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Cryptorobot365 Review

  1. CryptoRobot365 is an auto trading software for cryptocurrencies trading. It supports the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and Ripple. This makes it a very popular choice among traders, as cryptos are considered to be the next big thing in online trading. Also, it combines crypto and automated trading which is an attractive combination as it allows traders to place their trades in a whole new way. It was launched in August 2016.

    This CryptoRobot365 review will help traders understand this product better before they enter the world of crypto forex trading. Read the article that follows to find out more about CryptoRobot365 software, features, tools, customer support.

  2. Account Features

    CryptoRobot365 software is offering only one real trading account which is available to all traders that deposit. Minimum deposit is $250. While some traders might be discouraged by the fact that there is only one account type available, they shouldn’t be, as this is an auto trading software and not a broker. Once the traders register, they will get access to the auto trading software and be immediately connected to a forex broker, that also offers cryptocurrencies. The deposit is actually made with the broker and not with CryptoRobot365.

    The registration process is briefly explained on the homepage. It is the same as many other registrations processes you will encounter online.

    First, you have to click the registration button or fill out the form available directly on the homepage. You have to provide the CryptoRobot365 with information like name, surname, email and phone number. Then, you will immediately be connected to the broker that is the best for you. Once you deposit, you start enjoying the world of auto trading and trade cryptocurrencies without any delay, in real time.

    Even though the minimum deposit is $250, CryptoRobot365 recommends making a $1000 deposit for best results, but that decision is up to you.

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  5. Trading Software & Assets

    CryptoRobot365 review showed how this auto trading software, that supports automated crypto trading as well, has an amazing, easy to use trading interface.

    First, and foremost, traders who want to use it must turn the auto trading ON, once they made a deposit. When it comes to cryptocurrencies – you can trade Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

    But before you start trading, we definitely advise you to take a closer look at CryptoRobot365 settings as they will help you achieve more personalized trading experience.

    CryptoRobot365 Settings and Tools

    Settings tab can be found on the left side of the CryptoRobot365 trading interface, and by clicking on it, all settings will appear in a new window. There are two types of settings every trader can use Auto Settings and Signals Settings. Each category of settings is adjusting a different aspect of trading to your needs.

    CryptoRobot365 Auto Trade Settings

    This part of settings is allowing traders the following:

    • To select the trading method: Classic, Martingale or Fibonacci
    • Set the investment amount
    • Limit the maximum number of trades
    • Set profit/investment levels
    • Set risk levels to low, medium or high

    CryptoRobot365 Signals Settings

    • Select short term, medium term or long term signals
    • Select indicators: Stoch, Williams, RSI, CCI, Trend, MACD
    • Select cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Litecoin

    As it can be concluded, these settings allow great customization possibilities that make up for the lack of different account types. This way, all traders get a chance to adjust trading process and signals they receive to their needs and trading goals.

    CryptoRobot365 Mobile Trading

    There is no separate mobile app for CryptoRobot365, but traders can still trade on their mobile phones thanks to mobile platform accessible via a mobile browser. Considering the popularity of CryptoRobot365, we hope they will continue creating modern trading solutions and offer useful features such as push notifications and mobile apps in the future.

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  7. Support Information

    CryptoRobot365 has a customer support that is fast and efficient. During this review, we decided to test the live chat support by asking them a simple question. The agent responded quickly and didn’t try to make us register or deposit, which we truly appreciate, as we firmly believe that every trader has the right to open account and deposit when they feel like it, and not because they are forced to do so.

    The live chat window will pop up as soon as you enter the website, and alternatively, you can use email as well. Bear in mind that communication via email can be a bit slower as it takes some time for agents to process your email and respond.

    As there are not many educational materials available on the website, we suggest that traders ask customer support agents for additional explanations of different settings and tools if needed. That way they will avoid any confusion, especially if they do it prior to trading.

    What we find assuring is the fact that the overall website doesn’t make false promises or gives fake testimonials about people buying airplanes after two weeks of trading.

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  9. Banking & Company Information

    As we already mentioned before in this CryptoRobot365 review, this is not a broker, but an auto trading software that provides traders with signals and auto trading experience. In order to use it, all traders must make a deposit with the broker first. CryptoRobot365 is not accepting any deposits or processing any withdrawals as it is a software and not a brokerage company.

    Still, in most cases the required minimum deposit is $250, while minimum withdrawal limit may vary depending on the broker. Also, payment methods available to you may vary depending on your broker and geolocation, but CryptoRobot365 usually collaborates with brokers that offer plentiful of payment methods.

    Some traders might already have an account with the broker offered by CryptoRobot365. In that case, they still have to open a new account, as that is the only way that auto trading software and the trading account can be properly connected to the trading software. This step is necessary to receive live signals and be sure that everything is working properly.

    Bear in mind that all withdrawals are processed by the broker. Before asking for a withdrawal, make sure to verify your trading account by providing the necessary documents. Every broker has their own withdrawal policy, and CryptoRobot365 is not involved in that, or any other type of financial transaction.

  10. Conclusion:

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  11. Your capital is at risk