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How to Trade with Core Liquidity Markets?

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    Your capital is at risk
    1. Australian broker Core Liquidity Markets uses Metatrader 4 platform that provides a bit different trading experience. Most European brokers prefer to have a platform that is integrated within the website, but Metatrader 4 doesn’t work that way. This platform, popular with forex brokers, is operated from the desktop and requires installation.

      The first step is to open an account. The process is really easy and for a demo account, the trader only has to provide some general information and select the amount of virtual money they want to have on the demo account. Demo account is available for 30 days, which is more than enough to learn how to trade on Metatrader4 platform. Even though the screenshots in this article are made on the demo account, the same rules apply to the real accounts as well.

      CLM trading mail

      Email with download links

      After the registration process is done, the trader gets an email with download links and information. Every trader has the unique code required for login. Traders have to download the guide, Metatrader platform, and plugin for binary options trading. This process is simple and it is not different from installing any other program.

      After everything is installed, the trader has to get back to the initial email and find his Login data. After Core BO for MT4 program is running, and data is entered, the trader can experience Metatrader 4 platform.


      Login window that appears on the desktop

      As already stated, traders will notice that this platform is maybe a bit different. All assets are listed in the upper left corner. It is important to go under ‘Window watch’, and then press ‘Select all’. Traders who opt for binary trading only, can execute only the trades that end with ‘bo’ (like EURUSDbo).

      CLM charts

      Selecting the chart overview

      Once the asset has been selected, trader should do a proper analysis. By clicking ‘Chart Window’, large chart will appear. This chart shows trader how the asset is performing. Under the list of assets, traders will find useful tools for analysis. There are trend lines, oscillators, volumes, bands, zig zag patterns… It is a great advantage to research all tools, especially before making the real money investment.

      CLM indicators

      List of tools

      Trade can be placed by opening ‘New Order’ with the right click of the mouse on the wanted asset. A little pop-up window will show up, and traders can set their investment and expiry time.

      CLM place trade

      Placing trades

      After the trade is placed, all that trader has to do is wait, and after expiration time, the window will show whether it was successful or not. The situation can be followed on the chart and on the pop-up window.

      CLM trading

      Analysis chart with trend lines applied and trading window

      Immediately after the expiry time runs out, the pop-up window changes itself to show the trading result. So, in conclusion, trader operates on two windows: one for the analysis, and one for placing trades, but they can easily be followed thanks to the great design.

      CLM result

      Window with the result

      On the bottom of the platform, traders will find a whole line of tabs that include free signals, trading history, mailbox etc. It is good to keep an eye on them, just to get a better overlook over the process of trading and your own investments.

    2. Your capital is at risk