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FMtrader Demo Account – Not Recommended

  1. The demo account offers a beginner the chance to understand all or most of the activities that take place on a daily basis on their website. That makes it possible for the traders to decide how they are going to trade, and what they would like to deposit into their account. The FMtrader Demo Account is in fact a virtual account that works exactly similar to real account but all the transactions have been made with virtual money. Demo binary trading account help traders to practice their trading skills and to increase their knowledge about binary options trading without risking their hard earned money.

    One thing that makes the FMtrader Demo Account a helpful feature is the fact that a trader does not have to use their own money in order to try it out. However, there is usually a requirement that traders deposit a commitment fee to the site to be sure that they are serious with them and they seriously want to test their trading platform. Nevertheless, that is just a small fee, which is nothing compared to the amount of virtual money that a person can trade with and come up with important findings. The demo account makes a good training ground for people that are new in the business and want to catch up with the rest in good time.

    Another merit of the FMtrader Demo Account is that it works much better as compared to other demo accounts offered by other brokerage firms. For instance, FMtrader demo account allows users to purchase binaries and use them for trading. Traders are capable of making progress in their learning and actualizing various strategies, for future use. It is possible for a trader to understand the things that they are supposed to avoid, against those that are ideal for binary options trading. The fact that the binary tests are carried out in real time using real market figures makes the FMtrader Demo Account, an ideal training ground. One is able to monitor market trends and make updated decisions, which are then going to reflect on the virtual account.

    It is also necessary to note that the demo account not only works for the starters, but it works for pro traders as well. Professional binary options players can check the effectiveness of their new strategies on these demo accounts and can profitably trade in the real environment as well.

    FMtrader Minimum Deposit

    fmtrader depositWith FMtrader minimum deposit, FMtrader allows traders to begin trading binary options easy and fast. Additionally, the minimum amount may be in dollars, Great Britain pounds or in any other currency. This low min deposit is $250 and it allows both the experienced and new traders to enter the trade without having to incur huge risks or pay fees for brokers to handle their portfolio. To deposit this minimum deposit amount, traders can use Debit or credit cards, Skrill and wire transfer.

    To make the deposit, the trader has to log into his or her FMtrader account, by providing his username and password. Once in the account, the trader should then click on the Deposit button. For traders who do not have an account, it is a requirement that they first open their account before making their first deposit. After registration, you will be automatically redirected to the deposit page of the site, from where you can make your initial deposit and start trading.

    Deposit Methods

    With FMtrader, there are various methods that may be used to make the minimum deposit. Some of these methods include:

    • Bank Transfer – Fmtrader provides fast bank transfers to their clients through Envoy Services, a UK registered company that is regulated by FSA. The minimum deposit amount, using bank transfer is $250 and it may take up to five days for the deposit to be credited.
    • Debit and credit cards – Fmtrader accepts a wide array of credit and debit cards, such as MasterCard and Visa card.
    • Electronic funding methods – traders may also use the various electronic funding methods to make the minimum deposit, including Netteler&CashU, Wire transfer and Russian payments.
    • Fmtrader support – alternatively, traders may also send an email to the company requesting assistance to make the minimum deposit. Trades can also use the Live Chat on the website for instant communication.

    Making the minimum deposit of $250 will earn a trader access to an Fmtrader account. However, to cut on the risks and trade effectively, a trader will have to learn good binary trading options and execute good trading strategies. Additionally, money management skills can also help traders profit from the trade. Basically, it is not advisable to use the entire amount of the minimum deposit to make one bet. This is risky and can make you lose a lot of money. According to experts, it is always good for beginners to bet the lowest amount possible. Traders may also try out the Fmtrader demo account before making the first bet to get informed on how the trade works.

    FMtrader Withdrawal

    The withdrawal of funds is indeed one of the most complicated processes of binary options trading for beginner’s traders. Traders have to face plenty of difficulties at this stage due to many complaints that they have to follow. Many users also lose their hard-earned money due to lack of knowledge about withdrawal process of a specific broker. In order to have safe withdrawal process, traders should always do the background check of their potential broker and should always consider Fair Binary Option’s top rated brokers to avoid scam. FMtrader is Fair Binary Option’s recommended broker and they offer many withdrawal options to their customers.

    fmtrader withdrawal

    Testing the credibility of a withdrawal method requires a trader to look at certain aspects. For instance, the time that it takes for the withdrawal request to be processed by the brokers, is one pointer. FMtrader withdrawal takes only  5 days from the day a request is made to when the funds arrive in the trader’s account. This process can be long, if traders are unable to provide their documentation for verification before withdrawals are made. FMtrader is really a fast broker, and they are flexible as well, for instance they offer minimum withdrawal amount which is $100, ($250 with Wiretransfer) / $25 fee for credit, $50 for wire transfer.

    Lots of brokers award bonuses to their users on various occasions like welcome bonuses that are usually awarded at the time when traders make their first deposit into their account. Bonuses can be differ with account packages, Like user having advanced accounts can get maximum benefits as compared to users that have basic account package. These bonuses are greatly helpful for traders to attain several interesting features of binary option trading like longer trading hours, less stress full accounts and better winning chances.


    FMtrader also award bonuses to their selected users but these bonuses cannot be withdrawn as soon as the traders achieved a certain milestone. For instance, the traders are requested to achieve a certain turnover ratio with the bonus funds which is normally 25x. This ratio is not only fair but lowest as well as compared to other broker’s bonus offers.

    For traders, it is important to understand that all bonuses come with conditions, FM trader has its own terms and conditions that are required to be met by the users to withdraw their funds and to achieve certain benefits.

    Is FMtrader Regulated?

    For many trades, their primary point of concern is whether a broker is regulated or not. Well, FMtrader is not a regulated platform. This should not cause panic among trades because not all the brokers are regulated. There are some countries like USA, where brokers cannot be regulated because of country’s strict policies.

    Owing to this strict regulation, brokers in such countries can only work as non regulated brokers and they normally offer low spreads, hence low leverage offers for the traders. Basically, the majority of trades of binary options do not research on the viability of investing in certain assets. With FMtrader, traders should rest assured that the broker will deliver up to the promise, due to the commissions and fees charged. Therefore, you should expect FMtrader to act to the best of your interest.

    Regulation is a guarantee that your money will be safe. It also gives traders a trustworthy trading platform, since your money is safe with the broker. However, getting regulated for some may be a very complicated issue, especially because it deals with global markets. Basically, the financial platform is an OTC (over the counter market). As such, it is a challenge subjecting particular broker to the set regulatory frameworks. Regulations in the financial markets are essential in protecting the trader’s money when dealing with a broker.


    Although FMtrader is not a regulated platform, but trader’s money is always safe. By adhering to the set market regulatory standards, FMtrader ensures that their activities are accountable to a fiduciary standard. FMtrader is among the best binary option platforms in the country. As such, ensuring that their clients’ money is safe is a priority to them. This attribute is in accordance with the broker’s mission of setting the standards for the best binary options platforms across the world.

    The broker has also been proven to provide a profitable environment for various traders, providing them with an assortment of outstanding trading products as well as tools to enhance their success in binary options trades. The broker offers an outstanding platform for an outstanding trading experience, on the part of the traders. FMtrader boasts of a dedicated team of professionals who are always to offer the safest and attractive trading conditions. For years now, FMtrader has been promoting excellence at both personal and professional levels for their clients across the world. The company has a team of professionals, who are constantly working towards ensuring that the traders profit from the platform.

    FMtrader USA

    FMtrader has joined the FBO recommended list of reliable binary option brokers in early 2014. But they don’t allow USA accounts to their users. We already know that in USA, brokers are not regulated by CFTC, so traders from USA are supposed to join only those brokerage firms that allow US traders for binary options trading. For this reason, there are plenty of good brokerage firms like Magnum Options that offer US trading accounts to cater the trading needs of their USA users. Unlike Magnum Options, FMtrader does not offer USA trading accounts but there are several other benefits that users can attain from this particular brokerage firm.

    FMtrader’s account registration process is absolutely easy and it only takes less than five minutes. Traders just need to submit their personal information in the required fields, select their trading account type and they can start trading from this platform directly and can achieve plenty of benefits.


    FMtrader’s  offers different levels of accounts to their users. These accounts are specifically designed to tailor the needs of a trader and to help them to achieve maximum profitability. The different levels of accounts are Platinum, Gold, Bronze and Silver. Platinum and Gold account holders can get 40% bonus, can get direct emails from FMTrader’s professional analysts, and they can also  get the access of eBooks and educational trading videos as well. Silver account holders can get maximum 30% bonus and they also get the benefit of free withdrawal process. Bronze account is basically for newbie traders. This account offers plenty of benefits to beginner traders like bonuses upto 20% and free withdrawal process.

    Another important feature that makes this brokerage firm unique is Islamic accounts. These Islamic accounts are in accordance of Islamic Sharia and they are free of interest. These accounts are often termed as Swap free accounts or interest free accounts. Muslim traders can easily get the access of Islamic accounts without paying extra charges or penalties.  Another great feature of FMtrader is its professional and easy to navigate interface.  This interface is not only loved by pro traders but young traders also find it easy and they really feel comfortable using this platform.

  2. Your capital is at risk