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Optionfair Withdrawal

  1. Users are very interested when it comes to withdrawal. Most of the users search withdrawal testimonials on trading forums since there are some brokers out there who make it increasingly hard to withdraw funds. We at Fair Binary Options believe in a fair approach to this business. This is why we remove and expose any brokers who make life hard for our customers. Banking is in the essence of brokerage services, and here we want to write about OptionFair withdrawal.

    To make a withdrawal, the client must have a verified account. That won’t be the problem since by depositing via credit card, verification will be a part of the process, and documents for verification are similar. Users must be aware that under certain conditions, bonuses will not be available for withdrawal, or they will lose bonus money if they withdraw. For more info, check out the bonuses FAQ. All sums exceeding the initial amount deposited will have to be transferred to a bank account via wire. This is a process that is regulated by international financial law, to stop users from using these services to launder money.

    optionfair withdrw

    After login, users must navigate to their banking page, which can be found on the page with the trading platform. OptionFair has no minimum withdrawal amount and offers a free withdrawal per month (31 days). All other withdrawals in the same 31-day period will be subject to 30 USD / EUR / GBP fee to cover bank costs. One thing that should be noted is that it is best for users to stay active since accounts not used for 6 months become dormant and 10% fee will be charged to reactivate the account.

    With no minimum withdrawal amount, OptionFair is leading the market when it comes to fair treatment of customer’s funds. Deposit now and start profiting without worrying about your funds!

    Are there any OptionFair Complaints?

    In these last two years we had OptionFair on our list, there were no complaints from our traders about the conduct. We transparently presented issues we had with this broker when we tried to communicate with the support, but that problem seems to be something that only we experienced since we also didn’t receive any OptionFair complaints regarding this. This is really a terrific news, but we believe there are reasons behind this.

    Due to the fact that OptionFair is regulated they must adhere to strict standards set by the CySEC – the Cyprus-based authority that gave them the authorization to offer services in the EU.


    This is probably one of the reasons Fair Binary Options newer received any OptionFair complaints. Also the fact that the broker needs to create a complaints procedure in accordance with the EU law is making it easier for customers to complain and address authorities. This automatically makes the broker much more serious about any complaint since they do not want to lose their authorization.

    Since OptionFair complaints never ended in the Fair Binary Options inbox, we awarded OptionFair as the top reviewed broker in 2014. This is the award we started last year in order to honor brokers who have been providing quality services worldwide, according to highest standards. Since there were any OptionFair complaints, we felt this is the right time to confirm long-term commitment OptionFair exhibited during the last two years. It is hard to judge a broker just once by reviewing them. This is why we always come back and monitor complaints in order to repeatedly check if we want to keep a broker in our list. OptionFair caused no reasons for complaints so we feel confident it will stay like this in the future.

    Is OptionFair a Scam?

    OptionFair is a brokerage company founded in 2010 that has a great reputation in the binary industry. FBO never received any complaints or warnings how this broker might be a scam, so we can say that this broker is safe.
    OptionFair is a broker who survived five harsh years in binary industry without any accusations on being a scam. This can be a case only with most trustworthy and reliable brokers that are building their reputation by providing each trader great customer experience. Being isolated from all scam rumors makes OptionFair a unique broker.
    Apart from these facts, it is also important to highlight the fact OptionFair is a regulated broker and they would risk losing their EU authorization from CySEC in case they got many complaints and it was proven they act against the very laws they accepted when they applied for regulation.
    This regulation gives an additional feeling of safety as they can contact legislative body in order to protect their funds, but according to what other traders experienced in the past there won’t be a need for such action. Once again, we would like to accentuate that OptionFair is not a scam.



    Is OptionFair Regulated?

    CySEC logoThis regulated broker, due to CySEC’s decision, no longer provides binary options bonuses!

    It seems it is very lucrative for brokers to get authorization since we have seen many beginning the year by announcing they got a CySEC license. Many are doing this and even leaving US market. There are many who got authorization, but still many choose not to for various, mostly legitimate, but sometimes illegitimate reasons. OptionFair is regulated, exactly to prove they are not one of those who are not illegitimate. OptionFair has existed since 2010 and has proven not to be a scam, but have decided to get authorized exactly because big part of the industry is bulking to this trend. By removing doubts about their reliability, they can focus on other services that customers want.

    OptionFair is licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under the number of 216/13. CySEC authorization allows brokers to freely offer their services to European customers since they are a member of the EU and use the same legal framework as the rest of the countries in the community. CySEC is one of the most forward-thinking regulators in the world, but it has precisely defined what brokers can and cannot do. It is worth mentioning that brokers aren’t allowed to give financial advice since their license doesn’t include this. So if a broker offers a managed account, it is clearly a scam. OptionFair is not a scam and they do not breach their license terms.

    OptionFair offers a really nice binary options trading platform that includes many advanced trading tools and uses a genuine stream of financial data without delay. This way they ensure they provide their traders with the freshest info on markets every day.

    OptionFair regulated status is one of the things guaranteeing the safety of trading binary options with this broker and our long term experience with OptionFair only confirms this fact.

    Often traders complain because they have lost trades with the broker, accusing them of misconduct and unethical behavior. While we haven’t received such scam broker reports about OptionFair, it is important to say that we will not take them into consideration if they are not proven.

    What is OptionFair minimum deposit? $250!

    OptionFair has quickly become one of the most popular brokers on the market, thanks to popular deposit amounts available for all traders. The minimum deposit with OptionFair is $250, an amount that is most common in the binary industry. Yet, before making a deposit, traders should think about banking methods as some of them ask for a higher deposit.
    The minimum deposits, accompanied with deposit methods are as follow:

    • Credit cards: 250 USD, GBP or EUR, or equivalent in local currency
    • Bank and Wire transfer: 500 USD, GBP or EUR, or equivalent in local currency
    • MoneyGram: 1000 USD, GBP or EUR, or equivalent in local currency
    • Western Union: USD, GBP or EUR, or equivalent in local currency
    • E-wallets: 250 USD, GBP or EUR, or equivalent in local currency. E-wallets supported by OptionFair are Neteller, WebMoney, Qiwi, CashU and Abaqoos.

    Minimum investment with OptionFair is $25, which means that traders will be able to execute 10 trades with a minimum deposit of $250. It may not seem much, but with right strategy, it is possible to gain profit. Traders should opt for 60 second options, in this case as they usually require the minimum amount.

    optionfair depo


    OptionFair USA

    OptionFair USA customers wanted to know why their accounts weren’t accepted. Unfortunately, we have to let everyone know that OptionFair USA accounts are not supported, so trading from the US is just not possible.

    It has become a well-known fact that US binary options brokers have difficulties due to a very unwelcoming climate they operate. This is why many binary brokers avoid US market. OptionFair is one of these. US regulation is just not supporting conventional binary options brokers focusing on the OTC type of exchanges. In the rest of the world binary options trading can be regulated. Other impediments also act as barriers for brokers who want to accept USA customers. Many of them must adapt their payment services so they can easily provide banking services to USA customers. As mentioned, they also have to go into a complicated legal structure in order to be able to exist at all.

    OptionFair USA accounts won’t be accepted for some time because of these reasons. The broker mostly focuses on EU, Latin America and Asia markets offering many services in different languages. Supported languages, besides English, are Spanish, Arabic, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian Italian and French. This is enough to receive customers from most of the world since these are some of the most spoken languages in the world. They will keep adding languages in order to expand on the Asian market further.

    OptionFair features a very attractive binary options trading platform provided by TechFinancials, one of the largest players in trading software development today. Their products generally are very sophisticated and offer many great features. Also, they are being user-friendly so no trader will have problems placing trades and doing technical chart analysis. Other than that, the platform does not feature an interface that resembles a plug-in of the browser but takes a whole window in order to provide excellent usability during trading sessions. With the platform, there is a huge range of assets that would be OptionFair USA customers would love, but, as mentioned, OptionFair USA accounts are not offered and probably won’t be in the future.

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