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Is OptionsXO a Scam?

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    1. Is OptionsXO a Scam? The answer is No; OptionsXO is not a scam. In fact, to date, Fair Binary Options has not had any negative experiences with OptionsXO, nor received any alerts, complaints or reports of OptionsXO scams from our traders. For this reason, FBO does not believe that OptionsXO scams its clients and can therefore confidently recommend their services to binary options traders. With the high number of binary options brokers available online today, it is perfectly normal for traders to be wary of scammers. Because thousands of online financial scams take place every day, it is increasingly important to carefully choose the right binary broker to sign up with. OptionsXO is recognized as one of the best in the business. Nevertheless, before signing up with them, it is crucial to fully understand the services that their trading platform offers.

      The OptionsXO trading platform is designed not only with advanced traders in mind, but also for beginners without prior trading experience. After making your minimum deposit on the OptionsXO platform, user gains access to a demo account with virtual money. This demo trading practice allows traders to experience their platform which is simple, easy and fun to use. The success of the OptionsXO trading platform can be attributed to its strong foundation in various market types.

      The team behind OptionsXO has many years of experience in offering a safe, credible and satisfactory trading experience to all binary traders. Having grown alongside the binary options industry, OptionsXO is today one of the preferred trading platforms for both beginner and professional traders. It is the simplicity of their services that has drawn traders in their thousands to this binaries broker. Today, OptionsXO allows thousands of traders to trade binary options on a daily basis.

      OptionsXO binary broker

      At FBO, we take great pride in recommending brokers who offer a truly fair approach to the business of binary options trading and are therefore honored to feature OptionsXO on our broker list. We have monitored the performance of OptionsXO for a long time. If there had been any complaints or scams relating to OptionsXO, we would have known about them by now. FBO is dedicated to ethics and transparency in our dealings with traders and also encourage the same in the relationships our clients cultivate with binary options brokers like OptionsXO.

      We always strive to explain to our users what our recommended binary brokers are doing, to gain an accurate perception of them. In short, OptionsXO is a legitimate broker with a proven track record of serving their clients with the highest standards of platform execution and support desk performance. Some of the notable features of this broker include their versatile platform, outstanding support, and versatile mobile applications. Since inception, OptionsXO has succeeded in maintaining a transparency and credibility by providing information on its management team and location. In addition, the broker offers great customer support with quick response times.

      OptionsXO Complaints

      It is perfectly normal for traders to ask: Are There Any OptionsXO Complaints? The answer to this question would be – no. In addition to being completely legit to trade on, OptionsXO is among the very best the online trading world has to offer judging from the number of traders and volume of trade that this brokerage serves.

      Added to the Fair Binary Options recommended list at the beginning of 2014, OptionsXO is one of the most trusted trading platforms in the business and it is not a scam. The broker recently launched a new website to accept European customers in compliance with EU regulations. OptionsXO remains one of the friendliest platforms for beginner traders due to its easy setup process and browser-based trading platform. OptionsXO supports their client’s educational needs via the educational center which is free of charge and not tied to the deposit amount as is common with other brokers.

      Customer care is great and available 24/5. This is very important for traders to be able to receive support when they require it in the dynamic financial market world. Their banking services are also fast and reliable, with fast withdrawals and easy depositing. Recognized by iGB as the best binary affiliate, Fair Binary Options strives to create a fair trading environment for binary options traders. It is for this reason that we only recommend trusted brokers such as OptionsXO.

      optionsxo scam webinars

      Because OptionsXO is a registered broker under the guidelines of EU regulators, traders already have a satisfaction guarantee to place their trust in. OptionsXO strives to keep their entire binary trading process clear and simple. In fact, this trader has proven time and again that they care more about the safety of their trading system than about money. We are pleased to report that ever since we added OptionsXO to our broker list, we have not received any complaints regarding this broker.

      OptionsXO has a unique trading platform that is available on all PC operating systems and mobile platforms. This broker offers a rich asset list as well as a spectrum of trading modes to enable traders to access great profit-making opportunities within the shortest expiry times. OptionsXO constantly upgrades their product list to increase the trading possibilities for its customers. We strive in going even further by creating trust between brokers and clients through the trading services we offer. All readers are invited to use our site, register and receive additional support through signals, education, and binary broker services.

      We have invested a lot in becoming your trusted partner and will not hesitate to remove unprofessional brokers from our list. If you survey binary options sites on the internet and come across any complaints against OptionsXO, chances are they were made by traders who lost and then chose to blame the broker. Don’t ignore the reviews of the thousands of traders who continue to earn a lot of money through the OptionsXO trading platform every day.

      Dolce Formula Ltd OptionsXO Company

      OptionsXO has been on the Fair Binary Options list for a while. Some of our traders were worried that they could not find the parent company of the OptionsXO brand. For many traders this is important since they believe the transparency is very important and when they do not see the company listed on the website, they are immediately under impression something might be wrong there. So in terms of transparency OptionsXO has a way to go. Thankfully, Fair Binary Options is here to shed some light on the operations and inner workings of this brand. All in all we believe OptionsXO is a good binary options broker, however, more effort will be needed to improve the lack in openness towards customers.

      We do not even know when the company was found even if some internet resources claim the year is 2012. Dolce Formula Ltd is the company behind the brand and they have operated the brand since it was created three years ago. The company has an operations center in the UK and this is the company address that is being provided to customers. Dolce Formula Ltd address can be found in the “contact Us” section, but as mentioned, it is not one of the company but the operating center. Suffice to say now that Dolce Formula Ltd is registered in Seychelles.

      OptionsXO binary broker

      While usually being a signal for the scam, the lack of company information is not a sufficient reason to label a broker as a scam. For Fair Binary Options to do so, we need a report from traders and we need to engage in a try to return trader’s funds if there is a proof any has been unlawfully stolen. Dolce Formula Ltd has proven to be a valuable partner all this time so for now we can not label this binary options broker as bad. OptionsXO scam has not been confirmed by Fair Binary Options and we have not received any complaints about them.

      Company info:

      Dolce Formula Ltd

      Trident Chambers
      PO Box 1388 Victoria, Mahé

      Is OptionsXO Regulated?

      A common question is: “Is OptionsXO Regulated?” No. OptionsXO is not regulated. Such a declaration is likely to cause concern among traders for whom the most important factor when opening a binary options trading account is whether or not the broker is regulated. However, it is important to note that certain financial markets and regions are unregulated, which means that should one is based in these markets, it is better to sign up with an unregulated broker. Strict regulation in countries such as the United States could end up taking all the fun out of your trading experience.

      This is because the leverage offered is very low, due to the fact that highly regulated brokers can only afford to offer very low spreads. Most binary options traders are unlikely to carry out their own independent research into the feasibility of investing in specific investment vehicles. In fact, as a trader signing up with a broker such as OptionsXO, it is natural to expect that the fees and commissions paid will go into ensuring they fulfill the obligation of undergoing regulation. In short, it is expected for OptionsXO to act in best interest.

      Because the financial market is largely an Over the Counter (OTC) market, it makes it problematic when it comes to subjecting a particular broker to a specific set of the regulatory framework. Financial regulations are important for protecting investor funds while in the custody of brokers.

      optionsxo scam webinars

      That said, even though unregulated, with OptionsXO, the security of funds is guaranteed. OptionsXO strives to ensure their operations are held accountable to a fiduciary standard by following the recommended standards that have been established by the financial market regulatory bodies. In fact, as one of the leading binary options brokers in the market today, OptionsXO places the safety of client funds first in its list of priorities. This effort is in line with the OptionsXO mission to set the standard as the leading binary options brokerage in the world.

      Their commitment to creating a lucrative trading environment for their clients has been proven time and again. Each client enjoys access to professional trading products and services, and the tools to succeed in binary options trading. OptionsXO also offers a state of the art trading platform designed to offer traders a simple trading experience. OptionsXO aims at allowing for the most prosperous trading community in the binary options market by striving for excellence in every facet of their business operations. With a dedicated team of leading professionals constantly working to offer the most attractive trading conditions, OptionsXO continues to promote excellence on both a professional and personal levels for clients across the globe. Highly professional customer support representatives are also on hand to provide traders with the help they need.

      Is OptionsXO Safe?

      The safety and security of client funds is a key priority for any business – and OptionsXO is no different. OptionsXO operates their trading business with the necessary security measures in place to ensure that all handled information remains secure and private using advanced SSL encryption. SSL is an acronym for “Secure Sockets Layer” and is a type of website security measure that is designed to handle sensitive information including credit card numbers, names, addresses and phone numbers of traders.

      This technology is designed to provide a secure connection between your web browser and the OptionsXO server. The SSL certificate on the OptionsXO site is designed to insert random characters into the original information, to render it incomprehensible to anyone who doesn’t possess the right encryption key.

      OptionsXO binary broker

      Traders using the OptionsXO will be able to confirm that there is encryption in place simply by checking that the “http” protocol is replaced with “https”. This demonstrates that the page is secure and is backed by yet another visual cue in the form of a lock image somewhere in the browser status or location bar.

      The SSL certificate with proper encryption is also required for OptionsXO to meet Payment Card Industry compliance. PCI standards verify that the SSL certificate comes from a trusted source, utilizes the correct encryption strength and offers private connections on pages that require users to enter personal data. OptionsXO is fully committed to the maintenance of a high level of funds security for every client. All deposited funds are transferred on behalf of clients into the private banking accounts at Barclays PLC, headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

      OptionsXO Review Mini

      Instead of depending on trading platform providers that are ‘white label’, like in the case of other brokers, OptionsXO utilizes a platform that is supplied by one of the best providers which is Tech Financials. With updated visual charts and constant data feed, there is a reason why this broker has been gaining popularity during the past few years. Other than just being an updated platform, it can also be used and downloaded on mobile devices. This means that traders are going to be able to trade and stay updated all the time no matter where they are.

      There are numerous features available like double up and early closure. Other than these features, the platform consists of an advanced package of charting. With a click of a mouse, traders are going to receive a popup window that consists of charts without the need to divert any of their attention from the main window of trading.

      There are seven different types of assets that can be traded like sixty seconds, boundary options, one touch, and one touch high yield. The difference between normal and high yield options is the idea that the latter can earn traders about 360% worth of returns. The returns that are provided by optionsXO are considered to be somewhat better than what other brokers receive. The typical returns are going to be worth 89% and this is considered to be high because most brokers only offer returns that are worth 85%. As it was previously mentioned, the payout options for high yield are going to be worth 360%. Traders are also going to be able to receive rebates that are worth 15%.

      OptionsXO Withdrawal

      The safety of banking services is one of the key priorities at OptionsXO. And because banking is at the core of every binary options broker business, it is important to examine how the OptionsXO withdrawal process works. This withdrawal process is of particular interest to investors who do not wish to wait long periods of time before accessing their profits.

      To begin the withdrawal process, the trader is required to fill in the withdrawal form found in the control panel of their account under the “My Account” tab. Complete, sign and send this form to OptionsXO in order for the withdrawal request to be processed successfully. Ensure that there is no inaccurate or missing information that could void the request. In order to avoid any delays in processing withdrawal request, be sure to carefully review all the information before submitting the request.

      After sending out the withdrawal request, it will take only 5 days for funds to arrive in the account. This is what makes OptionsXO stand out as a great broker in comparison to competitors who already require 2 additional days just to process your request. If the account is verified before withdrawing, the request will be processed faster. Traders are requested to provide copies of certain documents (ID, credit card, utility bill) for the broker to be 100% certain about who is receiving the funds.

      optionsxo scam webinars

      OptionsXO awards bonuses that users may withdraw. However, in order to ensure that these bonus amounts are not withdrawn upon award, OptionsXO requires that traders hit a turnover target of 25x the bonus funds. This ratio is one of the lowest among brokers, which makes it a fair withdrawal policy.

      Withdrawal requests are processed back to the original fund source. Should this not be possible, OptionsXO will process the withdrawal via wire transfer to a bank account in the name of the account holder. If the profits are higher than the initial deposit, the amount over the initial deposit will have to be sent using a different method from the one used in making the initial deposit. Withdrawals via alternative payment methods may be subject to additional fees and restrictions.

      Withdrawals are only permitted in the trading currency that you selected during your registration process. There is a withdrawal fee of 25 USD, EUR or GBP that is charged to traders during the processing of the withdrawal request. While there is generally no minimum amount that may be withdrawn from a trading account, there is a minimum withdrawal amount of 200 USD, EUR or GBP for withdrawals via wire transfer. Any amount that is less than 200 USD, EUR or GBP will remain in the trading account of the trader as balance.

      Some may cancel a withdrawal request that has not yet been processed by OptionsXO. In such cases, the requested amount is returned to the account balance. For any additional questions contact OptionsXO at [email protected]

      What is the OptionsXO Minimum Deposit?

      The OptionsXO Minimum Deposit offers traders the ability to start trading in binary options with as little as 200 USD, EUR or GBP, depending on the trading currency. This way, both beginner and pro traders in binary options are able to make a second income without having to suffer huge risks or pay brokers fees for handling their portfolio. This minimum amount applies to the following deposit methods: Credit or Debit Cards; Liberty Reserve; Moneybookers; and Ukash.

      OptionsXO binary broker

      The Silver account requires a minimum deposit of $2,000. The Gold account has a minimum deposit of $5,000. The Platinum account requires a minimum deposit of $10,000. All deposit limits are subject to change at any time, and without prior notice, by OptionsXO. The maximum deposit limits for a standard account accepted by OptionsXO are as follows:

      • Daily: 10,000 USD/EUR/GBP

      • Weekly: 25,000 USD/EUR/GBP

      • Monthly: 100,000 USD/EUR/GBP

      To make a minimum deposit, first log in to OptionsXO account. Thereafter, click on the Deposit button.

      Deposit Methods

      OptionsXO offers several methods for depositing the minimum deposit. These include:

      • A broad spectrum of Credit and Debit Cards including Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, MasterCard Debit, Maestro International, Dinners Club, JCB, Dankort, Carte Bleue, CartaSi, Discover, Laser.

      • Bank Transfer: OptionsXO offers a quick bank transfer service via Envoy Services a company which is registered in the United Kingdom and regulated by the FSA. A minimum deposit via bank transfer is 500 USD, EUR or GBP depending on your trading currency. Confirmation of a wire transfer may take up to 5 days.

      • Electronic funding methods such as Moneybookers, Liberty Reserve, Ukash, CashU.

      • OptionsXO Support: It is to reach the support via email or Live Chat to be assisted in making the deposit. Please contact OptionsXO at [email protected] or click on “Live Chat” for immediate reply.

      While the low minimum deposit of $200 will get one the access to an OptionsXO account, it is nevertheless important to properly minimize risks and balance strategy by learning good binary options trading and money management skills. Once the minimum deposit is made, it is advised to avoid betting the entire amount at one go. Experts recommend that novice traders bet the lowest amount offered by the broker as a way of ensuring that they get the maximum benefit out of their minimum deposit. Be sure to try out the OptionsXO demo account to allow you to play the binary market using fun-money before you risk your minimum deposit.

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