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Cryptoin Review

  1. Cryptoin is the latest cryptocurrency trading platform which claims to strive to connect investors from all over the world. It is true that cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm and the number of traders around the world is continuously rising. This particular software can perhaps aid you in your quest for the perfect trading platform and a junction where the most enthusiastic traders are meeting up.

    In order to help you more easily evaluate if Cryptoin is a trading platform that will indeed suit your specific needs, we have decided to provide you with this detailed review. We will be going over the most essential features that make Cryptoin what it is today.

  2. Account Features

    Getting started with this software is extremely intuitive, which means that you won’t spend unneccessary time fiddling around the website looking for a way to register. The process is clear and straightforward with each step visible on the homepage:


    Cryptoin does not have any membership fees which will make things easier for many traders that are still indecisive about registering with this software. Simply follow the instructions of filling out the web form with only a few basic information needed, and submit the form.

    Choose investment amount

    The minimum deposit amount is $200, however, you can choose to invest as much as you are comfortable with. We do recommend that you keep in mind not to invest all of your capital in one sitting. You want to make sure that your deposits and individual trades are split into more manageable amounts.

    Choose Your Cryptocurrencies

    As a final step you need to choose your cryptocurrencies. You want to choose those that you are familiar with which means that your previous knowledge is very important.

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  5. Trading Software & Assets

    The trading platform itself is designed based on a series of complex algorithms that help you find the very best trades for you. The basic idea is that you, as an individual trader, will set your own trading parameters with the help of multiple features and tools available through the platform’s interface.

    Having the ability to customize your trading experience is an important part of the cryptocurrency journe traders are embarking on. This is because each and every trader has an individual plan and strategy that is based on the previously accumulated knowledge relating to cryptocurrencies along with other education and investment plans.

    The software, unfortunately, does not feature a demo account, which means that traders are not able to try out the platform without having to deposit their real funds. This is a shame and we hope that Cryptoin will reconsider this and implement a demo account in the near future as we are confident this would increase the number of traders who would be interested in registering with this trading software.

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  7. Support Information

    As a part of this review we have done extensive research about all the individual elements that this crypto trading platform has developed – this includes their customer support.

    Unfortunately, they have failed on this. Although the website clearly indicates the availability of the customer support service 24/7, our experience has been quite the contrary.

    We have tried to contact the customer support on multiple occasions and via multiple devices, however, we have not been able to get ahold of them. This may be a question of temporary technical difficulty so it is possible that the issue will be resolved soon. We hope that we will soon be able to finalize our thought on this particular question.

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  9. Banking & Company Information

    Most trading platforms that connect traders around the world will make sure to accept most payment methods that might be interesting to their clients. The same is true for Cryptoin as we have learned that their system does, indeed, allow all all major international currencies.

    When depositing, traders need to make sure that the payment method they have chosen to use is employing the most recent security protocols so that your funds are always secure and no third parties are able to access them.

  10. Conclusion:

    We make it our mission to not recommend anything but the best – which, according to industry experts, is IQ Option, the top regulated broker for your country with a minimum deposit of ONLY $10!

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  11. Your capital is at risk