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    Your capital is at risk
    1. We have Blacklisted InteractiveOption for not behaving ethically. We do NOT recommend trading with this broker!

      InterActive Option is a reputable binary options broker that has managed to gain a leading position on the dedicated market because of its reliable services and state of the art platform. This broker has a customer oriented policy and strives to meet and exceed traders’ expectations by putting at their disposal a series of tools, service and even educational materials that will help them trade binary options without any headaches.

      The platform is EU regulated and offers everything a binary options broker should, including an innovative mobile app. However, what makes this broker so enticing for newcomers and pro traders alike the intuitive design of the platform. When trading binary options every minute matters, so a platform with a user friendly interface can help traders achieve better results. InterActive Option aims to make the job of its users as easy as possible and as far as we are concerned this goal has already been achieved.

      interactive option b1

      Starting with the InterActive Option Login process every step you need to take in order to trade on this platform is easy to understand. Registering and logging in on the platform is safe and easy, like it should, and the traders are only required to provide detailed information for the initial registration. It is mandatory for a broker to verify and validate the personal data received from its customers before processing withdrawals.

      The procedure is used to ensure the safety of the information introduced by traders and to confirm the identity of the user before completing any type transaction. While making an account will not necessitate documentation, you will need to provide photo identification, proof of address and credit card information to deposit and withdraw money. The photo ID, applicable utility bill and credit card information should be sent via email after being scanned. Make sure that the quality of the scan is high to ensure that your validation will not be delayed unnecessarily.

      InterActive Option allows traders to deposit and trade binary options, while the identification process is pending, but you will not be able to withdraw the money until the account is validated. This measure was included in order to enable customers to start trading immediately after making an account on this platform. InterActive Option has managed to simplify the login process by offering fast and reliable processing services. The documentation submitted to validate the account is processed as fastest as possible and the customer support team stands at traders’ disposal 24/7 to respond to any inquire about the documentation that needs to be submitted. The regulations for InterActive Option account validation were introduced with the user in mind, as it helps the broker protect customers against laundering and fraud.

      InterActive Option Complaints

      interactiveoption secureThis broker has earned praises of its clients since it is available on any PC platform as well as offers its clients access to a mobile app, allowing them to be in permanent touch with their investments and be updated around the clock.

      Those who have traded binary options before know what important it can be a good mobile app and this is precisely what this broker brings to the table. In addition, since it has many assets available, clients can choose to trade what they feel more comfortable with and what they have more knowledge on. Since the product list is constantly updated, those who want to invest in something else will always have plenty of options to choose from. InterActive Option is a broker with an advanced trading platform, meaning that it aims to have experienced traders. This does not mean that it does not offer plenty of benefits to beginners. In fact, all those who upgrade their accounts receive a bigger bonus, so InterActive Option encourages clients to take advantage of its educational offer and become more successful in their trading activities, something that has definitely increased its popularity.

      There are many things that people look for when they choose a broker and InterActive Option holds the highest standards of quality in terms of services. Furthermore, this broker has excellent customer support, offering people 24/7 assistance. The fact that it requests its new clients to confirm their identities and the other security features is an added bonus for those who want to make sure the broker they are about to work with is completely secure. With reliable banking features and fast withdrawals, it is understandable why this broker has not registered any complaints and why it is gaining more and more popularity among experienced and beginner traders alike.

      InterActive Option offers interesting promotions and many other perks that traders can enjoy. While the binary options market is constantly changing and evolving, with reliable brokers available out there, more and more people are attracted by the idea of trading binary options. The bonuses offered by this broker are worth taking into consideration for those have just opened and account and its trading software will never disappoint new-comers.

      Is InterActive Option a Scam

      interactive option safeAn experienced binary options trader will always ask the question “Is InterActive Option a Scam?” before resorting to its services, not because this broker seems unreliable, because of the increasing number of scams being revealed in this industry. There are many traders that have trusted so called “binary trading brokers” with their money only to discover later that they cannot process any withdrawal and all the money they deposited and made through trading were blocked.

      However, you can rest assured that Interactive Option is not a scam, because our team has verified the reliability of this broker. More than that, this binary options broker is part of the Pegase Capital Limited (ex K.J.W Krisworld Development Ltd) and is licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). You can check the CIF License Number 225/14 by inquiring at the relevant authorities. You can rest assured that your investment is safe when resorting to licensed trading platforms like Interactive Option.

      Those interested in trading binary options should always make sure they use the right trading platform, because it is better to be safe, than sorry. Fortunately, there are sure ways of determining whether a broker is reliable or not. First of all, traders should understand that InterActive Option is EU regulated and this means that its operations are regulated by the appropriate authorities. Secondly, you can take advantage of the minimum deposit of only $250 to try out its services.

      Generally, you should suspect brokers that ask for huge minimum deposits while promising bonuses that are too good to be true. A reputable binary options broker will give traders the opportunity to invest a low sum of money, if they want, just like Interactive Option. Another clue that can help you identify scams from reliable brokers is to check out how much time it takes until your money withdrawals are processed. If you need to fulfill impossible conditions in order to withdraw your money, it is best to try another broker. Fair Binary Options has not had any negative experiences with this broker and money withdrawal is easy and fast.

      Interactive Option is a cutting edge trading platform that focuses on protecting the money and personal information of its users. By using complex SSL encryption and safe money transfer procedures, this binary options broker has managed to gain the trust of many experienced traders and a leading spot in online trading. This broker focuses on providing a superior user experience by using the latest trading tools. We take pride in recommending InterActive Option as one of the best whitelisted brokers.  This truly excellent trading platform has managed to pass every test and impress our team with its state of the art platform and customer oriented policy.

      Is InterActive Option Regulated

      interactive option regulatedInteractive Option is a reputable broker founded from the desire to offer traders a secure and reliable environment for binary options trading. It provides traders with a large variety of trade options and methods, to meet anyone’s needs and expectations. Clients can choose whatever suits them best, according to their financial situation and trading abilities, to increase their profits and close good deals. In order to ensure a qualitative trading experience for all their customers, the broker uses advanced platforms and many other benefits: unique bonuses, elevated trading tools, different withdrawal possibilities, mobile applications and many others.

      Besides this, Interactive Options is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), with CIF License Number 225/14. Its status of a regulated EU broker is quite important for those who want to know their deposits are on good hands and their transactions are legit, which makes this broker a leading binary options choice in the industry. Due to the cutting edge services they offer, they have managed to create a pool of dedicate and trustworthy partners. Consequently, Interactive Options’s activity can be authorized not only by all those who have collaborated with them, but also by competent institutions.

      The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission has offered Interactive Options a license of activity in all the EU countries. Besides this, the broker has also received other titles: it is a binary options brand name of Pegase Capital Limited (ex K.J.W Krisworld Development Ltd) and also has a MiFID (EU) license, which enables them to deliver financial services to all the regulatory entities from all the countries in the EU space, including the FCA from the United Kingdom, AMF from France and BaFin, from Germany. The fact that they have managed to establish financial partnerships and collaborations with all these reputable institutions proves that Interactive Options fulfills the highest compliance standards, especially those related to the security of the client’s funds and the transparency of the terms and conditions used.

      These licenses represent rather a recommendation from reputable financial authorities from all over Europe, which means the broker actually strives and puts a lot of efforts into allowing clients to trade in a safe binary options environment and guaranteeing the security of all their transactions. The professionals form Interactive Option use all their resources and experience to provide customers with the best in terms of financial security, and also with a platform able to meet even the most exigent security requirements which can be found on the market.

      Furthermore, this regulated broker provides its clients with the highest level of data security, since all the personal or relevant data is stored in an encrypted SSL secured server. All these prove that Interactive Options brings added value in the field of binary options, is the best choice when it comes to collaborating with a professional broker.

      InterActive Option Mobile Trading

      Iinteractive option mobilenteractive Option reputation and the expertise of its traders make it the best choice for those who are trying to launch their activity in the binary options field. Besides the advantageous bonuses and qualitative services they offer, they also give their clients the possibility to use mobile devices to trade, so that they are always connected to the latest offers and never miss a trading opportunity.

      Since they are constantly seeking to offer the best trading experience to their clients, Interactive Option has decided to use the perks of technology to their benefit, and also to the benefit of their clients. So taking into consideration that mobile devices have become rather an accessory, and specialists consider that in few years, mobile activity will surpass PC usage, the broker has decided to create and introduce a mobile app. People nowadays use a lot mobile devices, be it tablets or smart phones, so starting with 2013 the industry of binary options has also embraced this external trend, and provides users mobile applications, easily accessible.

      More than 30% of the total transactions have been registered to take place from mobile devices, which is why professional brokers, such as Interactive Option have decided to cope with this. Besides being extremely easy to use, this app allows traders to access their accounts wherever they are, even if they travel a lot or rarely actually stay in their office, to have access to a computer. This way, they will never miss a new trading opportunity, and will be able to gain money even during a business meeting, a family event, or during holidays.

      The app is available both for Android and iOS devices, including tablets, notebooks or smart phones, so anyone can benefit from it. Developing trading activities has never been easier! All you have to do is install the application on your phone and regardless the place you are, if you have internet connection, you will be able to see whatever happens on the binary options market.

      InterActive Option USA

      Interactive Options is a broker regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), providing the highest EU standards of quality for all its clients in European countries. Its license ensures the traders of its reliability and certifies the fact that the collaboration is legal and their money are on good hands. Furthermore, the experienced traders and unique feature offered by the broker have attracted more and more clients, transforming it in one of the most popular on the market.

      However, US traders cannot collaborate with Interactive Options, because the latest rules introduced by the legal system have brought some changes as far as binary options are concerned. The broker will no longer accept American traders, because the law is extremely harsh and they must trade according to it.

      interactive option b2

      US traders are thus obliged to find other reliable entities to collaborate with, in order to continue with their trading activities. Taking into consideration the latest changes in the US laws, which have become more and more strict as far as offshore brokers are concerned, these are obliged to deprive US traders from their services. They can still increase their profits, but through other platforms.

      US traders are allowed to collaborate with any broker they want, regardless their country of provenience. Online trading is still a legal practice, as far as it does not involve platforms or brokers from another country, because the laws are extremely protective to national financial institutions.

      The penalties applied for those who do not respect US rules are very severe, including losing their license, receiving significant fines or even ending up in prison. These laws create discomfort especially for traders, who have to find and create new accounts using other platforms than those to which they were already used to.

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