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  1. After several months of scamming customers, MyOption seems to finally gone under. It was deserved in our opinion. Rarely does one see such an weird case of scam that involved several actors and schemes. The money trail spread over several countries and payment methods. Later, other customers came forward as our support inbox swelled with complaints.

    Customer was in Sweden at the time of first deposit. He asked if how he could deposit with MyOption and eventually managed to do it via MoneyGram. He deposited a considerable amount of money and was tricked by the broker to accept a bonus with a promise that the money can be withdrawn whenever he wishes. At some point he decided to withdraw and things got complicated.

    myoption customer #1 short


    First there was no contact and account managers kept changing. The problem was that they only wanted to use the bank transfer and the customer was not in his home country. MyOption manager told him that he would arrange transfer over another brand but he had to deposit more money with them. They idea was to withdraw the money to his uncle’s account back home, which is according to the AML rules impossible. The whole plot was to never payout the money to the customer.

    The customer was left without his money even as we managed to get in contact with the broker who just played dumb. When we brought up the fact they had no proof the customer agreed on bonus understanding terms & conditions (more about the request here) they just ignored us. Upon mentioning that their (ex-manager at that point) account manager rerouted the customer to another brands, they said they have nothing with that and we should contact him about it. It felt as we are talking to a wall. Eventually the communication stopped.

    Another customer saw MyOption charge whatever they want from their card…

    myoption scam fees

    To be fair here, the customer did seem to change the story as the whole thing progressed. This is one of the reasons we have a firm set of standards we follow and they are mostly based on CySEC recommendations. What convinced us about the bad intentions of MyOption team came soon after when we started getting additional complaints. At that time, any communication eventually stopped as we could not get an answer either.

    myoption bonus proof

    After that customer, another 4 customers described us almost the similar course of events, especially related to the way bonuses were awarded. No customer has heard anything about terms and conditions for bonuses from MyOption employees. Actually, employees were doing their best not to mention this.

    myoption closed


    All these customers saw their withdrawal requests ignored and/or cancelled, the same way as their communication attempts were ignored as well. We also tried to get in touch with the broker until their website appeared down one day with an e-mail that was useless for contacting them as those before them. Gregory never replied.

    Linegate Login

    MyOption login is simple, safe and easy. MyOption binary broker will always keep their traders’ login information secret and confidential. It is an easy to use platform founded by putting newcomers and advanced traders into consideration. The pleasant feeling that MyOption tries to achieve stretches from personal touch to trading over interesting technical solutions to effortless trading and social network for traders.

    MyOption binary options broker is created with the goal of bringing integrity and high technology to the binary options trading world. Login and registration with MyOption binary options broker is just stress free. Traders just need to supply their data for initial registration. It is during registration that a trader will create MyOption login information. However, this broker will need to confirm all data provided and an email will be forwarded to the account owner to activate the account.It will not take more than 24 hours to conclude this process.

    After that, traders should choose either wire transfer or credit card for their transactions. Moreover, traders get a government issued ID with a photo, photocopy of the credit card and some personal/residence bill alongside their full names and addresses. What makes MyOption different from other binary options platforms or traders in the market is that the company does not have account types to choose from.

    They have a demo account and a minimum deposit of $250 facility. In addition to the MyOption login information that traders will have access to upon registration, this binary options broker has a special promotion concerning bonuses. Their bonus rate is 100% and up to $10,000 limit. They also have trade options including One Touch, high/low and Boundary and their asset list is very appealing.

    The trading platform of MyOption can easily be accessed on Android and iPhone at any time. The education center of this platform free for use by trader whenever they wish, video courses and e-books are at traders’ disposal while customer assistance and support is second to customer satisfaction.

    After MyOption login, traders can deposit funds with credit cards or bank wire. Withdrawal process is also checked thoroughly to protect the safety and security of their clients. This process can take almost five working days to be concluded. There is nothing a trader needs that MyOption will not offer. Binary options traders looking for a safe and perfect platform to trade should register with this binary option broker now to enjoy their benefits on a platter of gold.

    MyOption minimum deposit gives binary options traders the ability to begin binary options trading with as low as $200, EUR or GBP, depending on the trading currency. With this development, both beginner and advanced traders in binary options are able to make a second income without exposing themselves to huge deposits or pay brokers fees for handling their portfolio.

    This minimum amount deposit amount applies to any of credit or debit cards, Ukash, MoneyBookers and Liberty Reserve. Traders must note that they can only use each account to transact a single currency that they selected during registration. It is not possible to modify the currency in the account once the initial deposit is made.

    The Platinum account requires a minimum deposit of $10,000; Gold needs a minimum deposit of $5,000 while the Silver account requires just a minimum deposit of $2,000. Traders should be aware that all deposit limits are subject to change at any time and without any prior notice by MyOption.

    To make MyOption minimum deposit, binary options traders will first log into their MyOption account with their email and password at the top right angle of their trading platform page. Then click on the Deposit button.

    MyOption provides several methods for making minimum deposit including a broad range of: Credit and Debit Cards such as Master card debit, Maestro International, Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Dinners Club, JCB, Dankort, Carte Bleue, CartaSi, Discover and Laser. Bank Transfer – this is a quick bank transfer service by means of Envoy Services – company registered in the United Kingdom and regulated by the FSA.

    MyOption minimum deposit using bank transfer is 500 USD, EUR or GBP depending on your trading currency. Verification of a wire transfer may take up to 5 days.

    MyOption support is helpful in a situation where traders request to be assisted in making their deposit via email or Live Chat.

    MyOption mobile apps now make it possible for binary options traders to trade binary on Android or iPhone applications. Trading with mobile apps is convenient. Traders are able to conveniently trade binary options on their mobile devices with MyOption trading services as the new era of mobile capacity has come. Binary options traders across the globe have now moved into a technological phase where mobile devices have become an absolute necessity.

    This new method of exchanging information is far better than the method used in the past because all that people need is in their palm. MyOption mobile for traders will offer them fast and easy access to their binary trading accounts. Traders are able to access their account, keep an eye on the market situations and then execute trades whenever there are lucrative opportunities, regardless of their location.

    On the other hand, traders are now able to trade at high aptitude with the full functionality of this mobile trading platform, regardless of their location and time by just using their mobile phone.

    Steps to Accessing MyOption mobile trading platform

    Step 1 Launch the internet browser on your mobile phone and go to

    Step 2 Find and choose the type of instrument you want to trade including Touch, High/Low or Boundary.

    Step 3 Pick the preferred asset for your trade from the asset list of MyOption. This list is updated depending on the available tradable options at any point in time.

    Step 4 Choose the projected direction of the option, once you have chosen your asset.

    Step 5 Choose the preferred amount of investment in your option. Traders may then click on “Buy” to carry out their trade. Once concluded, trader may observe all his trades from “My Open Trades” tab located on their home screen.

    Traders who forecast that asset price at expiration will be higher than the price at which they purchased the option should choose “High” Pick “Low” if you predict that asset price at expiration will be lower than the price at which you bought the option. Choose “Touch” if you predict that the target price of the asset will be reached before its expiration time. Opt for “No Touch” option if your prediction is that the target price of your asset will not have been reached prior to the expiry time of the option. For the boundary Options Choose “In” if you project that the target price of your asset will remain in the predetermined boundaries at the expiry of the option.


    In the history of binary options trading, MyOption USA traders have been very loyal customers to the site since it was established in 2013. Binary options traders from the United States of America take pleasure in the services provided by MyOption binary broker. In a nutshell, they are happy that the site accepts binary options traders from their country and offers them various features.

    They also realized the fact that not too many binary option brokers accept traders from the United States. Therefore, MyOption is very popular among the American binary options traders for the reason that it is one of the few sites that allow them to become members and offer them opportunity of making money through binary options trade.

    MyOption USA traders don’t have a separate site as they can access the same English version of the website. Therefore, they have access to the same quality features that the popular traders in the whole world enjoy. They never wanted a separate site that lacks the quality features of the original site. Rather, they gain access to all the features of the site and have to make the same amount of deposit, usually in their own currency like binary options traders from other countries.

    MyOption USA offer the traders the chance to trade in a variety of assets and also get in touch with the support team of the broker anytime they need clarifications on certain trading issues. The majority of the binary options traders from the United States agreed that operating an account with MyOption USA is one of the best choices that binary option traders from that country have made.

    Good enough, they never feel neglected on the platform but feel appreciated to use their service. Even in a situation where they lose a couple of trades, 10% reimbursement is still available to assist them stay float. In occasions when they win, there is still up to 81% payments available for them to build their trading portfolio faster. In addition, safety, reliability and security of the site are other factors that attract these binary options traders from the US to open account with MyOption broker.

    The excellent customer support is another great thing that binary options traders from USA like about MyOption USA. They are happy that they can contact the support team 24/7 on phone, email as well as quick response. Earnings withdrawal from MyOption broker is also convenient and USA traders can withdraw their earnings in US dollars. Consequently, they do not have to lose money on exchange rates that fluctuate tremendously. Withdrawal

    It is very important to look at how MyOption withdrawal process works because banking is the core of this binary option broker. Since investors don’t like waiting for so long time to get their profits, they are interested in the process.

    To begin a withdrawal, users need to complete the withdrawal form in their account control panel by clicking on « My Account » tab. Everything above the initial deposit must be sent by a different method other than the one used when making initial deposit, if the profits are higher than the initial deposit.

    Users will see why MyOption is really a great broker after sending out the withdrawal request. It normally takes 5 days from the day the request was made to the point when the funds arrives the users account. More often than not, it takes much more as some brokers need just two days to process the request. However, if users verify their accounts before withdrawing, all requests will be faster.

    To customers are advised to send copies of their ID, utility bill and credit card for verification in order for the brokers to be 100 percent sure of the person receiving the funds.

    One thing that makes MyOption withdrawal process great is that it always takes 3 days and this is in line with the industry. However, users must send their ID verification documents, when making initial deposit, so that withdrawals will take less time to process.

    MyOption will offer bonuses to its users, but will make sure that they are not withdrawn immediately they are awarded. The rule is that users must hit a particular turnover target with the bonus funds, before such bonus can be withdrawn. MyOption offers 25 x ratios, which is considered one of the lowest, making it a fair withdrawal policy.

    There is quite a number of binary options brokers across the world but one is more distinguished than the other. Traders must understand that safety of their funds is paramount to trading binary options. This is why they must take their time to research for the best broker like MyOption. Its withdrawal process is simple and takes less time compared to other brokers.


    Aldo Trading Ltd

    Aldo Trading Ltd was the company behind the former They are also one of best known payment solutions for the affiliate network of this broker. MyOption is a really innovative platform that accepts traders from all around the globe, enabling them to trade all sorts of assets by buying and selling binary options. Binary options are one of the biggest new retail trading finance trends of the turn of the century. Aldo Trading Ltd entered this market because binary options trading has made possible that people with no prior experience easily can learn how to place trades in financial markets.

    Aldo Trading Ltd is also the company affiliates use when they deal with MyOption brokerage. For many users this is extremely important because affiliates are not just intermediaries. We think that our work has more weight because we try to increase transparency in binary options.This is one of the reasons we are covering Aldo Trading Limited, as the company behind MyOption. While most binary options brokers are officially only brands, we think it is important to shed light on the people pulling the strings behind curtains.

    In some cases this can be good for all, broker and the customer, because, as with Aldo Trading Ltd, we did have any complaints regarding MyOption. This way the brand manager and our customers welcome increased trust from both sides. With some cases, as with brokers on our Black list, it is normal that the company wants to stay hidden so the customer does not know who is behind it. This is why customers are thankful because then they know who has scammed them.

    Company info:

    Aldo Trading Ltd

    Kemp House
    152 City Road
    London, England
    United Kingdom EC1V 2NX

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