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HDforex Broker Review

  1. HDforex is forex and binary options broker that offers trading on three different platforms: popular MEtaTrader4, HDforex proprietary platform, and binary options platform. HDforex also gives traders an opportunity to get a taste of trading thanks to a free demo account. Make sure to read our HDforex review to find out more about this interesting broker.

    HDforex is owned by Tbilisi Traders Club and is an unregulated broker. Keep reading to learn about different account types offered by this broker, trading platform, features, customer support, depositing and withdrawing. IT is important to learn more about the broker before making a deposit.

  2. Account Features

    Traders who wish to open a trading account with HDforex must know that there are 4 account packages Pamm account plus a demo account. Demo account and Pamm accounts are not traditional account types, but more on that later. Minimum initial deposit with HDforex is $500, which is somewhat high.

    Accounts available with HDforex are:

    • Start Account
    • Standard Account
    • VIP Account
    • Exclusive Account

    All accounts include at least one platform for forex trading and binary options trading platform.

    Start Account

    Start account with HDforex requires a minimum deposit in the amount of $500. This amount is almost the double the average. Traders with this account can use MT4 platform only, and commissions are fixed per one lot. ECN execution is also included, just like leverage up to 1:300. Traders also get a variety of trading assets, educational materials, daily news, but no mobile app which is very unusual. Spreads start at 1 pip.

    Standard Account

    HDforex Standard account is available with $3,000 minimum deposit, but traders get access to both MT4 and HDforex trading platform. Keep in mind that trading conditions change, depending on the trading platform the trader chooses.

    MT4 traders can expect:

    • Fixed commissions per lot
    • Starting amount $5 per side
    • ECN execution
    • Up to 1:300 leverage
    • HDforex traders can expect:
    • Volume commission
    • Starting amount – $80
    • ECN/SWFX execution
    • Leverage up to 1:300
    • Mobile app
    • More educational materials

    With this account, spreads start at 0,16 pips.

    VIP Account

    HDforex VIP account is available only after $10,000 deposit. It also offers two different types of platforms with unique features. MT4 platform features remain the same, with an addition of master classes. HDforex platform allows starting amount from $60, and also supports master classes. Spreads start at 0.2 pips.

    Exclusive Account

    HDforex Exclusive account requires $50,000 deposit. No matter what platform type you use, leverage is now up to 1:100, and you get free professional assistance. Spreads are described as exclusive offers, and the broker doesn’t deliver any info on spreads in pips.

    HDforex Pamm Accounts

    While writing the HDforex review, we noticed that there is a special account type offered – Pamm account. Pamm account is short for Percent Allocation Management Module. Basically, traders with this account type let their personal fund managers manage the amount they have at disposal for trading. HDforex claims that this account type is providing trading on unlimited ECN liquidity. Limit of a position is 25 mil in base currency. We strongly recommend all traders to think through whether or not this is something they might benefit from. Managed accounts usually mean that trader is giving up on managing the risk personally to a certain level.

    HDforex Demo Accounts

    Even though HDforex claims to offer a free demo account, once we wanted to register it was impossible for us to do so. The registration form was broken and temporarily broken. Traders who wish to test the demo account will definitely be disappointed, as this nifty feature was not available. HDforex demo would be welcomed by traders of all kinds as it is always popular.

    However, we managed to open a demo account via the link that appeared in the broken form. Demo account is available for 30 days in case of forex platforms and 14 days for binary options platform.  All login data will be sent to your email. Keep that email safe. By clicking the link in the email, traders will get a chance to open one out of 3 HDforex demos. The great news is that traders can easily select how much money they want to have on their demo account. Of course, this money is virtual and traders must understand how a demo account is first and foremost a trading tool, and it is impossible to make any real profit while trading on it.

    HDforex Bonus and Leverage – Deposit Insurance

    HDforex doesn’t mention any specific details regarding binary options bonuses and leverage that can be used during forex trading. However, we managed to find a tab dedicated to bonuses that explains something called the deposit insurance. Deposit insurance basically a payment that you make prior to trading to ensure anywhere between 25% and 100% of the deposit amount. If you experience loss, the insurance will cover for it. Of course, there are special terms and conditions attached to deposit insurance. For example, there is a trading turnover that has to be met, but we didn’t manage to find much more details. Considering how every case seems to be specific, contact customer support for more information.

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  5. Trading Software & Assets

    As already mentioned in HDforex review, there are three trading platforms available:

    • MT4
    • HDforex platform
    • Binary options platform

    HDforex MT4 Forex Trading Platform

    MT4 is one of the most popular forex trading platforms in the world. In HDforex review we found out that this is a traditional MT4 platform that requires download prior to trading. As MT4 platform is independently developed software, traders can find many useful tools and features they can use for trading, and over 1000 robots or as they call them expert advisors. There are also 300 scripts and 2000 indicators included on the platform.

    HDforex Proprietary Forex Trading Platform

    HDforex also created their own trading platform that supports both manual and robot trading. The trading platform also supports hedging and has 200 indicators. Traders can also use different settings to apply on their orders:

    • Limit
    • Stop
    • Take Profit
    • Stop Loss
    • Stop Limit
    • Trailing Stop
    • OCO
    • MIT

    Binary Options Trading with HDforex

    Binary options platform, as we found out in HDforex review, is web based. This means that traders don’t have to download software as they need for forex trading. All you need to do is remember your login credentials. Then, you can easily open your trading dashboard from any device that can be connected to the internet. Traders can have up to 100 open trades at the same time, and experience profit level up to 90%.

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  7. Support Information

    HDforex review showed how this website is available in English, Hindu, Chinese, Russian and Georgian. HDforex also has customer support that can help traders with their inquiries. Unfortunately, the live chat that was advertised on the website was not active during the day when we were writing this review. There is still a solution to this – you can leave a message and customer support will contact you. However, the purpose of a live chat is not to get an answer after 24 hours, but immediately. Traders can also use an online form or email to contact the HDforex broker.

    When it comes to education, HDforex is promising several different types of education like seminars, webinars, coaching, etc. but for most of them you have to fill out a special application form. IT would be much better if all materials were simply available to registered traders. We were unable to access any of the e books the broker offers in education section due to 404 errors we received. There is no FAQ section that can help you.

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  9. Banking & Company Information

    Safe online transactions are an imperative for all brokers. After all, there is no trader that doesn’t like knowing his money and private data are safe.

    Minimum deposit with HDforex is, as we already mentioned, $500. The minimum withdrawal is not stated, so make sure to contact customer support prior to making a deposit. The reason you should do this in advance is because it is always good to know what is waiting for you.

    When it comes to depositing and withdrawing methods, there are several of them.

    HDforex depositing methods are:

    • Yandex Money
    • Visa/MasterCard
    • Neteller
    • Emoney
    • BaoFoo

    These methods can be used for both depositing and withdrawing but make sure to select one that suits you most. HDforex mentions different fees several times in their terms and conditions but never lists the actual amount that has to be paid. Make sure to check fees that can be charged prior to making a deposit.

    HDforex is not a regulated broker. It is owned and operated by Tbilisi Traders Club in Georgia.

  10. Conclusion:

    We make it our mission to not recommend anything but the best – which, according to industry experts, is IQ Option, the top regulated broker for your country with a minimum deposit of ONLY $10!

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  11. Your capital is at risk