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    We make it our mission to not recommend anything but the best – which, according to industry experts, is IQ Option, the top regulated broker for your country with a minimum deposit of ONLY $10!

    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
    Your capital is at risk
    1. optiontime safeOptionTime is an extremely easy broker platform to trade with, simple, yet highly informative and complete. A totally regulated and licensed broker, OptionTime has outstanding execution of all their trading aspects and great bonuses and promotions to their traders as well. If you are interested in learning more about how to open an account and other features, you can simply click here and read our complete review of OptionTime.

      In the world of binary options, it is truly relevant that traders who are beginners or new to binary options trading market take some time to deeply look into some educational readings and videos in order to understand what binary options are and how to select a legit broker to start trading. It is very common to see that traders write reviews of binary options brokers portraying their unsuccessful experiences with brokers that promise the world to their clients, but at the end, they are just a huge scam. This way, traders get frustrated and believe all binary options brokers will just act the same, but this is not true.

      Bonuses can reach up to 250%, and this is one of the best features you can find when it comes to binary options brokers and, particularly, to OptionTime. Depending on the account type you decide to open, traders can be offered huge lists of features complemented with outstanding strategy sources, either for advanced and expert traders or beginners. With a minimum deposit of only $100 and maximum returns of 80%, OptionTime offers five basic trading modes, which are related to traders’ preference (Classic, Speed trading, One touch, Touch in Time and ProMaster).

      Another amazing thing regarding OptionTime is the fact that it incorporates trending tools into the graphs, as a way of adding a crucial tool for technical analysis on the fly with some of the modes. In a nutshell, the platform offers a really pleasant experience to traders who seek for great profits without worrying about it being a scam or not.

      HighTime Services Limited OptionTime

      optiontimrb1HighTime Services Limited is a company we have been cooperating for long time here on Fair Binary Options. Many traders may be asking, who is this company, but they will know them better by their name – OptionTime. This is their binary options brand. Now it is easier to understand why HighTime Services Ltd is no stranger to binary options traders. OptionTime remains one of the best performing brokers on Fair Binary Options list of recommended binary options trading providers. HighTime Services Limited runs the affiliate program that makes sure OptionTime is well known in the industry and among clients.

      The name of this affiliate program is AffOption. HighTime Services Limited makes sure all marketing efforts and payments of the program are efficient as possible in order to promote OptionTime as a legitimate and fair binary broker. HighTime Services Ltd has loads of experience in these matters and they benefit from the knowledge of their parent company called Playtech Turnkey Services which boosts their marketing efforts by providing first class customer oriented marketing know-how. They have more than a decade of experience and this is shown with OptionTime service which excels in all aspects.

      HighTime Services Limited owner, the Playtech Turnkey Services is a global force in software development for gaming, marketing and e-finance industry. They were founded in 1999. They are a global business with many offices around the world. Legitimacy of the company is increased by the fact they are listed on London Stock Exchange AffOption promoting OptionTime has all the resources they need and this is why this binary broker is so successful. We have had no complaints about OptionTime during all the time we have featured them on FBO. Software side trough HighTime Services Ltd is also covered as AffOption provides excellent tools for partners to track their progress in realtime.

      OptionTime Broker

      Option time is one of the most secure and regulated platform which is reliable due to Cysec license. You may have heard fraud cases where the traders of binary options have lost their amount. Luckily, the registered option time broker is providing a reliable platform in Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain, France, Netherlands, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic.

      Option time offers the most authentic software named as Keystone. It is beneficial this software provides more than 30 different indicators to show Up and Down values in a trade. These indicators are really helpful in making a decision related to call or put options. Moreover the amount for minimum deposit is 100 dollars.

      The option time broker gives a proof that the platform is risk free and regulated by Cyprus Security Exchange Commission. Optiontime is distinctive because it provides Bitcoin option for hourly trade. It is noticeable that this option gets closed after forty minutes whereas the outcome on this trade is 73 percent. There are 5 basic trading options which are given below.

      • Touch option
      • One touch option
      • High/low option
      • Classic time
      • Speed trading

      Here is short description of some trading options:

      Touch option needs to show a threshold within the given time period. The assets for binary trade are selected from commodities, currencies, indices and stocks. One touch option works in the form of bet which requires to describe nothing or all. The option time broker reveals that speed trading can be completed within one minute, 90 seconds and 120 seconds. The investor is allowed to choose the option, preferred time limit and put or call option. Get help from broker reviews and enjoy highest return on all trades.

      optiontime trade

      Option time gives seamless atmosphere for beginners as well as professional traders to earn profit within short time span. Option time software can be viewed on the mobile to get access to trading options round the clock. As there are different expiry time limits so it is good for an investor to login through mobile phone and select one minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour or one day for a trade. Within short time span an investor can get great amount in the form of bonus and returns through option time broker.

      OptionTime Complaints

      optiontimeb2It is important for all traders to beware that there are scams in the world of binary options trading. The problem is that most scams are identified when it is already too late and the shady broker is refusing to process withdrawal without any legitimate reasons. Other crooked regulated brokers will attempt to offer managed accounts – something they are not authorized to do due to regulations that provide restrictions on providing financial advice.

      While managed accounts may appear a good idea due to the fact that a professional promises to handle your portfolio, it is not. This is because the analyst has all the wrong motives, seeing as he earns money from trades that the trader loses. Managed account analysts may also try to make you deposit even more funds by making empty promises, as well as talk you into taking bonuses without clarifying the Bonus Terms and Conditions. Thereafter, they will simply disappear or repeatedly fail to respond to your emails or make excuses for delaying your withdrawals. In other instances, they will delete your account and blame this on a technical error.

      This is why it is important for traders to trade themselves, get a signals provider or sign up with an auto trading system. Moreover, because such crooks are not uncommon, it is important for binary options traders to carefully study broker reviews, including those of regulated brokers. Fair Binary Options is constantly updating our site with broker reviews as a way of creating a climate of trust for traders who use our services.

      That said, you do not have to worry about scams when it comes to trading with OptionTime. In fact, ever since we added OptionTime to our trusted broker list, we have not received any OptionTime complaints or scam reports concerning this broker. This provides traders with yet another solid reason to trust OptionTime. OptionTime has been featured on our list of trusted brokers since last year, and is a registered broker that is regulated by the guidelines of the financial markets regulatory bodies of the European Union. It is this aspect of the OptionTime binary options trading operations that provides their customers with a satisfaction guarantee.

      Fair Binary Options has been dealing with some scammers by blacklisting those who fail to treat their customers in accordance with best business practices. The best way to protect yourself from scams is by trusting Fair Binary Option’s top reviewed brokers and documenting everything in the event that a broker behaves suspiciously. While this may be mostly due to a genuine mistake, other times it is the work of a crook. Be sure to save any documentation, screenshot, chat or email history should the broker begin to behave in a suspicious manner.

      OptionTime Regulated

      For most traders, one of the most important factors when choosing a binary options broker to open an account with is whether or not that specific broker is regulated. Fact is, most traders are not likely to carry out their own independent research into the feasibility of investing in particular investment vehicles. Therefore, by signing up with a binary options broker, they expect that the commissions and fees they pay will go into ensuring that the broker undergoes regulation. In short, traders expect brokers such as OptionTime to always act in their best interests.

      “Is OptionTime Regulated?” is one of the questions commonly asked by binary options traders. And the answer is yes, OptionTime is regulated to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your funds are safe with this broker. After all, financial regulations are designed to protect investor funds which are in the custody of binary options brokers. Winner of the “Best New Broker of 2014” award during the FBO Awards ceremony, OptionTime is a synonym for security and customer satisfaction. Highly regulated and licensed, this broker offers exceptional execution of all trading operations on their simple yet highly informative binary trading platform.

      In addition to being regulated, OptionTime offers benefits to customers in terms of safety and security of their funds through the delivery of high quality services and the highest standards in customer treatment. As a regulated broker, OptionTime offers traders beneficial features such as segregated accounts. Customers also have access to an institution to take their complaints to, as well as the existence of an investor compensation fund.

      Operated by Safecap Investments Limited – a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) – OptionTime is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under the license number 092/08. OptionTime is further licensed and regulated under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) – an EU law that established harmonized safe-practice benchmarks for investment services.

      A safe and regulated broker, OptionTime is related to, one of the biggest providers on the planet. The fact that they are highly regulated also means that OptionTime products and business practices undergo rigorous review to make them accountable for their actions. Such rigorous review is carried out by agencies such as CySEC, FSA, FSB South Africa, and other EU regulators to ensure customers receive good service.

      Customers can trust Fair Binary Options to review all brokers – regulated or otherwise, and thereafter inform traders of scams and crooks in a transparent manner. In this regard, no complaints have been made about OptionTime ever since we added this broker to our trusted broker list. Their long experience in a highly competitive market has ensured compliance and the highest standards on offer at OptionTime.

      Optiontime Withdrawal

      optiontimrb1For professional and inexperienced traders, it is important to know about optiontime withdrawal methods. In order to receive profit through binary trade, one must have to open an account. Specific amount is being deposited which remains in the account forever. Whenever an investor wins a trade, he is given bonus or profit. There are many websites which have long procedure and charges for withdrawal. Contrary to this, Optiontime Binary trade offers a few minutes easy procedure to take out the maximum amount. If you have VIP account, it is possible to get back your payment within two days time period. Before selecting the withdrawal option, the trader has to verify the source of payment such as bank or credit card etc. Bank process takes almost four to five working days whereas credit card procedure is fast.

      Reliable and Safe Withdrawal

      It is our foremost preference that all our traders receive a secure platform for their payment. Our system is being regulated by the authentic CySec to provide a valid procedure for payment. When traders check the EU regulated status of Optiontime, they develop trust and start investing their amount without any fear.

      It is necessary for a dealer to check the status of trading platform. If it is unregulated or unauthorized, there are chances of fraud and scam. Actually the withdrawal process is distinctive and the registered traders must confirm the membership before receiving the very first payment. After getting the first optiontime withdrawal, the trader gets familiar with the process. Though many trading platforms demand high amount to deposit but Optiontime investment is possible with just ten dollars. It reduces the risk of loss. On the other hand, lowest deposit amount is one hundred dollars.

      Optiontime is designed to make the Binary trade simple and money-making for all. Time limit for a trade starts from one minute and ends with one day time period. It is up to an investor to choose 60 sec, 1 minute or 24 hours for a trade. Moreover mobile applications are offered to get access to Optiontime trade anywhere and anytime. Enjoy simple trading strategies and secure optiontime withdrawal opportunity for gainful deals.

    2. Your capital is at risk