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OptiMarkets Bonus 2022

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OptiMarkets Broker Shuts Down


You might be looking to get some information about the bonuses you will be able to enjoy through the OptiMarkets accounts. Well, it all depends upon the kind of account you have opted for. The trading features which you can avail include the 60 seconds binary options, high/low, one-touch options and many more. When viewed from the perspective of the experts, OptiMarkets happens to be the most secure and safe binary options platform on the planet. The company is specialized in offering, literally, a wide range of bonuses to all their traders.

For all those who sign up for a new account, a 250 % bonus depending upon the amount which they deposit initially. Likewise, all of them will be able to trade on 50 different assets depending upon their interest and expertise. It all depends on you that which asset you choose to initiate your trading. The return rate is about 95 % if your selection hits the target. Just imagine the profits you will be bagging if all your selections fit in right. For example, if you trade $ 5000 on an asset, you will get almost the same amount in return which is in addition to the amount you already have in your account.

The software, interface, as well as the functionality of the website, is also worth astonishing. If you want to get a feel of the trading platform, all you need to do is just visit the website. By spending a few seconds on the website, you will be able to experience that special touch of tranquility and mesmerism. In addition, the platform is also supported for the mobile platforms which means you will also be able to enjoy an on-the-go trading experience.

As the bonuses and the payout rates offered by OptiMarkets happen to be the highest in the market, only a fool will not want to avail this chance. Moreover, the payout rate for the high and low options is also much more than the industrial average rate which is another reason for you to sign up for an account on this one of a kind trading platform. It is recommended that you spend some time in reading out the conditions and regulations section on the website.

OptiMarkets Complaints

We have suspended OptiMarkets from due to lack of payments and explanations to regular traders.

OptiMarkets had been launched on 12th Dec, 2012. Since then, this trading platform has been able to attract millions of traders from all over the planet. Aimed at assisting the veterans as well as the newbies of trading, OptiMarkets offers a lot more than you can imagine. It is an efficient way to earn a lot of money for those who care about their future.


Although the platform happens is registered to CySEC, still there are some complaints which have been received in terms of the trading process. Some people even prefer to call these complaints as scams. As the platform happens to be web based, there are some users who complain about the slow loading time. There are times in which the server might take some time to load, but it is not something that you need to worry about. Furthermore, there have also been some cases about fraud committed by some uncertified brokers. If you plan to earn some money from OptiMarkets, it is recommended that you get in touch with the customer support of the platform.


Placing your trust on just any broker will result in a damage to your finances. OptiMarkets has been keen in addressing the complaints of the customers, due to which our customer services department is always keen in providing you an answer to all your questions. On taking a look at the reviews which have been filed by the satisfied clients and traders, you will realize the fact that OptiMarkets has really raised the bar of professionalism.

For those who want to hone their knowledge about the binary options trading, OptiMarkets also offers a number of e-books, trading guides, tutorials and also several personal coaching classes for free. That’s not all, as those traders who opt for the VIP accounts are also able to enjoy the assistance of the personal managers. With all this in mind, it is evident that the platform is really up to the par in comparison to all others.

OptiMarkets Demo Account

OptiMarkets, which is powered by the Tradologic platform, offers a rich selection of trading options. With the facility of having the same day withdrawals, there is a lot more to this trading platform than you can imagine. In addition, you are also offered with a number of accounts. You should opt for any one of them depending upon your experience and the amount of investment you are willing to make. For those of you who are a bit wary about the investment, opting for a demo account would be a wise choice.

The benefits and advantages of practicing the trading process on a demo account are really obvious. Firstly, it offers you with an opportunity to simulate the trading in any manner you want. Secondly, the entire process is executed in a risk-free environment, so you do not need to worry about losing even a single penny. Thirdly, using this account, you will be able to get a feel of the trading platform and how it all works. That’s not all, as you can also get their customer support department in action at any time you want.

When it comes to binary options trading in OptiMarkets, then surely its score happens to go really high. Whether it be the credibility or the financing options, you will not need to worry about anything as long as you trade using this platform. Yes, you might experience some lags in the website at times, but it is not something that you need to get depressed about. After having used the demo account for some time, you are always free to upgrade it to a full trading account.

The trading intervals, no minimum withdrawal limit, a wide array of trading options and all other related facets, ensure that your get the best online trading experience. Furthermore, if you have a prior experience of trading, the profits will always keep pouring in. For the best results in this regard, it is recommended that you always do your homework. So, after having got the answers to all your questions, now is the right time to open up a demo account.