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Is Opteck Regulated

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    Your capital is at risk
    1. [UPDATE] Opteck was acquired by a CIF recently meaning it is run by a regulated company.

      Opteck has been operating since 2011 and it has proven to be a reliable and safe forex trading platform. Many traders try to figure out is Opteck regulated, but the answer is negative for now. Opteck managed to build a huge customer base by ensuring that their traders get a fast access to best assets for trading on a very stable platform. By treating their customers with best features and ensuring only the best business practices, Opteck has managed to become a prime forex broker even without getting a regulated status from a government authority.

      We have said this in numerous occasions, while regulated status is a welcome feature for a broker, in the end the long-term viability of their business is best assessed by the satisfaction of their customers. And this is best seen in the fact they have managed to survive this super competitive industry that is forex trading. Traders will love Opteck’s personal approach that can’t be rivaled by any regulated or nonregulated broker.

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      They don’t see account manager as a feature since it is normal for them that each trader gets this kind of help. The account manager will make a small tour with new traders in order to help them get started in trading. Opteck will also show traders all the resources available to them to get complete understanding of the market process. They have an excellent academy so traders can use forex videos and training sessions to improve their trading skills.

      opteck safeIt is clearly not important if is Opteck regulated, the most important thing for traders to remember is that Opteck provides very good and professional service. Also, it is not only the education part that makes Opteck unregulated services be just as good as those provided by a regulated broker. Opteck has also developed a proprietary trading platform and interface.

      This enables Opteck to completely control the trading experience and act faster when there are bugs that need to be corrected in the software. Big providers provide regulated solutions, so the advanced forex platform that is provided by Opteck is almost in need to be unregulated in order to stay innovative. While Opteck isn’t regulated their platform actually benefits from this trough unfettered innovation, and innovation benefits their traders who get better and faster trading experience.

      aThere are more than 100 different assets at traders disposal with Opteck. It will be super easy for customers to build a risk averse portfolio that also has high returns. Even though Opteck is not regulated they have proven they can deliver good service to many customers without major problems. Since quality is what really counts for us we are happy to recommend Opteck.


      Opteck Scam Review

      Opteck passed initially customer test and is listed on Fair Binary Options broker list. So does Opteck scam? The answer is no. We are happy to feature a broker which is part of /BHMV Ltd/  registered in London ensuring good regulation and best customer support in terms of technical knowhow and trading education. Complaints and Opteck scam is almost impossible to find. It is mainly traders who lost who point fingers and call out “Opteck scam” on forums.

      Forex is the relatively novel way to trade. Its main advantages are the simplicity and fast access, but it doesn’t mean that profits are guaranteed. Users should understand this.

      Opteck created a relatively good framework to support traders. They can start in the forex academy to get basic and advanced understanding of trading strategies. Most of the times technical analysis will be the key. After registering users can try the platform by using the demo account. Demo account is a way to see how trading really looks like. Traders can also get support from Opteck’s trained professionals.


      Opteck ensures good support for its customers and it is not a scam. They, as we here at FBO, believes that education of clients is the key to an honest relationship with clients. We haven’t received any complaints about Opteck and we are happy to include Opteck on our list. Opteck is run by a professional and experienced team. They have spent most of their life on markets and decided to extend the opportunities offered to all people with a computer.

      Binary Brokers that could be labeled as scams often create barriers to withdrawal. Opteck offers great banking service with clear guidelines setting expectations on delivery of funds. Fair Binary Options works hard to ensure our brokers respect highest standards of conduct. Opteck is a great broker with very fast and responsive customer support. They have developed their own trading platform which is easy to use and efficiently supports all of their services. To conclude: Opteck scam and complaints are very rare and in 2 years we have never received a complaint from a trader. Read more in our Opteck review.

      Opteck Withdrawal

      Opteck offers a competitive banking services, mostly in line with other brokers. Since the funds are in the trading account, users want to be sure they can reliably transfer the funds to their own accounts. Security and trust are important. This is one of the reasons Fair Binary Options came to assistance, we want to direct users to the most reliable brokers out there. We have a strict anti-scam policy! Opteck is one of our trusted brokers.


      Withdrawals are easy with Opteck. The process is almost the same as with depositing. Essentially its a three step action – log in, click “Withdrawal”, fill the required fields and click “Withdraw”. The tricky part still exists and everyone who has traded forex for some time will be familiar with it. There are a few regulatory problems which are making process more safe, but at the expense of processing speed.

      First thing to note is the fact that not any amount can be withdrawn to the same source of funds. If the client deposited an amount X initially and earned more in addition, the proceeds of trading gains, up to value X can be withdrawn to the initial source. Everything above will need to be transfered by wire. This regulation is enforced to stop money laundering and all brokers comply with it.

      Second part revolves around verification. To ensure all withdrawals of funds are legit, brokers request documents to identify the account holder. Funds will be transferred only to verified holders. It will require a copy of an ID, of a utility bill with name and address of the account holder and the credit card (if it was used).

      Opteck withdrawal requests will be processed in 3-4 days if verification has been done. Opteck minimum withdrawal is only USD25 which is lowest in the industry. Note that transfers via wire can be subject to fees from the bank.

      Opteck Tips

      Opteck has a very interesting trading platform, basically all you need to do is to log in, deposit and click on the “trading platforms” menu. As we always note, it may not be that easy since trading basics should be something that traders must know in order to expect any meaningful returns. In this article, our aim is to present readers with a few basic trading modes offered by Opteck. If you want to read more about this broker, check out Fair Binary Options Review for Opteck, as well as our previous articles on the right side menu.

      Opteck didn’t buy a right to use someones trading platform but they built their own. It is easy to use but also versatile enough to accommodate any trading style. The whole trading desk is set up as a process flow that leads clients from the mode selection, to asset selection and finally the transaction. The idea is to have a simple solution to make fast trades when there is a need to react to fast moving news and market insights. You can see the basic setup in the picture below.

      Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 22.58.50

      One of the interesting points is the small icon selection in the upper right corner that lets users adjust the looks of the platform by clicking on the icons. The “four square” icon changes the trading deck so that after clicking traders get an overview of up to four transactions where they can follow four simultaneous trades.


      Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 00.15.13

      It summarizes most popular asset’s market sentiment helping to make investment decisions.

      First when starting the trade, users will ave to select the trading mode:

      – quick options with shortest expiry and smallest trading amounts;

      – range high/low for trading in a boundary range, and

      – one touch, a bet dependent on the price level to see if it touches the limit within the expiry time.

      Great guide for investments can be the “traders choice”, shown, for every popular trade, in the bottom of the trading window. In the picture above it is  indicating that 50% traders preferred high and 50% low. For a list, one can scroll to the side bottom to see it, as shown in the picture:

      Opteck Trade Now

    2. Your capital is at risk