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Detailed Info about Lbinary Broker – Blacklisted

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    Your capital is at risk
    1. This broker was proven to be a scam and this is why FBO blacklisted them, in order to know more, go to our Blacklisted brokers section.

      How LBinary Scam Cost Customer $10,000


      One of the main things that make LBinary broker stand out is that they were able to gain popularity in such a short period. This is because they have numerous interesting features, attractive payouts, and greatly care about their customers.

      Businesses aren’t only about money and this is something that Lbinary completely understands. The people working there are professionals and high qualified where some of them have been working in the trading world for years now. Even though they sometimes take some time to answer, this doesn’t mean that you should worry – keep in mind that they get thousands of inquiries on a regular basis.

      Lbinary provides various benefits for traders. The website is very simple to use where all the links are on one page and the interface is very user-friendly. Graphics enables easy money deposit and even withdrawal. The trading platform used is called SpotOption and it is known for having numerous excellent features such as live streaming, smooth transactions, and can easily be accessed from anywhere.

      Even though this is an excellent binary options broker, it is important to take your time in looking at all the details related to the broker before you make the final decision. This is because what is good for a certain trader doesn’t specifically mean that it will be suitable for another trader. It is recommended to try out their customer service before joining in. This includes sending them an e-mail or trying to contact them to check if they will reply or not.

      Additional info

      One of the many attractive aspects about Lbinary is their bonus and interesting promotions. Based on the time of joining, there will always be bonuses and promotions going on. Some of them are always there while others are only introduced during special occasions. Being a brand new broker, it provides new promotions all the time.

      Traders can now receive a discount worth 35% on deposit that are made. This is an example of a bonus that is always there. Even though the bonuses are great, many traders have commented that they could be somewhat higher if compared to other online brokers. Besides the bonus, the other features that are provided include insured trades, highly equipped demo account, and constant live chat with individuals who help solve any queries that customers could have. The reason why the demo account is important is because it enables beginners to become familiar with all the different features and trading aspects before they officially begin trading.


      If you take into consideration the online broker’s professionalism, high payouts, interesting bonuses and promotions, and finally their customer support, this is definitely a great option for you. It is recommended to take a look yourself on the broker’s website and become familiar with all the different tools and features before you officially invest.

      Guide to LBinary Platform

      Lbinary is one of the best binary options brokers in the trading world right now. Even though it is still new compared to other traders, it has been gaining attention from both experienced traders and beginners. The main reason this is happening is because they were able to improve themselves on a regular basis whether it is their customer service or trading platform. The trading platform they use is SpotOption and this is the one used by the best online brokers. Other than that, there are other significant features that have led to this success.

      First, you don’t have to download any complicated or advanced applications to be able to use the platform. This is something that is very important for beginners. Another aspect is that the SpotOption platform is web-based and this means that all the interactions or actions are user-friendly. In other words, it can be easily managed by individuals who are not experienced in online trading platforms.

      Another great thing is that traders are able to create a new account without any complicated formalities by filling in a registration form. This form consists of information such as name, address, phone number etc.. In order to make it even easier for traders, all the important links are found on the homepage.

      Overall, this is definitely a great online broker that has worked on improving their features and services to ensure that their customers are satisfied all the time. The guide to knowing how well or reputable brokers isis by checking how much they care about their customers and it is obvious that they really do.

      Why aren’t there any Lbinary Complaints?

      The trading process with LBinary provides an effective technique for traders to trade in markets without going through any difficulties or complications. Using Lbinary, traders can focus on decreasing losses and generating profit.


      They can also focus on learning and becoming experienced in the trading world. Payouts usually depend on the movements of the assets’ and stocks’ prices and any changes that take place in the market. However, it is essential to understand that Lbinary is completely different from the concept of forex trading and it is important to understand these differences before trading.

      The trading platform was designed in a careful platform to offer customers friendly and a high-quality trading environment. They also attempt to offer possible features to satisfy traders and ensure they are learning as much as possible. Another great aspect is their withdrawal process. One thing that many traders usually complain from is that the time it takes to make withdrawals, but this isn’t the case with this online broker.

      After investing money, all traders want is to receive their earnings as quickly as possible. Even though there are several changes that need to be made, this doesn’t mean that that LBinary isn’t a great broker that traders should definitely try out. Keep in mind that you are going to be able to open an account without any complications. You will simply have to fill in information such as your name, address, etc. If there are any complications or difficulties, it is always possible to contact their customer service and they will provide the assistance where need.

      Chelestra Limited LBinary Gibraltar

      LBInary is owned by Chelestra Limited, a company registered on Gibraltar. With LBinary, we had a good cooperation some time until we heard about the case that actually resembles the case of traders being ripped off by NRG Binary and Titan Trade. We do not recommend this broker and we want to warn traders about Chelestra Limited. We have posted detailed accounts of the LBinary scam case we are referring to, so please follow our website for info. LBinary has been put on the Black list.

      By searching the internet for Chelestra Limited, one can find several accounts of regulators themselves warning about companies. While this is not always a major issue because regulators regularly warn about companies that can be used over the internet, which sometimes may be regulated elsewhere, in case of Chelestra Limited it is easy to see reasons for such warnings. CySEC issued a warning about them not being allowed to offer investment advice and financial services in summer 2014 even as the broker claimed they are applying for an authorization by the regulator. Also, they mentioned they have not been informed by any other national regulator in EU, by the “passport system”, that they are regulated.


      As noticed this is not unusual with brokers who target global access and find EU regulations too restrictive to do this. Celeste Limited was also noticed by Gibraltar authority, the FSC and warned about LBinary and Chelestra Limited Ltd. For traders to ensure maximum safety, it is recommended trading with our top brokers. Fair Binary Options mission is to warn about all kinds of fraudulent activities in binary options and we hope we are contributing to the overall advancement of the industry toward a more professional and customer friendly future.

    2. Your capital is at risk