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HighLow Withdrawal


Withdrawing at Highlow – General info

HighLow is available exclusively for Australian traders! The company is regulated under the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

HighLow binary options broker is one of the most popular Australian binary options service providers since it opened gates in 2014. even though this broker is not one of the long term Fair Binary Options partners, for now, it seems to provide an excellent service for all its customers, as all our readers can see in our HighLow review. We have tested most of the important aspects of this broker’s service but in this article we want to shed more light on the HighLow withdrawal, which is the part of the HighLow banking services. Before one withdraws, however, it makes sense to see how one can profit with HighLow binary options so there is a profit to withdraw.

While HighLow is in many aspects ordinary broker, relying on good service to attract customers, there are some unusual features offered buy this binary options broker in terms of the possible payouts in binary options trading. Everyone knows that binary options usually offer up to some 90% payouts, but the standard return on the classical option in the industry is closer to 85%. While there are High Yield options, these products are naturally much more risky, which is to expect if the binary option promises a 500% payout. With HighLow it is different. Their classical options offer up to 100% returns or even 200% returns if they choose on demand options.

One of the important security features of this broker is the fact they provide traders with a safe trading account that is not pooled with other funds. As they are regulated by the Australian regulatory authorities HighLow must hold all the funds in segregated accounts and not use them to boost leverage on other side of the hedge or something similar. There is no financial engineering here. Traders can access their binary options trading account, while brokers aren’t allowed to use these funds because that would be contrary to terms and conditions. This makes HighLow withdrawal even more interesting.

For now, this binary options broker supports three major currencies for trading or using the HighLow withdrawal. The currencies used for HighLow withdrawal are Australian dollar and Yen. The broker is also adding EUR and other currencies at the moment. Neteller customers can use all currencies. With HighLow withdrawal, it is also good to use the Neteller because this service works almost instantly. The minimum HighLow withdrawal is A$ 50 which is one of the lowest in the industry, but still lags the current trend of zero withdrawal requirements. Transaction fee is 2%. Withdrawal processing takes up to 3 days which is in line with the rest, but the fact that credit cards cannot be used is a small disappointment.

HighLow Login

HighLow is one of the best new binary options brokers on the global market for retail finance. There are numerous similar binary brokers, but HighLow is unique among the new arrivals to the Fair binary Options list for the fact that the broker uses the MarketsPulse platform which does offer some interesting features, among them ,the spread trading possibility which even blurry the limit between binary options and CFD’s. However, this is not all, HighLow is faithful to its binary options roots by providing classical and touch options as well as the on demand options tools that help traders by enabling them to design their own binary options.

In order to trade with with HighLow, binary options traders can either try the demo account or sign up for a real account. There is a clear difference between these two approaches. The classical way for binary options trading is to sign up with the broker and the do a HighLow login into the account to start the trading career. Traders can use their HighLow account control panel to set up their profile and deposit money to their trading account. HighLow login brings traders into the world of binary options trough a well structured process that usually requires ID verifications. Traders will need to send scanned ID for identity verification. Also, HighLow login will require sending a scan of a utility bill to confirm the location and address of the client. When this is done, traders will have access to the full trading platform in terms that the number of their trades will not be limited as in the unverified status.

Demo account doesn’t require a HighLow login. All traders need to do is simply click the demo account button somewhere on the website (there are many links on HighLow website) and enter the binary options trading interface of HighLow with 1,000,000 Yen. With the demo account, even without HighLow login, traders can enter the trading arena and place trades with virtual money. Demo accounts are good place where traders can learn how to trade and test relevant strategies for binary options trading. That is one of the best places to test the platform before depositing. On the other side, A$10 minimum deposit with HighLow is more than enough to let traders run their accounts flexibly, but the bonus with HighLow is not that high, so the demo account is the best way to test the platform without much expense.

HighLow Bonus

HighLow bonus is unfortunately one of the lowest in the industry. However, many traders regard bonuses as a type of a scam when brokers which are not legitimate try to use these promotional tools to lure unsuspecting customers. While bonuses do carry a range of terms and conditions, the small HighLow bonuses are covered by only a minimum conditions and traders money is always at his disposal, no matter how high the bonus is. HighLow doesn’t use bonuses as a method of attracting customers, they try to offer other possibilities, like super low deposit requirements or flexible minimum trade requirements in order to let traders determine their own portfolio setup more easily. Bonuses are seen as a method of locking up customers who don’t always understand what they are about to receive and what kind of conditions they are subject to.

While HighLow bonuses are low, and in light of the statements we saw in the first part of this article it is only natural to make a distinction of various bonus and marketing strategies employed by brokers to reach more customers or even to segment their customers according to various traits. HighLow bonus being low is a result of focus where this binary options broker is mostly interested in acquiring mature and experienced traders who don’t rely on bonuses too much in order to be able to transfer their funds whenever they want. That said, they can use big bonuses offered by some other traders, but since turnover requirements are often too high these products may be better suited for beginners who need higher leverage at the beginning of their trading career. It is normal to start somewhat wobbly but with bonuses this is made easier for them.

HighLow bonus amounts to A$50 that isn’t a classical bonuses but a trading rebate. So if a trader enters a first trade of A$10 and loses it, HighLow bonus will be awarded to cover that loss. With A$10 trades customers can get 5 such rebates in case they lose all of them. what is important this is not a way to test the platform with HighLow since the binary options broker also has a demo platform that offers traders up to $10,000 of virtual money to trade with. HighLow bonus is low because newcomers can simply use the demo platform and have no other responsibilities toward a broker account with HighLow. As with HighLow bonus, all other terms and conditions are maximally simplified to boost trader’s rights and not lock them in.

HighLow Minimum Deposit

HighLow has already shown to be a innovative binary options brokers with a really favorable set of conditions for all the traders who want to trade binary options with minimum ties to just one binary options broker trading account. HighLow has so much confidence in their services that they are putting up only the lowest fees, deposit requirements and a free demo account so that anyone can trade with them with the lowest cost. This way all traders get to see what a fine binary options platform this is. Everyone will have no problem investing the minimum deposit requirement of HighLow to test the broker, even with the free demo account.

HighLow minimum deposit requirement is only A$10. So anyone can start trading with HighLow for the minimum amount. This is probably one of the lowest investment amounts in the industry. The ratio to the lowest investment that is possible with HighLow is 1:1 so traders actually get only one trade with the minimum deposit option, but they get huge flexibility when it comes to managing their account and deposition as much as they want. This is great news for everyone who likes to add a bit by bit to their trading account or doesn’t receive huge income boosts regularly. They get the chance to build their capital slowly as they progress in trading.

Indeed, this is one of the lowest minimum deposits ever required in binary options, but in some way, other than for promotional purposes we dont make much sense of it since HighLow minimum deposit policy is doubling down on good features already provided though the HighLow demo account. There is no need for a low barrier in trading if there is a demo account that is truly cheap and doesn’t require any deposit from the side of trader. So everyone has a chance to test the platform with zero funds invested. Some will think the minimum deposit of higgle is great, but as mentioned, unless one has a lot of patience, there is no faster way to build capital than to invest more. In this case, the HighLow minimum deposit could have been even higher.

But, since we put our traders on the first place we do think HighLow minimum deposit policy aids them all since they all get more flexibility out of it. With more control they are able to have more oversight of their accounts. No one is standing in a way for a customer to deposit more than the minimum deposit requirement of A$10 and get amazing returns that with HighLow reach more than 100%.

HighLow Mobile Trading

highlow mobile trading binaryHighLow is one of the newest binary options trading platforms that were added to Fair Binary Options trusted broker list. While HighLow is no ordinary broker since they are regulated by the Australian Securities & Exchange Commission, the first such broker found on the Fair Binary Options listing, they do have all the usual features that all other brokers offer to their customers. The big thing in binary options, since smartphones started to rule the mobile space has been mobile trading on native mobile apps or web interface trading on the smartphone/ tablet. The recent rise in pfablets – ultra big smartphones just reinforced this trend. HighLow mobile application is also at traders’ disposal.

HighLow mobile application uses the MarketPulse solution just as their web binary options trading interface runs on the same solution by MarketsPulse. MarketsPulse is one of the big binary options platform providers, like SpotOption or TradeSmarter. MarketsPulse offers full backend and front end solution for HighLow as a business but also for HighLow customers who can use their integrated system to run their trading on HighLow platform. HighLow mobile application is also well integrated with the rest of the platform since it is a native iOS/ Android app that isn’t buggy scaled down web adjustment. MarketsPulse recently published data showing that in the last year mobile binary options trading made up to 30% of all trades placed on their binary options trading platform. It is not a winder that HighLow just had to offer the mobile app when so many traders are using their mobile phones to trade.

While other binary options platforms rely on HTML5 run web interfaces to claim their support of the mobile binary options trading, HighLow mobile trading app run from the smartphone uses the official development kit by Apple or Google so the apps run as if they were real desktop apps. HighLow mobile application can use all APIs and access all the relevant hardware resources without any layers in between. This way the HighLow mobile app is optimized for the best binary options trading experience. The mobile app can process all the relevant information coming from the market stream and present them in a user friendly way on the screen. Traders can, the same way as they do on HighLow web interface, choose the asset, track the price on graph and decide when to strike in order to get the best position when they place the trade.

HighLow mobile trading enables traders to make the best of their binary options experience, and not trough some weird little web trading solution but trough a full blown app.