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Is OptioNOW a Scam? – Blacklisted

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    Scam, word used to describe an unscrupulous business practice that tries to take hard earned money of traders. It’s a word that is used a lot more often these days as the use of the internet increases and many business practices on it are thought to be scams. It’s normal to have a problem with transactions or purchases on the internet, but as long as they are resolved satisfactorily that does not make them a scam.

    It’s no different with online binary option brokers; no broker’s website is 100% error free. Many new traders ask if OptioNOW is a Scam? We haven’t had these experiences for now, but with that being said, like any other site it has minor problems from time to time. But traders should not make the mistake of associating small problems with scams or they will never find a website that they will be totally happy with.

    So before traders ask this question, that is OptioNOW a Scam, take a look at this popular binary option brokers a little more closely before making any decision. First of all, before making any investment, make sure that they have provided you the access to a demo account; this account lets traders become familiar with how the website works before they risk even a dime of their own money.

    No scam would ever allow you to do something like that. These brokers also earned positive reputation and they experience very few complaints. They also back up their website with outstanding customer service which you can access both by phone and email. OptioNOW are also allowed to be traded by investors in the USA.

    OptionNOW brokers are extremely popular among traders these days. These brokers are highly experienced and professionals and they offer flexible withdrawal options as well. So the next time you find yourself asking is OptioNOW a Scam, remember all the points we have mentioned above. After reading this article, lots of traders will come to find that not only is OptioNOW not a scam, but they are indeed one of the best brokers out there to place your binary options trades.


    Is OptioNOW Regulated?

    Most binary options traders that are looking for a website to place their trades are concerned with a few very important points. They will first look for a website that gets consistently good reviews; there is no better word of mouth than what fellow binary options traders have to say about a website. Most traders will also look for a website that has excellent customer service and a lot of trading options and tools.

    OptioNOW is a popular binary options online broker that has all of these qualities. OptioNOW is one of the few binary options websites that is approved for use by USA traders; that you should send a strong message to potential OptioNow users about the sites integrity.

    OptioNow consistently receives outstanding reviews from its users and third party sites such as FBO. They also have excellent customer service and support; they are there to help you 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, with ant questions or problems you may have.

    All of this combined should give you a lot of peace of mind that OptioNOW may be the right site for placing your binary options trades and that you can use it with confidence knowing that its fair and well run. It is a fair question as to whether Is OptioNOW Regulated. Many traders ask that about every website that are thinking about pacing trades with.

    They are actually a lot of advantages of placing trades with unregulated brokers as opposed to regulated ones. They are often more flexible and creative with the amount of options you have for placing trades; that makes it a lot more fun to trade with them and you are more likely to find an option on their site that fits your trading style perfectly. So Is OptioNOW Regulated? No, but that does not stop thousands of traders from using it successfully as their number one binary options trading site.


    OptioNOW Complaints

    It’s a perfectly normal thing traders complain if they feel they have been scammed. However, people suffer from cognitive biases that often cloud their rational thinking. Binary options brokers deal with people who lose money on occasion and that always gives rise to them wanting to place the blame elsewhere and they will find something to complain about. With that being said, it is essential to note that the OptioNOW trading site gets very few OptioNOW Complaints.

    You are wondering how this is possible. Let’s take a look at why so few traders feel the need to take the time to make OptioNOW Complaints. It all starts with the websites integrity; they strive to hold themselves to the highest standards that can be found in internet trading today. Part of that is doing their job well and providing an easy to use and informative trading platform.

    That is at the heart of the very reason why there are so few, if any, OptioNOW Complaints. It’s a great thing to know if you trade with them and there is also a lot of peace of mind that goes along with that. If traders feel that they have a bad experience when using the website and they think that they need to make some OptioNOW Complaints, then their excellent customer service team is there to help resolve all your problems or complaints quickly and satisfactorily.

    They strive to make sure that the only thing you need to worry about is your trading. They provide both a toll free number and an e-mail address where your complaint will be handled quickly and efficiently. The only downside here is that they do not have instant access by such internet chat providers as Skype. That should not be a problem if you need an issue addressed and combined with the fact there are very few OptioNOW Complaints, you will probably never need use of their customer service anyway.

    OptioNOW Demo Account

    Binary options are an exciting and interesting way of making easy money, both for beginners and experienced traders. Choosing a good broker is the other determinant of success in this trade. OptioNOW is among the leading binary option brokers. Although OptioNow Demo Account is not available for traders, but they have an array of attractive account options, including micro, standard, Premium, VIP gold, VIP platinum and Elite.

    In order to earn money in binary trading, it is important for traders to be well prepared. With regards to being prepared, new traders should open demo accounts for the purpose of practice. Demo accounts can help young and old traders to practice their trading strategy and can also help them to get familiar with their broker’s trading platform that they are going to select for their trades.


    With practice, traders can learn merits and de merits of the brokerage firm that they are going to select for their future trades in real environment. With the help of demo accounts, traders can learn about controlled risk, flexibility, simplicity, transparency and accessibility of their broker as well. As it’s already mentioned that there is no OptioNow Demo Account available for newbie traders, but traders will have a wide variety of assets to choose from and options available no matter what their level, but the higher the level of a trader, the more features of the trading account that they will have access too.

    Like, OptioNow offers micro account to newbie traders in which they can deposit as little as $250- $500 and can test their trading skills and can also get the benefit of trading signals via email or directly through their website. Pro traders can get the access of higher level of trading accounts like VIP Platinum and Elite account and can attain plenty of benefits like Live trading, tutorials, webinars and risk and position management. While binary options are less complex as compared to other form of financial trading, it is vital for the trader to learn the necessary skills, and right strategies, if they are looking to earn profit from it.

    OptioNOW Withdrawal

    There are two things to keep in mind when making a withdrawal from an online binary options broker; the first is that you are hopefully withdrawing money because you are making good profit and the second is that it should be fast and easy. OptioNOW withdrawal definitely has you covered on the fast and easy part and there is no reason you should not be making a profit when using it, especially with all the unique features you have at your disposal.

    Like any website, OptioNOW withdrawal has certain parameters that go along with making a withdrawal. The first is that traders must withdraw over $100; that is the minimum withdrawal allowed. Also there is a service fee each time a withdrawal is made and that fee is usually $35. An OptioNOW withdrawal can easily be done by simply going to the my account tab and clicking on withdrawals under the dropdown menu.


    Why is it so easy to do an OptioNOW withdrawal? Because the website not only features a finance department that functions much like a bank, but they believe it is your money so you should get it as fast as possible when you want it. It usually takes 5 days to have the money show up in traders’ account after OptioNOW withdrawal is initiated.

    This is however, longer than the industry standard of 2-3 days. Make sure you read all the details about making an OptioNOW withdrawal on the website. It will tell you such information as to why you need to use a different withdrawal method when your balance is over the original deposited amount and why you cannot withdraw any signup bonus that was given to you until you have traded 30x the amount of that bonus. That is one of the lowest turnover withdrawal ratios you will find on any online binary options broker.

    There are a few other procedures such as verifying your address and the requested withdrawal account for you protection, but once again this is thoroughly covered under the websites informational headings. Making an OptioNOW withdrawal is truly fast, reliable and safe. It is the reason that the website is such a popular choice when it comes to placing your binary option trades.

  2. Your capital is at risk