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Are there any EZoption Complaints?

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    Your capital is at risk
    1. ezoption b3As part of our goal to create a fair trading environment and create a trusting relationship for both our brokers and clients, Fair Binary Options offers a host of beneficial services. We invite all readers to take advantage of our website to register, and receive additional support from binary options signals, education and broker services.

      From inception, FBO has worked hard to become a trusted partner for our clients. We would therefore have no problem at all removing unscrupulous brokers from our list. That said, ever since adding EZoption to our list of trusted brokers, we have not received any EZoption complaints, alerts or negative reports that concern this broker. This is the reason why we trust EZoption and can confidently recommend the same to our clients. Rather than complaints, all we have heard from users are good things about EZoption due to their satisfaction with this broker’s high quality professional products and services.

      As one of the leading platforms for trading digital binary options online, EZoption offers professional services to its customers, thereby enabling them to efficiently transform their financial decisions into substantial profits. The EZoption trading platform is 100% web-based and allows traders to trade instantly from any location in the world, without having to download or install any software. The combination of the EZoption binary options platform and cutting edge technology provides precision and speed on a broad range of trading settlements.

      EZoption was founded by a team of highly accredited Wall Street brokers who wished to bring to all traders in the world an easy means of investing on an educational, no stress platform. Motivated to educate their clientele through a broad spectrum of resources, EZoption is today famous for their private webinars and VIP one-on-one sessions that assist traders to calculate risks accurately so as to maximize their profits. This broker brings together the most powerful technology, unsurpassed customer service and remarkable innovations, along with many years of experience trading in the financial markets.

      EZoption delivers new and exciting trading solutions designed to capitalize on market rate movements which are simple to utilize, yet offer the sophistication and value expected from a world leader. EZoption demonstrates their commitment to their customers by having presence at all major global financial centers, as well as employing an international workforce comprising trading experts.

      While speculative trading in the past required a thorough grasp of the financial markets and complex financial jargon, the EZoption platform is intuitive to allow all traders to benefit from a trading procedure that has been radically simplified. Designed to offer a 100% secure and private trading experience, the EZoption trading platform makes financial trading rewarding for traders every time.

      EZoption Regulated

      ezoptionb2Numerous binary options brokers are regulated, while others are not. While regulated brokers may be advantageous to traders with regards to the safety and security of client funds, regulated status is not an automatic guarantee of high quality service, let alone the highest standards in customer service.

      EZoption is not a regulated binary options brokerage firm. But despite being unregulated, we have not received any complaints, scam alerts or negative reports concerning EZoption ever since we added this broker to our trusted broker list. Therefore any trader who wishes to trade binary options with EZoption has good reason to trust this broker and may carry on with absolute confidence.

      Moreover, the highly competitive financial markets ensure the highest standards and compliance from EZoption. Even though not registered, licensed or regulated under the guidelines of financial markets regulatory bodies, EZoption has succeeded in providing their clientele with a satisfaction guarantee through the high quality services they offer.

      Absolute Entrepreneurs is the company behind EZoption which has its headquarters in Bulgaria.

      The vision of EZoption is to become the most secure and private binary options trading platform in the world. And one of the pillars of EZoption’s success in this mission has been their ability to provide top-class protection for their clients’ assets. The EZoption trading platform is a powerful system that places data security top on its list of priorities. With EZoption, traders can always feel confident that their account information and equity will always remain private and secure.

      All personal, financial and trading data that you enter on the EZoption platform utilizes the best encryption protocols available. For trader protection, EZoption applies the SSL encryption via the HTTPS secure web protocol to each entry you need to make. This way, EZoption is able to guarantee that your data will always remain completely safe and secure. EZoption provides their clientele with complete transparency with regards to fees and commissions. The broker takes pride in providing traders with a total guarantee of never incurring additional broker fees, hidden commissions or withdrawal/ deposit fees.

      Our users can also trust Fair Binary Options to review all brokers and inform them of any crooks or scams in a transparent manner. Because we have worked hard at being a trusted partner to our users, we will have absolutely no problem removing an unprofessional broker from our list. And the same applies to EZoption which has featured on our trusted broker list since last year. It is for this reason that we trust the services offered by EZoption and can confidently recommend this broker to all our readers.

      Is EZoption a Scam?

      ezoption b3It is of great importance that every binary options trader is fully aware that there scams that regularly take place in binaries trading. The biggest challenge with regards to scams is they are mostly detected when it is already too late. By then, the crook is making excuses for delaying or refusing to process withdrawals altogether without offering valid reasons. Other brokers will disappear, fail to respond to emails or simply delete the trader’s account then blame this on technical error.

      Because brokers are not authorized to offer managed accounts under the regulations concerning the provision of financial advice, you should steer clear of brokers who attempt to do so. Having a professional handle your portfolio in a managed account might appear to be a good deal but it isn’t. This is because analysts earn their profits from trades that their traders lose so they have all the wrong motivations. Analysts may also try to get you to deposit more money by making you empty promises. Others may try to convince you to take up a bonus offer without providing clarification on the Bonus Terms and Conditions.

      These are some of the reasons why we at Fair Binary Options always advice our traders to trade by themselves, get a binary options signals provider or sign up with an auto trading system. Because scams are common in trading, it is vital that every trader carefully study broker reviews, including those we have done on regulated brokers. FBO is constantly updating our site with trusted broker lists and reviews with the aim of creating an environment of trust for traders who use our services.

      That said, these facts about scamming in binary options trading should not deter traders who want to trade on EZoption. This is because we have not received any EZoption scam reports or complaints ever since we added this broker to our trusted broker list. Traders therefore have good reason to trust EZoption. Operating under financial markets regulatory guidelines, EZoption provides their clientele with a satisfaction guarantee for using their binary options trading services.

      Because we take trader security very seriously, FBO has been blacklisting brokers who fail to treat their customers in accordance with the best business practices. We advise traders to remain proactive in protecting themselves, by consulting our top broker reviews, and also documenting any suspicious broker behavior. In most cases, such behavior will arise from a genuine mistake. However, this may at times be the work of a scamming broker. Either way, make certain to save any documentation, screenshot, chat or email history of all brokers who begin to behave suspiciously.

      EZoption Withdrawal

      ezoptionb2The minimum EZoption withdrawal amount is $100 and it will take between 3 and 10 business days for a withdrawal request to be processed by EZoption. This is typically the standard time it takes for brokers to facilitate a withdrawal request. Withdrawals take several days because EZoption needs to verify the transaction and identity of the card owner to ensure that their clients enjoy a safe and secure trading environment.

      Once you have placed your withdrawal request, the EZoption banking team will initially attempt to send the withdrawn funds back to the original deposit source. As a general rule, EZoption will only transfer funds up to your original deposit amount back to your credit card, while profits will be sent via wire transfer to your bank account. You may transfer funds only to a bank account that is held in the same name as your EZoption account. EZoption will not transfer funds to any third parties.

      Once EZoption has approved your withdrawal request, they will send the funds to your bank account. It is however important to note that if you deposited via credit card but have not turned these funds over, your withdrawal will not be sent via bank wire transfer but back to you through your credit card. While no fees are charged on withdrawals made via credit card, wire transfers incur a charge of $30.

      You may make your withdrawal in 2 ways: download a withdrawal form from the EZoption site or alternatively you may send an email to [email protected] Once you have completed your withdrawal request form, send it to [email protected] or upload it directly to your account in the My Account section. It is important to note that in the event that your balance falls below the amount you have requested, your withdrawal will be cancelled automatically. Should you wish to cancel your withdrawal request, simply send an email to [email protected] and the broker will cancel any withdrawal request that has not as yet been processed.

      Every trader is entitled to one free transfer per month. While withdrawals are limited at one request at the beginning of every month, traders on the AutoTrade Program are not allowed withdrawals for 3 months; those on the Hybrid Auto Trading Program are not permitted withdrawals for 6 months; while clients on the Full VIP Platinum managed account cannot make withdrawals for one full year

      All withdrawal orders must be accompanied by a proper set of documentation or any other type of authentication as may be required by EZoption, credit card companies and Anti-Money Laundering regulations. Such documentation is a prerequisite prior to your withdrawal order being processed by EZoption. This broker requests that traders provide clearance documentation within the first 24 hours of creating their account.

    2. Your capital is at risk