Is MyOption a Scam? – Blacklisted

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    1. After several months of scamming customers, MyOption seems to finally gone under. It was deserved in our opinion. Rarely does one see such an weird case of scam that involved several actors and schemes. The money trail spread over several countries and payment methods. Later, other customers came forward as our support inbox swelled with complaints.

      Customer was in Sweden at the time of first deposit. He asked if how he could deposit with MyOption and eventually managed to do it via MoneyGram. He deposited a considerable amount of money and was tricked by the broker to accept a bonus with a promise that the money can be withdrawn whenever he wishes. At some point he decided to withdraw and things got complicated.

      myoption customer #1 short

      First there was no contact and account managers kept changing. The problem was that they only wanted to use the bank transfer and the customer was not in his home country. MyOption manager told him that he would arrange transfer over another brand but he had to deposit more money with them. They idea was to withdraw the money to his uncle’s account back home, which is according to the AML rules impossible. The whole plot was to never payout the money to the customer.

      The customer was left without his money even as we managed to get in contact with the broker who just played dumb. When we brought up the fact they had no proof the customer agreed on bonus understanding terms & conditions (more about the request here) they just ignored us. Upon mentioning that their (ex-manager at that point) account manager rerouted the customer to another brands, they said they have nothing with that and we should contact him about it. It felt as we are talking to a wall. Eventually the communication stopped.

      Another customer saw MyOption charge whatever they want from their card…

      myoption scam fees

      To be fair here, the customer did seem to change the story as the whole thing progressed. This is one of the reasons we have a firm set of standards we follow and they are mostly based on CySEC recommendations. What convinced us about the bad intentions of MyOption team came soon after when we started getting additional complaints. At that time, any communication eventually stopped as we could not get an answer either.

      myoption bonus proof

      After that customer, another 4 customers described us almost the similar course of events, especially related to the way bonuses were awarded. No customer has heard anything about terms and conditions for bonuses from MyOption employees. Actually, employees were doing their best not to mention this.

      myoption closed

      All these customers saw their withdrawal requests ignored and/or cancelled, the same way as their communication attempts were ignored as well. We also tried to get in touch with the broker until their website appeared down one day with an e-mail that was useless for contacting them as those before them. Gregory never replied…

    2. Your capital is at risk
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