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OptionFair vs 24option

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    Your capital is at risk
    1. OptionFair vs 24option: The better choice

      Der Handel mit OptionFairSince we have analyzed both brokers, we managed to understand the pros and cons of each one and thus we are able to make an informed recommendation. While both brokers are very reliable and have excellent trading features, depending on what you are planning to do and how you want to invest, one of them may be more suitable than the other.

      OptionFair vs 24option: Minimum Deposits and Minimum Investment

      Logo_200x66_g_24optionThe minimum deposit amount is the same for both brokers and that is $250. The deposit procedure is relatively simple, as clients have the possibility of choosing between a variety of banking options and work with whatever they find more convenient. The minimum investment of OptionFair is of $25, which 24option has a minimum investment of $24. Considering the small difference between the two brokers, it is fair to say that this aspect is not relevant in someone’s decision-making process.

      OptionFair vs 24option: Maximum Returns and Maximum Investment

      OptionFair offers maximum returns of up to 91%, whereas 24option’s maximum return is of 89%. Both of these rates are quite high compared to other brokers, making them very advantageous and gain, the difference is not that important. However, this does not apply to the maximum investment amount, as OptionFair allows its clients to invest maximum $15 000, while, with 24option, one can invest up to $200 000 at once. This is why24option might be a better choice for bigger investors, despite the fact that OptionFair has a slightly larger return rate.

      OptionFair vs 24option: Maximum bonus and other features

      These regulated brokers, due to CySEC’s decision, no longer provide binary options bonuses!

      OptionFair offers a maximum bonus of $5000, that must be reinvested 40 times before being able to withdraw the earnings. 24option has an unlimited amount for its bonus, meaning that for larger investments it is possible to actually double the money. Before withdrawal, it must be reinvested 30 times. However, one may state that it can be much harder to reinvest a very large amount of money 30 times that it is to reinvest $5000 40 times, so there are pros and cons to both sides. Both brokers have a demo account and a mobile app, but while Optionfair can release funds in as little as 2 days, with 24option, you will have to wait over a week before you will receive your money.


      Both brokers are highly professional and offer many trading assets and interesting features. 24option is a better choice for those who want to invest bigger amounts, given the fact that it has a larger maximum investment and smaller bonus trading terms. However, for small amounts and traders who are not necessarily interested in bonuses, OptionFair will be a very convenient choice, given its rapid payouts and variety of assets.

      The OptionFair legit status has been confirmed not only by numerous traders around the world that have been using its services for over a decade now, but also by the decision to license the company and become a regulated broker. Starting with October 2013, OptionsFair owned and operated by B.O. Tradefinancials Ltd has been licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission: License Number 216/13. Even though a non-regulated broker is not necessarily a fraud, a regulated binary options broker is definitely not a scam, as it has to observe strict regulations, not to mention that any complaints brought by its customers will immediately cost the company its license.

      It is natural, if not advisable to make a thorough research on the binary options broker you plan to use to ensure that you will not be scammed. However, make sure that you make the difference between pertinent and relevant reviews and testimonials written by inexperienced traders that vent their frustration on the broker after losing money through trading. If you ask yourself which one of the two is true, the OptionFair legit or scam rumors, you should carefully compare not only the amount of complaints against the positive reviews, but also the reliability of the users writing the comments and articles on this subject. It is important to listen to professional advice and do not let hateful comments affect your ability to make a logical decision.


      OptionsFair is not only regulated since 2013 after getting a CySEC license, but it is also in this business for five years already since the inception of online binary options trading. Because traders need to use an intermediary to be able to trade with binary options, there are many people with fraudulent intentions out there that take advantage of this fact to create problems and fake binary options platforms. Scams are easy to uncover, because they usually are recently opened binary options platforms that require above average minimum deposits and promise great bonuses to attract traders only to become unavailable when users start to ask for money withdrawals and to disappear completely in a matter of weeks or months.

      The fact that a broker has been in operation for years should be enough proof that OptionsFair is a legit broker. OptionsFair is a reputable and popular platform that provides numerous benefits and innovative features. It would be a shame to miss the once per month free withdrawal because of some unfounded rumors.

      OptionFair Mobile Trading

      Optionfair mobileThere is no other way this binary options broker would have endured five years on this market without changing constantly and evolving their technology to suit trader’s needs. With the mobile revolution that started with the introduction of smartphones and the adoption of these and other mobile devices like tablets, much has changed in the trading landscape. Today more than a third of binary options traders regularly use smartphones and tablets to place trades using mobile binary options trading solutions. OptionFair mobile trading app also has this functionality and it is available to all traders.

      It is important to say that OptionFair mobile trading app is not just the scaled down the experience of the desktop trading interface. Mobile devices require a different experience in order to make the most use of the touch screens. OptionFair mobile platform does just this: it presents an intuitive and easy way to place binary options trades from the mobile device. Now, traders don’t need to stay at home and trade in front of the desktop computer, they can go on with their lives and engage in trading on the morning commute or during the work break.

      With more than 130 assets representing income streams from all over the planet, OptionFair Mobile applications offer much more than just placing trades. It is a mobile portfolio management solution that enables traders to react to any market moving. By trading on alerts, traders can fully utilize the mobile experience and other services offered trough OptionFair account.

      OptionFair economic calendar is a feature that lets traders track upcoming events and prepare for price moves she expects from these events. OptionFair mobile trading also enables utilizing FairSignals service OptionsFair also has as a feature for those depositing $500 and more. With OptionFair webinars, traders will have no problem knowing when to strike if they recognize the right chart pattern. All these features can be used on the OptionFair mobile application that is available for iOS and android.

      OptionFair PayPal

      paypalOptionFair PayPal deposits and withdrawals are not possible, but this binary options broker offers numerous other banking methods to ensure quick and easy money transfers. Although traders using this platform cannot transfer money in and out of their account through PayPal, they can use any of the following deposit methods: Visa, Maestro, Visa Electron and Mastercard, as well as Skrill and Moneybookers. Users can also use less popular deposit methods like Diners Club, Carte Bleue, Discover Card, Laser, Liberty Reserve, JCB, Dankort, Cartasi, and direct bank wire. These multiple banking options cover the needs and demands of all its users, and this is the reason why PayPal cannot be found on the list.

      OptionFair was built on the underlying principles of reliability, integrity and efficiency in meeting customers’ needs and requirements and this broker considers banking one of the essential duties of a broker. This is why it has taken numerous steps towards improving the banking experience and providing multiple deposit methods for the convenience and satisfaction of its users. What is more, OptionFair holds the record when it comes to processing withdrawals and it only takes you one day to receive your money with Skrill.


      OptionFair Deposits

      Traders do not require a deposit to register on OptionsFair, but they do require funds to start trading. Depending on the preferred banking method, traders can deposit the initial funds in a matter of hours or days, not to mention that the minimum deposit also changes according to that choice. This is why you should carefully select your account info and choose a banking method that meets your specific needs. OptionFair PayPal refusal will not become a problem when depositing because this broker accepts a wide selection of deposit methods, that are widely used around the world. While focusing on simplicity and accessibility, this binary options broker has managed to uncover the easiest and fastest methods of deposit allowing users start trading as soon as they sign up at OptionFair.

      OptionFair Withdrawals

      There are numerous complaints on the Internet about brokers that make it increasingly difficult to withdraw money from their accounts.Whether we talk about scams or brokers that offer inefficient withdrawal options, OptionFair is not one of them. This binary options platform takes pride in its ability to offer fast and easy withdrawals for the convenience of its users. What is more, OptionsFair also provides a free of charge withdrawal once per month, irrespective of the amount being withdrawn. It is necessary for a trader to have a verified account to be able to withdraw money, something most people new to trading are not aware of, but with OptionsFair this aspect is covered from the start. When the first deposit is made, the broker verifies and validates the accounts, making withdrawals possible on the spot.

      OptionFair Tips

      Special offers are another awesome feature of being an OptionFair client. Watch out for holidays and other special days since OptionFair tends to have great promotions on these dates. Last promotion of this type was for the Valentine’s Day, it covered new customers. A complimentary one 1-on-1 session was offered to everyone who signed up. Optionfair now also offers up to 100% enhanced bonuses for new customers.

      Altogether, Optionfair lets users trade binary options based on a standard size asset index. It covers 13 indices, from across the world. There isn’t a region of the world that isn’t represented. There are also six commodities and three gold pairs – Gold/EUR, Gold/Silver, and Gold/JPY. For those preferring foreign exchange trading, there are 21 currency pairs to choose from. 29 stocks will satisfy most of the customers who like to analyze company data.

      Another great feature is the possibility to close open positions before the expiry time. This can be done by listing “My Open Trades” section in the trade window. Individual trades that are available for the early close can be discovered by clicking individual trades. The option will not be available right after purchase. It takes 5 minutes to activate. Shortest period to stop the trade before expiry is 5 minutes before.

      Optionfair is one of the best binary options brokers, crowned with best binary options broker award from the FX Empire. They also offer the best trading signals!


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