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Is Option888 Regulated?

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    Your capital is at risk
    1. Warning! This broker has been blacklisted due to unethical behaviour. Please select a Top broker instead!

      Traders interested in opening an account with Option888 often ask, “Is Option888 Regulated?” The answer is yes. Option888 is regulated by Malta Gaming Authority.

      The regulator requires the broker to report each and every transaction that is entered into a trade repository. These reports include financial as well as non-financial counter parties and cover all the derivative transactions such as currency, commodity, equity, interest rates, among others. This information helps the regulators detect system risks, thus increasing transparency in the market.
      Being a regulated binary trading platform, Option888 gives traders the confidence to trade without any fear. Their transparency also increases the trading confidence in the market, which leads to a better understanding of the market and gives a sense of security.

      The question “Is Option888 regulated?” complies with all regulatory responsibilities and controls fair treatment of the traders, and this includes proper resolutions to client’s complaints. This is one of the main reasons why this platform is becoming increasingly popular. All traders have the right to be treated fairly and want their problems to be solved in the right manner.

      These regulations increase safety during trading by securing the appropriate degree of legitimacy for consumers. They also help in reduction of financial crimes in the trading market.

      Option888’s commitment to creating a good environment for their traders has proven to be successful, making them one of the safest and most reliable platforms in the industry. They allow each of their traders to enjoy easy access to all professional trading products and services, which are the main tools required to succeed in binary options trading. They also offer a secure trading platform with simple trading experience.

      The trading platform has excellent customer support services that provide the traders with solutions to various problems.

      Option888 Complaints

      Although they are basically newcomers, our research showed that Option888 offers some of the best services to their traders in the market. The broker has been working hard to create a conducive environment for all binary option traders, without compromising their safety. This is a good reason for all binary traders to believe that Option888 is an amazing trading platform that works to build trust between the customers and the brokers.

      As stated earlier, there have been no Option888 complaints lodged yet by any of the binary traders. Option888 has managed to maintain their trustworthiness by being confident, reliable, honest, and most of all, loyal to their traders. They have been able to provide excellent customer care that is available 24/7, thus preventing them from appearing in the top brokers offering poor services list. Furthermore, the availability of good customer services is extremely essential for binary traders because they provide them with easy access of support at any given time.

      Option888 reliability is superior because they not only offer their traders good accessibility, but also enables them to access their trading via mobile platform as well as a PC operating system that is internet connected.

      The other important reason why there have been no Option888 complaints is due to the fact that the trading platform is licensed and authorized. It is known that there are many online trading platforms scams out there, but Option888 is genuine and licensed by MGA, wich means it is authorized and regulated by the Government of Malta. This is a guarantee that every trade performed is legal and genuine, making the platform legitimate.

      Most importantly, any transactions performed within the platform-deposit and withdrawals are safe and reliable. These transactions are made through credit cards, wire transfers, checks, or e-payment processors.

      The fact that the platform is constantly upgrading their products and services is a sign that much better services will be provided in future, which will raise the possibilities of trading.
      The fact that there have been no recorded Option888 complaints makes them one of the best platforms for binary option traders. However, we will continue checking them in the future, in case they decide to make any changes regarding their customer services and products.

      Is Option888 a Scam?

      Considering the high number of binary option brokers online today, the option traders have all reasons to feel scared when trading in any platform. Majority of all the scams found online are said to take place in binary options trading platforms. This is one of the main reasons why many people ask, “Is Option888 a scam”? Well, the answer is No, Option888 is not a scam and that’s a fact.

      Up to date, there have been no reports, complaints, or any other information about Option888 scam. The platform has never had any negative experiences with clients because they care more about the safety of their clients’ money. Therefore, anyone wishing to trade on Option888 platform should have nothing to be concerned about because it’s legitimate.

      Option888 is an amazing trading platform that has been in the industry for some time now and it offers a safe, reliable, and satisfactory trading experience for all binary option traders.

      The platform is ideal for both new and advanced traders because it offers a demo account. The Option888 demo account allows all traders, especially the beginners to try out their trading skills using virtual money before getting into real money trading. It is risk free because traders are able to practice trading without losing money. It also offers 30 currency pairs, 20 commodities, and 27 indices, all which are the available trading assets.

      The platform is transparent and credible when it comes to all the transactions carried out on the platform. Traders are guaranteed for safe and secure transactions when making deposits and withdrawals. Transactions are made through wire transfers, credit cards, e-payment processors, and checks. In case of any problem encountered during any type of transaction, traders are advised to use their reliable and easily accessible customer support services that are offered 24/7 through phone, emails, or Live Chats.

      Since there have been no Option888 scam related issues so far, it’s evident that it’s a legitimate broker offering safe and reliable binary trading options for all traders. Its strict rules and regulations are a guarantee that the platform is safe for use and provides the most reliable trade binary options on a daily basis. It has also managed to provide credible information on its location as well as its management team, which has built its good reputation over time.

      Option88 Withdrawal

      In a short span of time, Option888 has managed to get a respected and trustworthy image in the industry. The company offers trading opportunities in numerous assets like commodities, currency pairs, indices and stocks. Option888 was created in 2014, and quickly gained their traders’ trust. Option888 withdrawal requests are processed in just a few days and the broker has a high quality system to secure trader’s funds.

      The trading platform of Option888 is quite easy to use especially when it comes to submit a withdrawal application since they equally serve beginners and experts. Option888 prides itself in offering traders the opportunity to trade in three different assets, including Range, Touch and Digital. They are actually facilitating traders to go with the option of their choice – the decision is actually based upon trader’s skills, abilities, expertise and experience. Option888 also offers other trading tools like Extend to enable traders close their options before the option ends.

      Option888 withdrawal can be processed through different methods they use to deposit funds like Paysafe card, Trustly, Visa, Sofort Banking, MasterCard and Skrill. The thing to remember here is that traders will have to verify their account before their request is being processed. The entire procedure takes up to 7 days to complete and the best part is that there is no minimum to withdraw funds. Option888 does not charge anything additional.

      To welcome new traders and encourage old ones, Option888 has a minimum trade of $10/€10 so that new comers can have confidence on their authenticity while old traders will find something new on the platform. Option888 withdrawal also supports bank account, credit card, wire transfer.
      Traders can even cancel their requests. All payment methods are secured by Comodo SSL and kept in separate accounts by company’s billing department.

      The Option888 withdrawal process is not something traders have to be worried about. The process is quite simple and takes around 3 to 4 minutes to send a request. Since Option888 allows traders to withdraw any amount to their remaining balance, they do not have to wait for meeting any specific limit. All they have to do is to enter the amount they want to withdraw and the company will start processing it.

    2. Your capital is at risk
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