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EmpireOption Broker Review

  1. EmpireOption binary options trading platform offers many advanced features for the modern market warrior. EmpireOption excellent set of services will help most of clients trade successfully and with joy. EmpireOption seeks to nurture their clients form profitable trading and this is the reason why they offer many great education opportunities, as well as daily tips, seminars, promotions, market info, and banking advantages. In the EmpireOption review we want to show they are surely not a scam broker and treat their customers according to the highest standards since they are a regulated trading platform. To learn more about all the features, continue reading our EmpireOption review.

  2. Account Features

    EmpireOption review will showcase several loyalty programs for their clients as they trade and deposit with the broker. The idea is to create customized levels in trading service that will help the trader to get the most out of their trading experience, but also incentivize them to make the most of their trading activities. EmpireOption wants to show the distribution of features across accounts so traders get a better idea about what to expect.

    EmpireOption Micro account

    is thought of as an entry into the operational aspects of the binary options. It is ideal for the newcomer who want to see how the whole thing works, but it can also help advanced trader looking for the next trading outpost to see what kind of platform solution is implemented with EmpireOption. Users who deposit minimum $200 in initial funds get access to the platform, e-books on trading, web seminars and basic banking service. This will be more than enough to test drive the software, but not enough for the EmpireOption review.

    The EmpireOption Classic Account

    starting after $500 initial deposit, is for the basic users who will get all around set of features like

    • personal account manager,
    • Seminar and books,
    • EmpireTV access,
    • Access to the first level in market strategies
    • Reduced minimum withdrawal amount and faster processing time (See banking section for more info)
    • EmpireOption review of the markets
    • Economic calendar

    The EmpireOption Plus account

    ($1000 deposit), basically offers the same features but more of them,

    • daily EmpireOption review of the market,
    • Three trade books, three seminars,
    • EmpireTV,
    • Market simulator,
    • Promotions,
    • Economic calendar,
    • 5 days withdrawal processing
    • Signals
    • The unit I strategy.

    The EmpireOption Preferential account

    ($5000 deposit) caters the true professional traders by updating their skills and enhancing banking and trading experience by including ALL the previous features and the

    • EmpireOption review of the market
    • advanced level strategy,
    • One to one training sessions,
    • $1 minimum withdrawal amount requirement,
    • 3 days processing of withdrawals

    The EmpireOption VIP account

    starting after $20,000 deposit is a complete level of service and one of the best service packages we have seen some time, it includes,

    • daily EmpireOption review of the market
    • 5 trade-books and seminars,
    • EmpireTV,
    • Special promotions
    • Calendar,
    • Market simulator,
    • signals,
    • Strategy at the highest level
    • $1 minimum withdrawals
    • Immediate processing.

    Now, everyone is clear with the fact that features offered are excellent. That is not all, EmpireOption also offers iFollow functionality which is truly revolutionary. It draws upon the ideas of so-called sharing economy which is already changing the way we live and earn money to connect all traders in a network where everyone can follow trades by other clients. This way a huge amount of signals and knowledge is generated without any central figure and it is absolutely free!

    While some readers will find it odd that EmpireOption also offers Calendar as a feature, one must think of it more openly, and in terms of the amazing feature called the Market Simulator, which enhances the already excellent binary options academy with EmpireOption by drawing on simulated market events and news to calculate models of possible price changes. We used this during our EmpireOption review and were stunned how great it worked!

    Users can also get offered bonuses which increase profit chances by increasing the pool of possible trades. The policy is very fair, by requiring 30x turnover of the bonus amount

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  5. Trading Software & Assets

    Trading software is the famous SpotOption provided trading interface run directly from the browser. There is not much to lament here as most of the world brokers are implementing their solutions. EmpireOption does use a bit different, more angular theme that we think looks more fresh but the intuitive nature and versatility of the platform are already legendary. There are 5 products one can choose from: long term, short term, pairs and One Touch.

    During our EmpireOption review we found out that all these products are at the top of their class. The price quotes are real time Reuters provided data streams that work excellent and are very responsive to traders input. While long term and short term options are standard meanwhile. Pairs are an excellent way to enhance trading experience since the asset list by EmpireOption is fairly modest. Exotic OneTouch options are also there for users who want more risk and better payouts since they require determining the price points too, reducing the significance of expiration time.

    One interesting thing is also the fact that with EmpireOption, risk is reduced, meaning that with regular options, users who end the position out of the money can always be sure they will get 15% back depending on the asset.

    Users can also use their smartphones or tablets for trading as the EmpireOption platform also supports mobile trading. Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android, as the EmpireOption review showed.

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  7. Support Information

    Support with EmpireOption is an interesting experience. It relies a lot on the personal approach provided by the personal account managers. We liked it during the EmpireOption review. This is not bad, but often people don’t want to always talk to someone to get to the info they want. The website lacks a proper contact page and offers a web form, live chat in the top of the page with rotation phone numbers. Mail support is available via [email protected]

    Some other will prefer the personal approach, but we do miss the FAQs on the website when writing the EmpireOption review, disregarding personal preferences, this broker has one of the best customer support personnel ever and it is clear why they rely on them do the job. The privacy seal by TRUSTe confirms this, all data is personally handled and protected by applying TRUSTe regulations. So there is no risk when communicating to the broker.

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  9. Banking & Company Information

    As already mentioned in EmpireOption review, broker applies the best data privacy procedures by complying with TRUSTe. This also means security for the financial data users must transact with when depositing and withdrawing. Using banking services with EmpireOption can be a variable experience when it comes to different account holders, but professionalism and security are undisputed.EmpireOption review indicated us we can always expect that from them.

    Empire Option has been named the best broker in Spain on our Spanish website – el mejor Corredor en España.

    Users can use credit cards, bank wire transfers and e-money services to transfer funds, deposits can be done swiftly by using Visa, MasterCard, bank account, Neteller, Payza, BBVA or Skrill. Some methods are faster, some enable transferring larger amounts.

    When withdrawing, different rules apply for different account holders as we found out with EmpireOption Review.

    The EmpireOption micro account requires minimum $200, processing takes 10 days, fee is $30 per transaction and there is a minimum of 20 operations required before withdrawing. Maximum withdrawal is 500 currency units.

    With the EmpireOption classic account, processing lasts up to 7 days, fee is $25, minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts are 100 and 2000 currency units respectably. 15 min operations is required.

    The EmpireOption Plus account is a bit more flexible, with $20 cost per withdrawal, 5 days processing, minimum $100 to max. 3500 can be withdrawn, after 10 operations.

    Preferential account and VIP account require min 5 operations. Preferential account can offer withdrawals as small as $1 to $5000, costing $10 fee, while with the VIP, maximum is unlimited and the fee is nonexistent.

    For Classic Accounts, Plus Accounts, Preferential and Empire Vip, the first withdrawal each month is free of charge.

    While doing the EmpireOption review we found out that broker is a brand of Lubona Enterprises Limited, based on BIV.

  10. Conclusion:

    We make it our mission to not recommend anything but the best – which, according to industry experts, is IQ Option, the top regulated broker for your country with a minimum deposit of ONLY $10!

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  11. Your capital is at risk