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  1. Der Handel mit GOptions

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    GOptions brokerage was founded in 2009 by a London-based company. Broker is registered on the British Virgin Islands. That makes GOption one of the most experienced brokers since the discovery of binary options in 2008. Users can leverage their experience trough great versatility of trading modes and a wide asset list. The customer is always in focus with GOption and we encourage all FBO users who are willing to give GOptions a go to sign up via out “Deposit now” buttons to get an extra layer of support.


    To use all the features GOptions offers, users need to sign up, as with any other broker. Signing up is very easy and fast. Next step is depositing. With GOptions there are a lot of available banking options and it is possible to use credit cards, such as Visa, Delta, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express and Solo; or one of plenty e-wallet solutions, like GiroPay, EPS,, Bleue, Przelewy and others. Solutions like bank wire, Skrill/Moneybookers, CashU and Neteller are also available.

    All nationalities are welcome, including the US customers. This shows a global network GOptions has built during the years in business. Generally there are five types of accounts offered with GOptions. Mini account starts with $200 deposited and offers basic trading essentials, while best loyalty program, the VIP account includes 100% redepositing bonuses and 10% insured funds monthly. It starts with $10,000 deposit.


    While mini account does start with $200 deposited, the minimum requirement for all later deposits,  with other accounts, too, is $200. This is not the lowest amount in the business but it is considered fair enough to enable the best experience since more money means more trades. If there are more trades that can be done, there are more hedging possibilities.

    GOptions Affiliate Program

    For hose who have been constantly looking for making profits through binary options and want to join an affiliate program, we at FBO are here to show GOptions Affiliate Program, where traders from all over the world can have the chance to trade in a safe and easy environment, and even make the trading of binary options their permanent income.

    As we can see nowadays, there are thousands of binary options affiliate programs, offering a great variety of features, and also promising the world in terms of financial trading. Although the options are huge, traders cannot trust every single broker they find online. Reading reviews and comments and talking to experienced traders is still the best way to start trading with a broker.


    GOptions is by far the best binary options affiliate program we reviewed, as their program will surely empower traders to notch up their income through their networks and connections. And it is so easy to join the program it’s hard to believe it! The whole process takes less than 5 minutes to be concluded and traders can start profiting within minutes!

    The number of profits trader will be making is deeply related to the number of signups and traders sent.

    Be proud of the amazing array of features found in this robust trading platform, Spot Option, which is the first one that offers Forex trading. Besides, the Islamic account is also offered here.

    Another great feature is the demo account traders can open before choosing the trading account. An amount of $200 is needed in order to fund an account, and once trader doesn’t feel comfortable with it, it is always possible to ask for a refund.

    GOptions App

    GOptions is one of the best binary options brokers on the market today, and the company is even more complete due to the fact that they have iPhone and Android apps available for download today.

    For those who had never experienced trading binary options through the mobile before, they will be amazed and surprised of how quick and simple it is, and how your whole viewpoint may change forever. There is no need to in front of the computer all the time while trading: trade on the go, check closed trades, with no fuss, even the 60second trades and other fast ones, all on the go, with a sleek interface and faster platform.

    With the mission of providing a number of services of the highest level to their customers from the USA and all over the world, GOptions has five account types: Micro ( 25% bonus, daily and weekly market reviews), Mini (35% bonus, daily market reviews, weekly call and improvement session), Standard (50% bonus, daily and weekly reviews, plus 4X $50 risk-free trades), Gold (75% bonus, plus a personal account manager, private Skype entrance, financial alerts, a month of auto trading signals, and 4X $250 risk-free trades) and VIP Platinum (100% bonus, a personal account manager, all the benefits above and also three months of signals).

    GOptions Login

    Logging in with GOptions is easy if the customer already has an open account with the broker. All that one needs to do is enter the username/email and password into the designated fields and click the login button as expected. Ok, nothing new here for most of the users that had done login or sign up with any other service…like, ever.

    The interesting part comes when one has logged in the GOptions account. Then, if the customer ha already funded his/her account. This broker has a very simple interface, however, we are not sure about the system for depositing. It may take a while for customers to figure out they have to use their GOptions login data again to deposit or withdraw. However, this is a new level of security, since if you leave your computer on and you are logged in into your GOptions account, no one else can use that to deposit or withdraw in your place.

    In this sense, GOptions login system when using banking services makes a lot of sense. Other menu items are expected ones, like the history of trading, personal info and refer a friend bonus where traders can get an additional bonus by sending an invite to a friend of theirs to sign up with GOptions.

    Trade now with GOptions

    Demo accounts are offered by GOptions, and this is something very interesting for those traders who do not want to risk their money and prefer trading safely. The minimum amount to start trading is $200, and if you don’t feel comfortable with GOptions, you can ask for a refund.

    GOptions Bonus

    GOptions as a company has been in the business of trading financial instruments since 2009. GOptions have always focused on their customers and they provide a number of services that are unmatched in the field of binary options trading. Besides, their first mission is to provide the highest level of service to their customers from USA and all over the world.

    When it comes to the accounts traders can choose from, GOptions offer generous bonuses along with them. And who doesn’t like generous bonuses? This is one of the essential features of a binary option broker, and it strongly determines how well this broker goes on the market, as it serves as a thermometer to see the acceptance by traders, particularly the new ones, attracted by the high amounts given by the broker.

    Bonuses can range from 25 to 100%, according to the account type selected and opened by the trader. Also, further bonuses are given every single time the trader makes a redeposit equal to either 10%, 20% 35%, 50% and 100% of their value, and we at FBO can surely guarantee that this is a very unique feature seen on a broker.

    GOptions Bonus Money and Terms

    GOptions Bonuses are tied to the account type the trader chooses when first signing up and depositing money to the trading account. The bonus with this broker is in principle unlimited, however, it depends on how much does the trader deposit. They will match any initial deposit with some percentage, with no limits.

    The smallest account – Micro account, includes 25% optional bonus, meaning that customers, as always must say yes to the policy. FBO advises customers to only accept bonuses if they have a written confirmation. this is the same advice we give to brokers since it is a good business practice.

    With Micro Account, the maximum bonus is 124.75 USD (or other currency equivalent).

    • The Mini account includes 35% bonus, up to $350.
    • The standard account includes 50% bonus, up to $2500.
    • GOptions Gold account includes 75% bonus, up to $7500 bonus money.

    Bonuses are subject to Terms & Conditions. The general rule for GOptions bonuses is that they require 30x turnover, meaning 30x bonus amount before the bonus can be withdrawn. However, here are some ambiguities since the Terms & Conditions on the website states 40x as opposed to the bonus policy page which is part of the FAQ. In any case, ask GOptions support or the personal account manager before accepting any bonus.

    Before doing any withdrawal after receiving the bonus, the customer must hit 25% (10x turnover) of the overall required volume for bonus withdrawal We don’t like this policy since it locks customer’s funds – bonus money should have certain terms, but those terms should not affect customer’s initial deposit.


    In case traders need to contact GOptions, the company offers live chat, assuring a quick response to any questions or doubts they may have. Besides, a customer service phone is also available for those who prefer to talk instead of using the Internet. Both UK and USA phones are available.

    Same day withdrawals are offered by the company, as long as your account can be verified correctly.

    GOptions Tips

    GOptions is a feature rich broker. Fair Binary Options added GOption to its recommended brokers list because we felt it was a great broker. It was already mentioned that they have great banking services and a compelling demo offer, but one of the most interesting things about this broker is a wide range of features in the trading software. It is expected that brokers deliver when it comes to a good software platform. GOptions offers a wide range of trading modes and special functions that make trading fun, but more important they are useful tools to adjust trading positions and profit from trading.

    GOptions offers several trading modes. Each of these is set in a way that offers different advantages, depending on the traders preferred trading style. It all comes down to how the trader perceives the market and believes technicals are signaling. Binary options became popular because they offer an easy way to capitalize on market wisdom. No more margin accounts, no more pips, no more dubious profit calculation formulas. Traditional binary option lets users choose an investment amount, the trend of a security. All it takes is to wait for the expiry to see if the trade was profitable.


    Aside from the traditional high/low option, GOptions offers also so called, rare “pairs trading”. In a binary option that is structured this way, traders bet on which asset will outperform the other. It relies on traders sense of a relative price moves.

    “Longer term” options are binary options offering longer than usual expiry times for traders who tend to be better at fundamental analysis. Sometimes people believe that the news hasn’t been digested by the market and that tomorrow’s session may bring a different move, so they take this longer term position.

    “60 sec” options are the opposite – users bet on very short periods for price moves, when they scalp or try to trade the news as they come out. These trades can be very profitable and usually request the smallest trading amounts (starting at $5 per trade). GOptions has 30, 60 and 120 second versions of this option. These options can be based only on the most liquid assets – so they are normally used to trade currency moves.

    “Ladder trading” refers to options which have a time period dependent payout structure. Traders receive several price levels and the bet takes into account the time it takes price to reach each of these levels. Profit rate increases with every subsequent successful trade.

    Additional helpful features are the “Rollover” that helps to extend the expiry time and “double up” which lets users raise wagers if the trade looks good. GOptions created numerous features to help its traders to profit. Deposit now to get a chance to gain with binary options!

    GOptions USA

    GOptions does not accept US customers anymore

    usaGOptions accepts USA customers, as well as all other nationalities. It does not matter if one lives in the US or just happens to be there while trading, binary options trading will be available to the trader as if they were anywhere else in the world.

    The minimum deposit for trading with GOptions is $200, which is a relatively good amount to start with, especially if the trader is a newcomer to the trading market. By doing this, GOptions allows traders to grow confident and little by little risk more amounts of money.

    All traders need to do is to sign up, and after it is done, traders can choose the kind of account they want to start trading with, and also the deposit method preferred. Customers can choose between credit cards, e-wallets and bank wires.

  2. Your capital is at risk