Fair Binary Options features PlanetOption – to make sure traders get all the info about this broker without biases. PlanetOption offers many interesting features despite the fact it is not regulated.

      PlanetOption traders can get bonuses of up to 150%. This is one of the highest rates in the industry. All this is with standard 30x turnover requirement that is the same one most of other brokers require. Ferrofortia Limited, as the operator makes it possible that all this round smoothly and to satisfactions of customers. As with any other broker, we will continue to monitor this one for any signs of bad behavior. For now, we have not received any complaints about Ferrofortia Limited. This is important since we take complaints from our traders very seriously. PlanetOption seems to be operating smoothly and doing their best to bring best trading experience to traders.

      As long as they do it, we will continue to parent with Ferrofortia Limited and PlanetOption for the best binary options experience.

      Are There Any PlanetOption Complaints?

      Since PlanetOption is a trusted, reliable binary options trading platform for traders in all over the world, the chances of receiving PlanetOption complaints are almost ZERO because their customers are quite satisfied with the services and facilities offered. The company is accredited by BBB and regulated under strict Russian rules to enable traders make money from home without having fear of losing it.

      The company has received amazing customer reviews that show the extent of their expertise and the standard of services they offer. Their feedbacks revealed that the company has a quite stable or strong position among the traders and every feature facilitates them to remain associated with the platform.


      Yes, PlanetOption is not as old as other brokers working in the market but still, their experience is enough to talk on their behalf. The team comprises of professional binary option brokers who have years of experience and knowledge to run the company successful. Analysts have found one fact that the company always strives to simplify things for the traders. There are in search of something that is interesting, easy to understand and still enable traders to learn something. They virtually teach novices to expand the area of their knowledge and evaluate how much courage they have to take risks.

      Those who are not sure about their services and are always in search of something that can better talk about who they are, then it is recommended to simply visit their website because nothing is better and it will properly explain why there are no PlanetOption complaints.

      Since PlanetOptiopn is a certified broker of Russian market (FMRRC) having the regulatory number TSRF RU 0395 AA Vv0062, traders should not have any doubt over their credibility. The company tries it level best to keep control over everything. Personal as well as account details of traders will be kept private no matter from where the traders are and how much they are investing to make predictions. The trading experience at PlanetOoption is quite unique as the company offers different binary options for trading and traders are free to make predictions on whatever option they would like.

      The customer reviews of PlanetOption have also clarified one thing that their customer service is responsive and gives quick response to traders who want to ask something. The company has 24/7 customer centre that specializes in all types of technical areas and traders can freely contact them at the time of need. Another reason of why the PlanetOption complaints are not available is that the company is itself a legal entity and it cannot involve in any illegal activity if it wants to remain in the industry. The government rules are really strict and violation to them may result in severe punishment or legal actions. So, traders can blindly invest their money at PlanetOption with believe that they will definitely earn money by investing a certain amount.

      Is PlanetOption Regulated?

      As the time passes and more people are getting associated with binary options trading platforms, the concern of finding someone reliable and trustworthy has become necessary and traders now want a platform that is regulated by a known authority. With the availability of online trading platforms, traders are no more required to meet their brokers face to face. Since they are regulated and controlled by a trusted source, traders are rest assured that there is a regulatory agency that is responsible as well as accountable. Most of the binary option trading platforms are regulated however, they are some that are running on their own.


      When it comes to PlanetOption regulated authority, traders have satisfaction that they are officially controlled by the Russian Market (called FMRRC) with their regulatory number: TSPF RU 0395 AA Vv0062. For PlanetOption, the fact is of no use that they are owned by a Seychelles registered company. Apart from having a regulation certification, PlanetOption doesn’t has anything to prove their credibility because traders want to be sure that their money and other details will remain safe and secure.

      As we all know that the concept of binary options trading is getting popular with time and people now have more information about whom to select and what should be considered while making a decision. PlanetOption realized this fact and they started to research on how to increase their credibility and build trust among traders so that they can easily start their trading career.

      The PlanetOption regulated principles are governed according to the rules and regulations specified by the government and there is no doubt about their reliability as the company is owned by a legal entity named Homeland Associates LTD. The Seychellois law permits PlanetOption to efficiently work in the market

      Traders are not required to be worried about their money or account details. Everything is in safe hands and things will be kept private to make sure that no one can harm traders’ privacy. PlanetOption has strict rules and regulation that, if violated, may result in serious actions or punishment. The law is quite strict about the privacy of traders and it does not allow anyone to steal or misuse them for their own purposes.


      PlanetOption regulated accounts are of 3 types- Infinity Account, Standard Account and Gold Account. Every account has its own features, characteristics that allow traders to make decisions according to their requirements. If they want to trade in all binary options without investing much, then Standard account will be the best choice while their budget is high and they want to avail every facility, then Infinity Account may be a good option.

      PlanetOption Demo Account

      PlanetOption is a Cyprus-based binary options trading company that is considered to be a reliable platform for earning money from home. It has a wide range of trading assets that can be traded in over 80 countries with US Dollar, EURO, Japanese Yen and British Pound currencies. Since the platform is quite user friendly and equipped with simple but worth using interface, traders have opportunities to explore their trading skills. They also have different advanced trading tools along with high profits as compared to what other brokerage firms used to offer.

      PlanetOption has a demo account for beginners or people who are new to this platform. The main aim of this account is to make sure that traders find everything useful here and they have satisfaction that their money will remain safe. The PlanetOption demo account is given to traders who deposit $250 as initial amount. The money will be safe even if a trader is using their demo account. The account allows them to practice how to use their virtual money and keep on polishing their trading skills. If someone is not satisfied with the services, he/she can get a refund. Their demo account is completely free, easy to use and free from all obligations. Instead, it is the best platform to learn ethics of binary options trading and testing of different strategies.


      Of course, binary options trading via PlanetOption is quite easy for experts while when it comes to beginners, they need PlanetOption demo account to overcome their fear of losing money. This account works as the best tool for them to evaluate their skills, explore their courage and ability to make correct predictions. Through their demo account, traders can know how to trade in the competitive market and what are the ways to maximize their profit. If they have a strategy, PlanetOption will allow them to implement it and get the results. The account will give an insight of its effectiveness; as if it doesn’t work in virtual environment, there would be no reason to apply it in real trading environment.

      As we all know that the company is active on many platforms, the PlanetOption demo account allows traders to easily access any of them to predict the trend of binary options. Don’t think that it is a demo account and traders will have limited access. They can comfortably browse any platform according to their choice and make the most of opportunities. The account will give trading signals everyday and permits traders to test their foreseeing abilities simply by remaining at home. The account also has a thorough educational section, involving webinars, ebooks and numerous articles as well as resources to learn further. So, it’s high time to consider using their demo account!

      PlanetOption Login

      As one of the best binary options broker in the industry, PlanetOption prides itself in saying that they have been successfully operating in over the world and have allowed numerous traders to earn money from their homes. Their traders have diversified skills that compliment different asset indexes and with this concept in mind, PlanetOption created three different accounts for prospects to start their career accordingly.

      If people want to be part of their platform, they should first register themselves by providing all the required information so as to verify their identity and start trading through the platform.

      planet login

      The process of registration and PlanetOption login includes the following steps:

      First of all, they need to go to PlanetOption’s official website and click on “Open Account” tab, present at the top right of the website.

      After clicking on it, users will land on a page that requires their personal as well as account information.

      Once done, traders will then have to select the nature/type of their account and then attach any of the available payment methods to make initial deposit as the account needs.

      The PlanetOption login process is extremely simple and easy to understand. traders just have provide their basic information like name, email address, country, telephone number, date of birth, base currency and payment method details so that the website can efficiently work and satisfy their needs. The company deals in 3 different account types that require same information but varying minimum deposits:

      Below are small descriptions about every account type with their unique features and opportunity to earn extra return.

      PlanetOption Infinity Account

      While registering on the website, traders are free to choose the plan that suits their requirements. The PlanetOtion login process is quite easy for platinum account holders. They just have to enter their username and password to access the account however, if they want to work through mobile devices, they first have to download their mobile app and then enter username with password.

      PlanetOption Platinum Account

      of PlanetOption offers a personal training session with any of the available experts and coach to teach novices about the ethics of trading with binary options. The account holders also get 4% additional return on every successful trade.

      PlanetOption Gold Account

      The account holders with gold membership receive all the services that are not available for other account holders. After PlanetOption login process, traders are free to select any binary option to start trading with: whether they want to go with Touch options, High Yield options, High/Low options or Boundary options, they can easily do so. Members will receive 20% additional return.

      PlanetOption Standard Account

      The members will have limited access to the available facilities. Traders may find some unique features in standard membership but they have one thing in common i.e. traders are allowed to trade in whatever binary option they want. They have access to their customer service that is available 24/7 to serve traders in the best manner.

      PlanetOption Scam

      Since PlanetOption is a binary options trading platform, people have misconception that the company is a scam and it just takes money without allowing traders to earn something. They should consider the fact that PlanetOption is regulated by Russian Market (FRRMC) and is owned by a legal business Homeland Associates LTD so there is no chance of considering them a scam.

      Actually, there are not PlanetOption scam reports because the company is legally operating and there is no risk to invest the money. A lot of research has proven that PlanetOption is a completely secure and safe company with trusted deposit and withdrawal system that keep traders’ information private. More than that, they provide peace of mind by making sure that they are dealing with authentic online brokers.


      The company offers typical binary options consisting of the low/high options, which are also called call/put, the Option Builder or One Touch Options, that allow traders to transform trade as they want. After getting enough information about the fundamentals and basics of binary options trading, beginners can comfortably move on to something big and show the extent of their knowledge. PlanetOption also gives opportunities to set the expiration time along with tools or options to evaluate the level of risk.

      Traders should keep in mind that there is nothing like PlanetOption scam because the company comprises of experienced binary options brokers who have been legally rendering their services in the industry for a long time. They know the consequences of falsely leading the traders and therefore, everything is done here legally with authenticity and 100% assurance.

      It is recommended to beginners or prospects that they should personally judge PlanetOption instead of believing in what other say because sometimes, the company doesn’t allow scammers to trade through their platform and in return, they try to decrease their reputation by spreading false news among people. The term PlanetOption scam is not something traders should believe in!

    2. Your capital is at risk