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Is HighLow a Scam 2023

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    HighLow is available exclusively for Australian traders and they are regulated under the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

    HighLow hasn’t seen any complaints about fraudulent activity since it became a part of Fair Binary Options recommended brokers list. HighLow has proven itself to be a very good binary options services provider for essentially zero cost. HighLow features some very interesting investment opportunities for all traders and one should always put their features and relevant experiences before the rumors of an HighLow scam. HighLow also offers a free demo account that requires no deposit which is another reason to see why one cannot consider this binary options a scam. There are also other reasons to be skeptical when we hear a rumor HighLow scam is real and we are going to present them in this article.

    We have already stated once that FairBinaryOptions hasn’t received any complaints regarding the conduct of this broker with clients. Traders have mostly praised innovative and well functioning technical solutions presented by HighLow and none had any complaints regarding any part of the trading process. usually the withdrawal process is the place where traders have most skepticism since there is a delay before traders make a request, verify their ID and banking system processes the payment to traders bank account. First time it is always a bit nerve wrecking for traders, but each future time, the trust grows and eventually traders forget about the waiting anxiety. With HighLow there are also other reasons one shouldn’t be nervous..

    HighLow is a regulated platform for trading binary options, meaning all the processes as well all the responsibility isn’t made up yesterday, but it was first tested by a regulatory body of one of the richest countries of the world. HighLow is regulated by Australian Securities Commission (ASIC) which is one of the most successful regulators. One can observe this due to the fact Australia went trough the Great Recession of 2009 without any negative growth and their banking system was unaffected by the financial turmoil elsewhere. This means ASIC does a fine job regulating financial intermediaries in the country. Because of this, each HighLow scam report should be seen with a doses of skepticism because this binary options brokers is so well institutionally organized that it is highly unlikely that traders will experience any fraudulent activity or unethical behavior with this broker.

    While HighLow hasn’t been among long as some other industry leaders, this binary options broker made all possible steps in order to assure traders it is not a scam. HighLow scam report for now shows no stains on a perfect file. Because it is our mission, FBO will continue to monitor activity by this and other brokers in order to make sure traders know if something suspicious happens in the future.

    Is HighLow Regulated?

    Regulation seems to be the big topic of 2014 that has just transferred over to 2015. We rarely see such drive from brokers, especially in the UE, to get a license and be authorized binary options broker. Customers seem to drive this trend as they don’t want to spend their precious time researching the broker and its reputation across the Internet. While regulation isn’t always a guarantee of quality, it stands to reason traders aim to get the most out of the relevant information and they also put much weight on the clear complaint procedures set forth by the government authority that regulates binary options brokers. For them, the security of their funds is also of importance and they feel what regulated brokers have to offer there is not matched by others.

    HighLow regulated status is one of the facts that traders will surely look for on the internet. HighLow regulation permit can be found on the website of the Australian Securities & Investment Commission. HighLow is thereby regulated by one of the worlds most respected authorities when it comes to financial stability and financial customer conduct. The fact that Australia didn’t feel a pinch of the Financial crisis of 2007 -2008 is one of the proofs for this. HighLow customers can use ASIC’s MoneySmart portal to easily get to all the information and procedures they may need in case they spot a fraud, with HighLow regulated platform, but also with other financial services offered in Australia.

    highlow regulated australian binary options broker

    HighLow regulated authorization means that this brokers has additional steps that enhance the security of funds for traders. By ensuring segregated accounts, HighLow regulated platform ensures that company stays away from the trader’s funds. There are no joint accounts or leverage. This way traders are sure that their money is always safe. In case something happens, HighLow takes part in a fund that will ensure traders get their money back up to a certain amount that mostly covers individual retail customers and doesn’t include institutional investors. ASIC regulation offers an easy way for customers to get their unclaimed money whenever they want. All is easy to find on the MoneySmart website.

    This clout of regulation is enabling HighLow to care less about the branding in the short run and focus more on the long term success that includes providing the best binary options trading services they can deliver. For HighLow, regulation isn’t a stop sign, but enabler to do what they think it is best for clients.

    Are There Any HighLow Complaints?

    After some time has passed, Fir Binary Options is feeling obgligated to inform all our readers we havent received any complaints about HighLow from any of our traders. Fair Binary Options is a place for traders as it is for brokers, to find the best service and get relevant information on the trends in the binary options industry. Also our website, more importantly, tries to keep the binary options trading transparent by publishing the information on fraudulent activity as well as highlighting the deserving side of the binary options industry. HighLow complaints didn’t hit our inboxes so for now we can claim that this broker does a good job of delivering a outstanding service to its traders. We will probably test them once more just to be sure, but for now we didn’t really find any clear reason to warn clients about HighLow.

    Long term trust that HighLow complaints wont happen that often should be the fact that this broker is regulated by ASIC in Australia, meaning that the trading and other conduct of HighLow is monitored by a government authority. While some brokers tout regulation by authorities in shady off shore countries, HighLow is regulated by an authority that is situated in one of the most advanced and institutional sound countries in the world.

    highlow cashback

    Traders with HighLow complaints can be confident they will get a response from the broker, and if not, there is always the complaints section of ASIC, Australia’s corporate, markets and financial services regulator who will look into any concern a customer expresses in their regulated complaints process. Other than this, the regulated status ensures traders funds are protected and all accounts are segregated from the corporate account.

    HighLow will help every trader get the best out of their platform. There will be little complaints on HighLow trading interface since it is very easy to use and it runs smoothly. Many brokers use choppy platforms to scam traders by using the technical glitch to close trades when they are not good for the trader. HighLow complaints will never see this since the ASIC regulated broker has a platform that needs to be tested by an independent party to determine there is no fixing of the system. HighLow platform uses high dynamics data feed with high quality price quotes. With this kind of service and regulatory oversight we believe HighLow complaints won’t be many.

    HighLow Demo Account

    HighLow demo account is one of the services we are missing with more and more brokers out there. Ever less binary options brokers are offering a demo accounts for customers to use and practice as a part of their features palette. Many of them are dropping this feature since it may put strain on their binary options trading platform.

    Also, because many traders in the pas have misused the binary options demo account offers, brokers are putting down requirements of deposit for the use of demo account. While customers do not need to use their deposited funds when using the demo account, brokers require it as a proof that the person is seriously thinking of trading binary options with them, before they allow them to use the trading platform resources.

    With HighLow demo account things are much more simple. Many traders want a demo account to tray the platform, to study some strategies, to see how prices behave in the real world and to test how their own psychological factors work while they are under pressure to hit the right direction a price of an asset will hit when the option time expires.

    Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 18.38.21

    HighLow demo account isn’t actually an account in the sense that one needs to sign up and log in. Everyone who visits their website can click on the link to the demo account and immediately get access to the trading interface with 1,000,000 JPY virtual money to trade with. That is approximately $10,000 USD that traders can use to place trades, try the on demand options as well as the spread on demand trading in order to get a full experience of the whole HighLow binary options platform.

    As mentioned, HighLow is regulated and they have no requests on traders to deposit any funds before the trading account with demo feature can be used. Traders who enter the training interface of HighLow will simply see how this platform offers superior trading options and experience and sign up for a real account once they see how easy it can be to earn additional income by trading binary options.

    And the best thing, they didn’t have to spend any money they own in order to come to this conclusion. We regularly say that opportunities such as the HighLow demo account are rare and all traders should take advantage of this in order to ensure they have the best and most honest and transparent journey in binary options trading.

    HighLow USA

    HighLow USA inquiry is likely to end with disappointment for all traders who wanted to test this platform as their new binary options trading destination. As with most other binary options brokers, there are many reasons this binary options broker is not accepting US accounts. One of the main reasons is their marketing focus that mainly goes after Australia and Asia customers. This can be seen in their currency requirements where they don’t even support the US unless one trades with Neteller. Fair Binary Options continues to see regulation as a feature, but n this case, HighLow USA business would meant this broker is not regulated. As noticed, HighLow is regulated and thus it is forbidden to accept traders from territories that deny binary options trading. One of those territories is the USA.

    HighLow is regulated by Australian Financial Services license which is awarded by ASIC, under the no. 364264. By providing this information it should be easy to find out everything this binary options broker does for the liquidity in the market, especially the Australian market. All traders are free to check the regulated status of HighLow in order to confirm they are a legitimate binary options trading firm which doesn’t support US traders. For them it is not easy to skip one of the worlds most lucrative markets, but lately the authorization by a regulatory body has become a sort of guarantee for traders. Since the broker is regulated, it is only to allow customers from the area of regulation covered by the regulatory body.

    While regulation can be an obstacle for US traders, they needn’t only expect HighLow USA offerings to boost their trading motivation. There are other binary options traders that support US traders without any problems. Meanwhile most of binary options traders understand they cannot expect regulation in case they want to trade global binary options. HighLow USA traders cannot be subject to jurisdiction of a Australian authorities. Since US authorities do not accept binary brokers of the kind we describe in our articles, US traders need to use other, unregulated brokers who offer a good service themselves.

    While HighLow USA offerings are suspended to foreseeable future, this broker will continue to service other customers, from countries that can sign up with them and enjoy their huge payouts. US traders will always be able to find a good service on where we regularly highlight brokers that accept US customers. US customers will get a list of such brokers when they access our broker list.

    Your capital is at risk
Highlow Markets Pty Ltd
HighLow is regulated by ASICHighLow
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