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TechFinancials – B.O. TradeFinancials OptionFair Company

  1. Most of traders know TechFinancials as one of the global binary options platform providers, but this online finance giant is more than meets the eye. The company also runs one of the best binary options brands, currently recommended by Fair Binary Options – OptionFair (review). OptionFair is run trough TechFinancials subsidiary on Cyprus, called B.O. TradeFinancials brand and the company are parts of TechFinancials which went public as the first binary options company. This makes OptionFair the first broker that is listed trough the owning company. This is extremely important since listed companies, such as TechFinancials and its subsidiary, BO TradeFinancials from Cyprus, are bound to report much more financial data and so are much more transparent.

    Knowing this about BO TradeFinancials is important for traders since they can be sure that the company behind OptionFair is under scrutiny. The first day of trading for TechFinancials BO TradeFinancials was February 20 on London Stock Exchange. TechFinancials is listed on London’s Alternative Investment Market. Recently, by partnering with Cantor Exchange, which has a CFTC approval, TechFinancials entered the US market and their solutions will be used to power some of the binary options USA exchanges. TechFinancials US binary exchange launched on 23 March 2015. Cantor Exchange contracts will be powered by BO TradeFinancials solution showing the global importance of the platform that runs OptionFair.

    TechFinancials BO TradeFinancials was launched in 2009. While the parent company had one goal – to provide the best easy to use binary options trading software on the market, BO TradeFinancials developed one of the most international binary options brokers – OptionFair. When companies merged the retail online trading giant was created. TechFinancials executives, Asaf Lahav, Eyal Rosenblum, Eyal Alon and Jeremy Lange are experienced forex businessmen which took online trading to a new level when they developed TechFinancials platform. TechFinancials platform is based on a proprietary pricing solution, that enables online binary brokers to price and market short-term Binary Options and other instruments.

    OptionFair was one of the first beta testers of this platform and TechFinancials software owns almost 20% of all market in binary options trading. BO TradeFinancials certainly used the power of the platform to run OptionFair as a prime binary options brand.

    OptionFair Cyprus

    CySEC logoOptionFair is a professional binary options broker established right in the Republic of Cyprus. Companies licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission are known to be reliable, and OptionFair is no exception. This broker abides by the specialized legislation, offering their users a secure environment where they can trade commodities. The license is recognized throughout the European Union, which means that users in multiple countries can use their services safely.

    In order for a broker to receive a license from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, it has to offer professional services and products in accordance with industry standards and guarantee complete fairness and transparency. OptionFair does all that and their policies and reviews denote that. First of all, they are very clear about their fees and prices and clients do not risk coming across hidden costs. The terms and conditions are easily visible on the website and they are written in a clear way that everyone can understand. Moreover, a special category of terms is dedicated to the bonus policy, in such a way that users know under what conditions bonuses apply. Because users deposit large amounts of money on binary options trading platforms, implementing a secure payment system is absolutely essential.

    OptionFair does not disappoint in this respect. Everyone who joins the platform can benefit gets the utmost security, no matter what payment option they choose or what bank they are working with. Apart from security, every licensed broker has to undergo inspection and show that the support team is available for all users. This inspection is carried out before the license is given and is repeated periodically so that platforms maintain their services. The OptionFair support team is prompt and well-prepared, as any licensed team should be.

    Those who need assistance using the website or have any inquiries regarding withdrawal or deposit can submit them via the contact form and receive a reply in the shortest time possible. Apart from having the CySEC license, OptionFair also complies with MiFID, which means that it respects the financial legislation of the European Union. All transactions are supervised and protected with SSL. In addition to these certifications, OptionFair has received several noteworthy awards. All this is clear evidence that the platform is truly reliable and not a scam. If you choose to create an account here, you can rest assured that your funds are safe and that you are using a top notch trading platform.

    OptionFair Israel

    Israel_FlagOptionFair, unfortunately, does not accept customers from Israel. This company has started its operations five years ago and has constantly improved its services ever since. OptionFair has vast experience in the trading domain and a customer oriented policy which have determined it to give users peace of mind by becoming a licensed and regulated platform. Although it aims to meet all customers’ demands, OptionFair Israel accounts are not accepted, because of the specific binary options trading regulations of this country. In fact, there are numerous other popular binary options brokers that have country-specific customer restrictions aimed at people from Israel. While the Israeli traders need to reorient themselves and set forth in finding another reliable broker that accepts users from Israel, people from any other part of the world are welcome to sign up and trade at OptionFair. Country specific customer restrictions have numerous motivations, but most of the times, brokers are forced by strict regulations to place a ban on traders living in certain countries.

    Generally, these country-specific customer restrictions affect traders from Israel and the US. OptionFair Israel policy is a consequence of the above-mentioned regulations. Fair Binary Options knows that it is obfuscating to discover an experienced and reliable broker like OptionFair only to find out later that you are not allowed to sign up and use its services. This is why we have come up with a list of trustworthy brokers that offer excellent services and advanced technologies similar to this binary options broker. You will find detailed information about each broker, including country-specific customer restrictions to ensure that you will make a good choice. OptionFair Israel restrictions are not aimed at other countries. We recommend this broker to both pro and new traders, because of its transparency and dedication, as well as multiple banking options, quick withdrawal solutions, advanced signals and large spreads.

    After careful consideration we have nominated OptionFair as the broker of the year in 2014, so unless you are from Israel and everyone interested in starting to trade with binary options, should open an account at this platform. Although it does not accept traders from Israel, this binary options broker offers numerous advantageous features and bonuses for traders around the world that are affected by country-specific customer restrictions. Signing up to any binary options platform requires identification, so users will be notified, is traders from their country are not accepted. Israeli traders will save time and effort by checking lists with the brokers that accept accounts from Israel, preferably lists with binary options platforms that have already been whitelisted.

    OptionFair Binary Options

    OptionFair is not only regulated but also awarded by several leading authorities in the field, so there is no doubt that this platform is 100% trustworthy and professional. Making deposits on OptionFair is quite easy since this broker is offering many payment options for people all over the world. Special attention is given to new members, who can enjoy up to 30% bonus for their first deposit. They advertise up to 90% returns, but, of course, this percentage may vary depending on the type of account and the knowledge of the trader. The are five account types on OptionFair – this is good news for users who like flexibility and gradual upgrades. With the Standard account, which requires a $250 deposit, traders do not get any additional return percentages, but they can withdraw money for the first time without paying any fees. There are no other benefits involved, but it is still a good option for those who are new to binary options.

    OptionFair Academy Basic Banenr

    Optionfair is also a sponsor of the Fair Binary Options Academy.

    Benefits start increasing from the Silver account, which offers additional profit, a financial expert session per month, live SMS alerts and trading strategies. The most advanced account type is the VIP one, tailored for experts. It requires a $50,000 deposit, but with a 5% additional profit, unlimited trading strategies, and expert trading sessions, it is a good investment for those who are well versed in the science of binary options. There is no minimum withdrawal amount and requests are processed in approximately five days, which is the average waiting time. The educational resources are worth mentioning, as well. Offering plenty of eBooks and video tutorials, OptionFair is a good starting point for beginners who want to get used to the notion of binary options trading and develop solid knowledge on the topic.

    All in all, OptionFair is an excellent binary options trading broker, one of the best in the field in terms of reliability and trading platform performance. The field of binary options is complex yet accessible to everyone, regardless the knowledge or experience. However, it seems that choosing a reputable broker to collaborate with represents the key to success. One of the best options available on the market is OptionFair, a trustworthy trading platform that will offer you plenty of financial opportunities. In case of any second thoughts, know that until now, this broker has only received positive feedback and there have not been registered any complaints about its activity.

    OptionFair is good not only due to their performing platform and convenient terms and conditions, but also to the fact that it has a strong focus on customer service, and will do anything for its client’s satisfaction. Collaborating with this broker is the best way to obtain the best trading experience. Various specialized reviews have shown that OptionFair offers its clients the best trading and software experience because the platform is exciting to use and provides easy monitoring for all the activities. In 2014, it has been FBO Top Reviewed Broker, and this comes as another confirmation of the fact that it should be the first choice partner as far as binary options are concerned. This innovative trading platform is operated by B.O. TechFinancials, a reputable institution located in the Republic of Cyprus.

    Its features have been designed especially to provide the highest quality standards in terms of trading interface, and they offer a varied range of financial instruments, from which the traders can choose the ones that suits them best. The late hour technology has allowed the experts from TechFinancial to create a series of advanced algorithms, powerful enough to support various instruments and operations. The team managing and working at OptionFair is formed of experienced professionals, who are always striving to use their knowledge and expertise to the benefit of their clients. They are specialized in online trading but have a complex financial background. Create an account with OptionFair without hesitation, it gives you the possibility to earn money the safe and easy way! Traders who start trading with OptionFair, will be able to access their account and see all the complete transactions and changes in the “My account” section that all the clients have access to. All in all, the broker has a philosophy oriented towards its clients, aiming to offer them a safe and fruitful trading environment.

    OptionFair Bonus


    This regulated broker, due to CySEC’s decision, no longer provides binary options bonuses!

    OptionFair has many interesting features to offer to binary options traders. One of these is the OptionFair bonus which depends on the account type trader chooses. Of other features, it is good to mention a multilingual support, advanced platform, risk-free trades and good education possibilities. OptionFair is a good broker, but they do not accept US traders. They are regulated in the EU, by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. This provides them with an additional level of trust from customers, but it does limit the scope of their global presence. OptionsFair also offers many binary options trading types for best portfolio and risk management possibilities.

    The binary options trading account types offered by OptionFair include bonuses as the main differentiation. These start from $300 which is also the minimum deposit amount accepted by the broker. The OptionFair bonus will go from 20% to 50%, up to $5000. This means that the highest deposit amount that will bring the highest bonus is $10,000. While this is really a lot, we must say that OptionFair bonus limit is among the lowest in the industry. Browsing trough Fair Binary Options brokers list will reveal that most brokers have the highest amount that can be awarded at $10,000 or even more. There are even brokers out there who don’t set bonus limit as is the case with OptionFair bonus.

    OptionFair Standard account is the smallest account and it offers 20% bonus. Next one is the Gold account, offering 30% OptionFair bonus for traders who deposit more than $500. Also with this account all traders get four daily signals which we believe to be an extremely good deal. It is similar with the Platinum Account, which offers 50% bonus for deposits higher than $1000. Providing complimentary service like signals is really great and we believe it is really a straightforward way to improve chances of high returns in binary options trading.

    The OptionFair bonus is well complemented with mentioned signals since it provides traders with a chance to invest higher amounts in signals where they mostly have a better probability of achieving success than trading on their own. Signals are generated daily and by financial experts, so this is truly an advantage that is directly noticeable. While OptionFair bonus is somewhat lower than the industry standard, the amazing signals offers makes up for the difference!

    OptionFair Demo

    Even with all the simplicity that characterizes the idea of binary options trading, it doesn’t mean that things are simple when it comes to assessing trading positions and the market itself. All experienced traders will tell you that good knowledge of the basics, along with some intuition that comes from spending a lot of time in the market is the key to success and financial gains.

    Optionfair trading platform

    OptionFair offers a great way for customers to assess their strengths and weaknesses before they even start putting their own money in the market. The feature we are talking about is called the Demo account. All it requires is standard registration with the OptionFair. As always we encourage people visiting our website, to support our cause of providing the best and fairest information, by signing up via Fair Binary Options.

    After registration, every client will be contacted by an account manager. If users want to test the platform or see how binary options trading functions, in case this is their first time, they can ask for the demo account. Demo account requires a depositing funds on the trading account. These real funds are not used while on the demo. Idea behind the demo is for traders to test their abilities and understand their weaknesses so they don’t make rookie mistakes with real money.

    The demo account is valid for five days and traders get $500 in virtual money to test their strategies. Trough the demo account, Optionfair enables users to know the game before making real trades. This way there is no risk! We invite everyone to try out their awesome platform!

  2. Your capital is at risk