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FTO Capital Review

FTO Capital

Financial Trading Online, known as FTO Capital is a new Forex broker that started with business in March 2017. FTO Capital broker is specialized in forex trading. In order to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of this broker, we will explain in detail in this review how you can trade forex and what this broker specifically offers.

Even though forex trading is interesting and fun to trade with, it is necessary to understand the whole process before traders decide to start with a specific broker.

Account Features

There are several different ways on how to trade with Forex. One of them is Webtrader platform. According to the broker, the platform is refined, user-friendly and it gives you unlimited access to the market. In order to trade with the FTO Capital Broker, traders are able to use the various plaforms offered by the broker.

In order to show you how you can trade different platforms with this broker, we have explained and presented each of the platform in detail:

WebTrader Platform

  1. No Installation required – Traders don’t need to install any additional features and there are no other requirements in order to start trading. It is compatible with different browsers so traders are able to trade from anywhere and in anytime
  2. Live Charts – On the screen traders are able to see all information with a detailed explanation about open and closed trades. Also, there are additional tools to help you with your trading process
  3. Trading Cubes – With this type of a trading, traders are able to access preferred assets and make a quick trade. This process speeds up your trading because it is presenting a lot of sizes, assets and market prices
  4. Visual – All major trends and analyses are displayed visually together with all market conditions
  5. Demo Accounts – With a virtual demo account, traders can create a demo account where they can practice without risking initial deposit and real money. In the beginning, traders are awarded virtual money and they can test all tools and features available for trading. It is important to note that virtual money cannot be withdrawn as it only serves for testing

Metatrader4 (MT4) Platform

FTO Capital suggests that the Web Trader platform provides high-quality features and market analysis along with the one click trading. FTO Capital recommends using WebTrader platform for beginners and experts.

Along with the WebTrader platform is popular Metatrader4 (MT4) Platform. This is considered as the most popular software that is used among traders. This software is well-known around the world because of its efficiency and user-friendly interface.

Here are the key features that Metatrader4 platform can provide to the traders:

  1. Indicators and Charts – Traders at FTO Capital are able to use charts and tools along with the indicators that are linked already with the MT4 software. These tools and charts will help any trader to do a quick analysis of the market and this way understand what to trade. Also, indicators are custom designed and you can use them with the Expert Advisors available on the trading screen
  2. Trading Speed and Market Analysis – If traders are looking for instant information about the trade and fast trades execution then the broker recommends using these analyzes. Manage and place your trades with this feature to trade faster and have multiply expiry times
  3. Easy Trading – With the easy trading feature, traders are supposed to open and close trades easily. All of your transactions will be placed on the trade chart and every information is recorded and stored in the history trades column

One of the unique services that FTO Capital offers to its traders is Guardian Angel. This is an update system for traders and with this system traders are able to track all trades and get notification messages while your tools and other features monitor all your investments.

Messages that traders receive will consist different information and we put them in two categories:

  • All financial trends will be updated and you will get notifications about latest trends on the global market. Market indications and Stop Loss calculator will enable every trader to increase the efficiency of a specific trade. This will get traders to know how they perform and how they are actually trading in the moment
  • Market indications and Stop Loss calculator will enable every trader to increase the efficiency of a specific trade. This will get traders to know how they perform and how they are actually trading in the moment

With these notifications, trading seems very interesting and at any time you can see what’s going on in the market and where you have invested your money.

Trading Software & Assets

Minimum deposit with FTO Capital broker is $250. Traders are able to use a bonus promotion but they have to meet some requirements in order to make a withdrawal. We advise traders to read more information under the FAQ rules and bonus rules so they can be educated on every promotion with FTO Capital broker.  Also, traders can read AML which stands for Anti Money Laundry policy. This way they can ensure that they have all the information provided before making a deposit.

Also, there are different education materials, e-books, and courses that traders can apply directly and use them while trading with FTO Capital broker.

Assets that are available for trading with FTO Capital are Forex, CFD and Commodity Trading. According to the broker, they understand the global economy and that’s why they provide easy access to different types of the trading which can be helpful to the traders

The important part to mention is K.Y.C which is there to prevent someone to steal your identity. The verification process is interesting since you need to fill some information in order to verify your account and this way protect you from unwanted situations.

Support Information

Customer support has always meant a lot to every trader and thus provides access to information at any time. To contact the broker, traders have several different options like direct call number which is UK number +442080682565. Also, there is an e-mail address where traders can send their questions and broker claim to respond within 24 hours.

However, the broker doesn’t have live chat options which are considered as a disadvantage because brokers now days are available to their traders 0/24 through the live chat and educated support agents.

Banking & Company Information

Deposit methods with FTO Capital Broker are the classic and standard in the online trading world. Like any other broker, traders are able to deposit with credit cards and bank transfers. Also, there are different E-wallets that traders can use in order to deposit.

Verification guideline is really important for traders so we advise reading all information about withdrawal process and payments including all charges that can happen through the process.

You are able to find more information about FTO Capital by reading the FAQ rules and in this way become more qualified with the work and services of this broker.