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    Your capital is at risk
    1. ezoptionb2All USA binary options brokers are situated outside the United States for the simple reason that they are not allowed to run their operations from within the US. Binary options trading, as we know it in the rest of the world is not allowed in the US. But thanks to the World Wide Web, US-based traders are still able to use global brokerages that accept US traders. While this is permitted, these brokers are often unregulated due to the fact that American financial regulatory agencies such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) cannot regulate binary options brokers.

      That said, EZoption does not accept US-based traders, which means that EZoption USA traders do not exist. Nevertheless, binaries traders located in other regions outside the US such as within the European Union, the UK and Australia, are able to access the EZoption site and enjoy the top notch trading features.

      EZoption is a premier binary options brokerage firm with a great stake in the success of their traders. EZoption was founded with the goal of always educating all their clients to enable them to become successful traders. The team behind EZoption comprises dedicated experts who offer a wide range of binary options trading and educational services, along with a host of attractive features.

      There are many interesting features that traders can take advantage of in their binary options trading upon signing up with EZoption. The broker offers several loyalty programs that are dependent on the amount of money the broker deposits. Because the basic package at EZoption requires more than the minimum initial deposit, all traders at EZoption get to enjoy the opportunity of testing the platform for some basic deposited sum.

      Traders who sign up for the basic loyalty program referred to as the EZoption Pro Trader begin by depositing $500. The trader will then receive a 50% signup bonus, a demo account, EZoption market reviews, eBooks, video training course; a signal service via email or SMS; an account manager; and one-on-one trading with an EZoption broker or educational/ training program. All these options and features are also included in the more advanced loyalty programs that EZoption offers to its clientele.

      While the EZoption customer service operates in line with the industry, their FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section is very detailed and advanced such that traders don’t really have to contact customer support. However, in the event that they require one-on-one assistance, traders may contact EZoption support via a web form, email or call them at their global offices in the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal or Canada. Other methods for contacting EZoption support include the Live Chat feature as well as Skype.

      EZoption Bonus

      ezoption b3To reward both their new and existing clientele, EZoption offers a range of attractive features and benefits. As part of their Promotions program, EZoption rewards customers on various occasions with benefits such as bonuses and one time trading credits. Such benefits are limited time offers, with the terms and conditions associated with each benefit reward being subject to change. EZoption offers their traders an unlimited bonus of up to 150%.

      EZoption offers bonuses to their clientele, all of which are tied to the initial deposit made by the trader. This EZoption bonus will itself determine the type of account and packaged services that the trader will enjoy on EZoption. With their bonus, traders can enjoy longer trading sessions, improved winning odds and less stress from the larger trading accounts. This bonus also enables traders to execute more trades, thereby increasing their chances of reaping bigger profits on EZoption. While some unscrupulous brokers will require that traders approve this bonus as a way of getting them to accept the Bonus Terms and Conditions, EZoption does not.

      Instead, EZoption offers several loyalty programs which depend on the amount of money the trader deposits. Because the basic package at EZoption requires more than the minimum initial deposit, all traders at EZoption can enjoy the opportunity to test the platform for some basic deposited sum.

      Traders who sign up for the EZoption Pro Trader basic loyalty program are required to deposit $500. Traders will thereafter get a 50% signup bonus, a demo account, market reviews, eBooks, video training course; a signal service via email or SMS; an account manager; and one-on-one trading with an EZoption broker or educational/ training program. All these features are similarly included in the more advanced loyalty programs offered by EZoption to its clients.

      EZoption offers a cash back bonus which is added to your account in pending status. This bonus is not restrictive and will be converted to available cash that you can trade or withdraw at any time without any restrictions. It is then released as real money into your account balance once you have traded the necessary volume. The required volume that the trader needs to trade is 30 times the total of the deposit amount plus bonus amount. In your account, a Bonus Progress Bar is displayed to serve as an indicator of your trading progress towards receiving your bonus.

      What this means is that before you can withdraw your bonus, you will be required to execute a minimum trading volume of 30 times the benefit. You may only withdraw your benefit after fully meeting and fulfilling this stipulation. Your withdrawal request will be declined automatically should you fail to meet the terms of this bonus.

      EZoption Demo Account

      EZoption offers various levels of support to help their customers achieve the most favorable results on their binary options trading platform. The EZoption demo account is just one of these support levels. This demo account enables traders to trade using visual funds, while still enjoying the regular features found in a real EZoption binary options trading account. .

      The demo account offered by EZoption places traders in a real life situation in which they can trade binary options without risk. This way, traders can purchase binary options just as they would on the real market, and at prices that reflect real, live trading prices.

      The great thing about the demo account is that it enables traders to trade binary options as in real life, but without the risk of losing money. Both beginner and pro traders can enjoy binary options trading without having to worry about the financial risks. Each new trader that signs up on EZoption can use this demo account without risking real cash. If you are seeking an exciting binary options trading experience, but without the risk of losing capital, look no further than this demo account.

      ezoption trade

      This binary options trading demo account also provides users with a great opportunity to try out the EZoption binary options trading platform and see how it performs, even while trading in virtual funds. This way, you get to determine whether the trading platform is the best fit for your individual trading needs.

      Even while easy to understand, binary options are generally difficult to master, which makes it difficult to succeed at real binary options trading. But with the demo account, new traders on EZoption are able to learn how binary options trading works, as well as practice and develop their own trading skills, before applying them to the real financial market and committing real money.

      With the demo account, expert traders on EZoption can test their binary options trading strategies. This is one of the main reasons for the increasing popularity of this broker’s demo account among advanced traders. As a valuable tool for strategy testing, the demo account allows pro traders to have a good indication as to whether or not they will be profitable should they decide to go for real live trading.

      As with other binary options brokers who offer demo accounts, EZoption requires an initial deposit as a guarantee that the trader is serious about trading and will not just waste their resources. Traders who wish to test the EZoption trading platform may do so simply by depositing the minimum amount of $250. This will provide them with access to the EZoption demo account on which they may test the platform without being obliged to trade their own funds.

      EZoption Login

      ezoption login**Recently we have been getting errors regarding country selection when signing up for a new EZOption account. We have contacted the broker to see what is happening**

      It is easy to register and complete your EZoption login. Simply follow the instructions on the EZoption registration page, fill out the provided web form and confirm the email that you receive with your login details. You may then login to the secure EZoption members’ area where you can fund your account by clicking on the Deposit section. It takes only a couple of minutes to open an account with EZoption.

      Should you forget your password or login details, you may retrieve them by clicking on the “Forgot password” link located in the login area at the top right corner of your trading platform. Simply enter your email address and then click on “Reset Password”. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. If you have forgotten your email address, contact EZoption support for assistance.

      To change your password, simply click on the Account tab and select Account Settings to enter your new password at the bottom of the profile page. To do this, you will first need to be logged in to your EZoption binary options trading account. Be sure to save your details before you proceed. To update your personal details, you will first need to login to your EZoption binary options trading account. Once there, click on the Account tab and select Account Settings at the top of your screen. Make sure you save your details before you proceed.

      To view your trading history, login to your EZoption account and check the My Trades section.

      To view your account balance, login to your EZoption binary options trading account and then check the upper right corner of your trading platform. For a more detailed view of your transaction history on credits and charges, view the Balance History section.

      Once you login to your EZoption account, you may access various training options. To better understand the training level suitable for your needs, contact your EZoption account manager.

      EZoption offers various types of accounts depending on the specific needs of the individual client. Contact your EZoption account manager for advice on the right EZoption binary options trading account type for your unique needs.

      All traders who deposit $500 or more get to enjoy the EZoption Pro Trader basic loyalty program. Features include: a 50% signup bonus;no fees/ commissions; 24/7 customer support center; daily/ weekly market reviews; streaming market news feed; eBook training guides; a demo account; SMS/email signal service; video training course; an account manager;education/training program; andone-on-one trading with EZoption broker. All these options are also included in the more advanced loyalty programs which are the EZoption Auto Trader (minimum $5000); the EZoption VIP Managed Account (minimum $10,000); and the EZoption Executive VIP (minimum $50,000).

      EZoption Minimum Deposit

      ezoption b3It is common for binary options brokers to set their minimum deposit amount. As such the EZoption minimum deposit is set at $250. While this low amount means less trading, it has the benefit of allowing traders more flexibility. With this low figure, a trader is able to begin trading binary options with as little as $250. Although the minimum deposit on EZoption is set at $250, traders are required to deposit $500 in their accounts to enjoy the special benefits of the $500 Pro Trader account. EZoption does not charge any fees for funding your minimum deposit.

      To fund your minimum deposit, you will first need to visit the EZoption deposit page.

      EZoption supports numerous payment services and offers generally good transactional and banking systems that are safe and reliable. You may fund your deposit via various international credit cards including Visa and MasterCard, as well as debit cards or Skrill/ MoneyBookers. EZoption does not accept deposits made via PayPal.

      Deposits on the EZoption trading platform are supported in the following currencies: USD, EUR and GBP. All trading activity is displayed in USD, while all deposits in any other currency are converted to USD at the exchange rate on the day the deposit is made. As with all other financial transactions completed on the EZoption site, all deposits are secured using the SSL encryption. Moreover, as an added security measure, EZoption holds all funds deposited by clients in a separate segregated account.

      The maximum deposit on EZoption is set at $5,000 at any given time. Should you wish to fund a deposit above $5,000, contact the EZoption banking department at [email protected] The deposit amount will also vary with the different account types offered by EZoption. For instance, the EZoption Auto Trader has a minimum deposit of $5,000; the VIP Managed Account has its minimum deposit set at $10,000; and the Executive VIP account has a minimum deposit of $50,000.

      If you receive an error while attempting to deposit your funds, simply consult the EZoption banking team at [email protected] In addition, you may have to contact your credit card company or financial institution to confirm that your card is open for international transactions, and that your available funds are at the level you would like to deposit.

      The low minimum deposit at EZoption allows traders to start trading binaries and earn profits without suffering high risks or incurring expensive broker fees for portfolio management. Experts recommend that you bet the least amount allowed by the broker in order to obtain the maximum benefit from your minimum deposit. Before risking your minimum deposit, be sure to also check out the EZoption demo account that allows you to practice trading binaries with virtual funds.

      EZoption Mobile Trading

      ezoptionb2For years now, binary options brokers have invested in developing mobile trading apps that allow traders quick and convenient access to their accounts while on the move. This easy access afforded by mobile binary options trading services enables traders to monitor financial market conditions and successfully execute trades through their mobile devices, no matter where they are in the world. Available in the market today are mobile trading apps with well optimized features that work on both Android and iPhone devices, as well as directly within browsers.

      That said, EZoption is not one of the binary options brokers that offer mobile trading services. But despite the fact that EZoption mobile trading services do not exist, binary options traders should not shy away from signing up to enjoy their services. This is because the EZoption binaries trading platform more than makes up for their lack of mobile trading apps in a variety of ways.

      Although EZoption does not offer a mobile app, traders are able to utilize the browser of their smartphone and tablet to engage in online binary options trading. Traders who try this should find the Tradesmarter solution is really scalable to mobile. EZoption utilizes the Tradesmarter platform to power the success of their binary options traders. This is a well recognized and established solution that shouldn’t require much time before any trader can figure out how to use it. The Tradesmarter solution also features an advanced trading interface known as StrategiX, which allows traders to execute even more efficient trades. Many traders on EZoption have already confessed to heavily relying on this feature for their binary options trading success.

      With its simple yet sophisticated binary options trading platform that runs on amazing technologies, EZoption offers an extremely powerful medium for the execution of fast and secure trading across a variety of global assets. Traders are able to trade a range of binary option types on the EZoption trading platform. This impressive list that EZoption has set up for its users includes High/Low, Long Term, Turbo/60sec, One Touch, Touch Options, Boundary, Range, Above/below, No touch and Touch. With the maximum returns on this platform set at 82%, this is not the best in the industry, although it is high enough to justify the risks.

      Trading on EZoption is also fun because this broker offers a binary options social platform. The EZoption social trading platform allows traders to copy and track trades by successful traders in the network. With regards to assets, this is the one area in which EZoption falls short. With 17 stocks, 16 indices, 11 currencies and 6 commodities to trade, EZoption is in the lower range of what is typical in the binary options industry.



    2. Your capital is at risk