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  1. The field of binary options has become more and more popular in the past years, and people from all around the world, regardless their knowledge or experience have managed to make a profit using this method. Choosing a trustworthy broker to collaborate with is extremely important, especially for a beginner. OptionFair is one of the best choices, especially for those who lack experience, because this reputable trading platform offers them various assets and financial possibilities. One of the most important features trading platforms have nowadays is represented by signals. This term may be unknown to many people, but the concept is actually simple: signals are the indicators of different moves traders make. Each trader’s activity is monitored, and this way, beginners will be able to analyse their strategies and notice the tendencies on the market. This is a feature of OptionFair highly beneficial for beginners because they can find support on other traders’ activity. Some of the main advantages of having access to the best signals are that these facilitate the trading process and streamline profits.

    OptionFair – the best user experience

    This regulated broker, due to CySEC’s decision, no longer provides binary options bonuses!

    There are many things that worry traders who are trying to choose the right broker, but OptionFair characteristics make this broker good choice for everyone. This platform provides great trading experience, and equally important, all support a trader needs during the process of trading.
    OptionFair, established in 2010, is one of the most known brokers today. It uses popular TechFinancials platform that enables traders to place their trades precisely and quickly. Besides great technical support, there are many interesting benefits waiting for traders looking for the best user experience. Traders can get up to $5000 bonus that will highly increase their trading capital, and maximum returns of 91% are not very common among brokers.
    OptionFair specialists did their best to create the portfolio that will satisfy everyone’s needs, so traders can choose between various assets, commodities and indices, and variety of options like high/low, boundary, one touch and touch options. There is also one free withdrawal per month and a great number of tools and features that can be used for profit. In order to ensure traders that they are having the best trading experience, OptionFair is also registered with CySEC.

    Besides offering late hour technologies and complex algorithms, OptionFair has considered bringing some innovation to their services, which is why the team of experts has added the signals feature to the platform. Taking into consideration the increasing popularity of binary options and the fact that the market has been invaded not only by reputable brokers but also by scams, OptionFair has introduced these trade alerts, known as “signals”. On the one hand, these are constantly informing their clients about the best options and about the most profitable opportunities from the international market, as soon as they appear. On the other hand, signals represent a feature that has helped OptionFair to attract and engage more clients and remain a top broker in the international binary options environment. However, it is important to know that signals are provided by the broker as a third party provider and are offered only for informative purposes and not to engage traders in an operation they would normally not accept. Once they receive them, traders have to analyse and make a decision about their investments. The signals must not be considered recommendations from the broker, which will not be responsible in case of bad financial decisions. This being said it is relevant that traders know OptionFair is only providing some specialized information, but the traders are responsible for the manner in which they use the signals received.

    However, the broker’s reports are based on past events so there is a great probability that they are relevant for future moves. Many brokers sometimes just copy reports from Bloomberg or MarketWatch. Traders will receive OptionFair signals via email or SMS so that they are always up to date with the last trends in the field of binary options. OptionFair is a professional binary options broker that offers clients many advantages. The fact that it is regulated means that traders can rely on the safety of their transactions and the promptitude of their payments. The online platform offered by this broker is very easy to use and cash-out takes very little time, with transactions being completed in as little as 2 days. This broker does not accept US traders, but it is committed to offer its European clients the best possible services on the market. To this extent, there are three types of accounts they can opt for, each one with a different minimum deposit and different bonus. Naturally the highest account brings the most advantages, but the Standard account was created to meet the needs of the average user successfully.

    While the minimum deposit for OptionFair is of 250 EUR/GBP/USD, if a trader chooses to deposit at least $500, they will be able to try the demo account. Demo account is a great tool for trading skill practice until trader is confident to trade real money. This broker offers four types of trades to its clients: the classic high/low, one touch trades, boundary trades and short-term trades. OptionFair offers its clients the chance to trade however they feel more comfortable and have the best chances of increasing their profits. The minimum investment is of only 25 units of the chosen currency and the returns start from 70% for the standard account and reach a staggering 85% for the Platinum account. Even though there may be other brokers with lower minimum investments, this is an amount that anyone can work with comfortable and can offer a decent return of investment.

    Basically, for a Standard account, every time trader invests $25 and makes a correct prediction, they will earn $42.50. The payments are offered promptly and the reliability of this broker is known among those who have successfully collaborated with it ever since it was launched on the market. OptionFair has 60 assets that brokers can choose from, basically making their options unlimited in terms of profit and gains. In addition, the fact that there is such a wide range of options means that traders can put their knowledge to use and make the most out of each investment they choose to make, be it minimum or not.

    To withdraw your earnings from this broker, you will need to submit a photo ID and proof of address. Those who have any questions regarding this broker can ask them on the live chat available on its platform 24/7. OptionFair tries to be available for its clients and offer them everything they need to know.

  2. Your capital is at risk