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CiTrades Scam Review

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    Your capital is at risk
    1. citrades_light_background_smallCiTrades is a respected global broker. Even with a high quality feature line up, CiTrades manages to surprise in other aspects such as customer service and easy to use software and mobile platform. Fair Binary Options goes far in order to recommend the best for our users. We test and investigate to bring quality and customer satisfaction. Any deviation from this is a slap to our principle of fair approach to binary options business. We believe only good customer relations and customer satisfaction bring long-term success.

      This is why we decided to add CiTrades to our binary broker list. As with any other broker, we guarantee we did our best to verify this broker is legit and it treats its customers with great care setting the example for others. Since our reputation depends on it, Fair Binary Options will not hesitate to remove any broker which does not conform to our standards, and we did that when necessary, as can be seen on our website.

      citrades b1

      This is why we want to assure our customers that our brokers are legit and that they are good partners by building a brand that is synonym to fairness. CiTrades is also available in multiple locations per phone and in multiple languages. So the support is accessible if users need support. Every trader gets a personal support from CiTrades employees, so most of the time there is no need for customer support since all the information will be supplied from the account manager or the trading support. CiTrades is a great broker that has very feature-rich products that help and support traders in profiting from the markets. Find out more about CiTrades in our complete CiTrades Review.

      Are There Any CiTrades Complaints

      Certificate2014As noticed on several occasions, CiTrades tries to create a great environment for all those who want to begin trading binary options. This broker has not registered any complaints and therefore it is on our trusted list. Users are very satisfied with its services because of the many advantages it offers them, the most important one being the fact that it is very user friendly and allows beginners to understand this field and have the best chances for success. By offering simple trading options and special features that any broker can appreciate, CiTrades has become one of the most popular brokers on the market for a good reason.

      What enhances the trust of this broker even more is its free signals and auto trading software, meaning that any person can start trading binary options, regardless of their previous experience. In fact, CiTrades offers its members a trading guide, lessons and some basic binary options strategies they can start with, thus ensuring their chances of success in this field. While binary options are not without risk, this broker has the managed account feature which includes a supporting analyst team, a personal broker, daily analysis and many other perks, thus helping users to succeed in this field. It is easy to see why this broker has not registered any complaints: it actually helps its members to succeed, by offing them many useful features.

      Customer care is excellent and CiTrades has a live chat available 24/7 where any member can ask for help and assistance when in need. Since this broker has a mobile app, users can trade on the go and thus increase their chances of making large profits. Its safe banking and easy deposits make this broker a popular choice among beginner and experienced brokers alike and help its credibility and good name among all its members.

      All in all, CiTrades remains a reliable broker, which is why it has maintained such a good reputation up to this point. Considering the many advantages offered to its members and the excellent features available, this broker shows great potential in becoming one of the leaders on the binary options market. CiTrades has a large list of assets for traders to choose from allowing all members to trade with whatever they feel more comfortable with. All readers can use our site and our review to find out more information about this broker.

      CiTrades USA

      Citrades is a highly professional and reliable binary options trading platform that accepts US accounts giving traders from the USA the possibility to invest in a stress-free way by using a provider from abroad. This platform is renowned internationally for its innovative features such as its mobile app, dedicated account manager, education center, alerts system and auto trading robot. Considering the fact that traders from the United States of America have a limited access to trading platforms due to the strict regulations imposed by this country, the opportunity to enjoy the services of a world class trading platform like Citrades is well received.

      There are few binary options brokers that accept USA traders, a frustrating reality for those who wish to make money through binary options trading, but this could also be a blessing in disguise. The limited number of brokers that accept membership from USA traders can be more easily verified and compared. Traders seeking services of superior quality, excellent customer support, guidance from international traders and innovative software will immediately detect the benefits offered by CiTrades.

      citrades b2

      This reputable broker has the ability to meet and exceed these expectations, which makes it a popular choice among USA traders. While regulated trading platforms from the United States of America offer very low spreads, which limits the options of a trader, those who wish to make a living by trading binary options often choose to use the services of an off-shore company. USA brokers are strictly regulated and cannot afford to provide the same benefits and special features as a broker from the UE for instance.

      It is not a matter of binary options trading being illegal in the United States, it is a simple matter of incompatibility in terms of regulations. The global nature of binary options trading makes it possible for traders to use any type of services they want, including from offshore brokers. However, most binary options brokers do not accept traders from this country, except for Citrades and a few others. Restricted access to trading platforms, limited features and low spreads are just a few of the things USA traders need to handle when opening an account to start trading binary options.

      This is why the opportunity to use the full set of services provided by Citrades is unique and valued. This reputable broker offers members numerous benefits such as free signals, state of the art auto trading software, data stream from a world premier source, Thomson Reuters, phone, live chat and e-mail customer support, demo accounts, multiple payment methods and systems  depending on your preferences and needs.

      CiTrades Withdrawal Review

      When profiting starts, users may find themselves in a confusion how to withdraw the funds to their bank accounts. Banking services with CiTrades are simple and efficient. Users don’t need to lose a lot of time if they want to place a request for withdrawal of the funds, however, there are a few things they should know.


      Most of the restrictions concerning depositing and withdrawing are tied to the international and national money laundering and anti-terrorism legislative. This is why the funds above the amount initially deposited always must be withdrawn via wire transfer. This goes for credit card and CashU. All requests are sent to the finance department, and if traders need help, they can always get in touch with their account manager.

      CiTrades require verification documents mostly consisting of scans of a photo ID, utility bill and a copy of credit card (if used) along with a withdrawal request. The timeframe of withdrawal depends on a few factors. The requests will be processed in up to three days. The funds will be available on the clients account in 5-7 days depending on the bank. Withdrawal fee for wire transfers is $25 due to banking costs.

      Withdrawing funds via credit card or CashU is free with CiTrades and it is usually somewhat faster than with wire transfer. Transfers are secured using the latest in security technology. SSL encryption will stop anyone from snooping into users data. CiTrades offers a good banking service in addition to their excellent software and a personal approach to education.

      Is CiTrades Regulated

      After hearing about the amazing benefits of working with this broker, traders always ask “Is Citrades regulated?” thinking that this is the only way they can ensure the security of their funds while trading binary options. Citrades is not regulated and, at the same time, it has an international reputation as one of the safest and securest binary options trading platforms available on the dedicated market. In fact, few binary options brokers are regulated, not because of their uncertain reliability, because of the effect of trading on a global market. It is only natural for some brokers that come from countries like the European Union where very strict regulations are in place to be regulated.

      On the other hand, it is also perfectly legal and natural for brokers outside these regulations to operate on the global market as offshore companies without applying those rules and restrictions. This is why traders should not place that much weight on the regulated vs unregulated argument when choosing their binary options broker. It is more important for the platform to offer the same benefits, safety, and security, as regulated brokers while also providing a wider selection of special features and bonuses.

      citrades b3

      Citrades is a professional trading broker with a great reputation and numerous innovative features. This is a fact ascertained not only by its numerous members but by professional review writers and traders. Whether Citrades is regulated or not is the last thing you should think about, taking into consideration the benefits of becoming a member. If you can establish that an unregulated broker is reliable and has the ability to meet all your demands, this fact becomes only a detail. What scares people about unregulated binary options brokers is the risk of encountering a scam and losing money, which is not the case.

      While strict regulations have the purpose of protecting you against scams, they can also ruin the trading experience. For instance, USA traders have access to limited features, very low spreads and are often forced to invest in specific assets. The opportunity to make an account on the Citrades trading platform is a great way to break free from these restrictions. Brokers might have the obligation to conform to these rules, while operating in this country, but traders can choose to collaborate with an offshore company and take advantage of an extended package of features and bonuses.

      Citrades is not subject to a specific set of regulatory framework, but that does not imply it is not safe using its services. On the contrary, this binary options broker is renowned for its reliability and professionalism. The perks of making an account to this platform include access to free signals, valuable information from world-class trading specialists, auto trading software, managed accounts, mobile app and intuitive interfaces.

    2. Your capital is at risk