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Centobot Software Review

Centobot Software

Centobot is a relatively new trading software that managed to create a significant following. They describe themselves as a robot that will help you make money in binary options trading. Considering that every software claims the same thing, we highly recommend you to read this Centobot review to figure out the differences between this robot and many similar products on the market.

Centobot review will help you learn more about different aspects of trading with this software. Considering how trading robots are all the rage at the moment, make sure to read this review.

Account Features

Centobot created one account for different types of traders. What surprised us is the fact that there is no diversity for more advanced traders who prefer advanced accounts with multiple features.

In order to use Centobot, traders must first open an account. The account is opened via a free registration process. Centobot claims to offer the best brokers on the market, but the broker selection is quite limited, as we were offered only one broker during the Centobot review.

The next step is to activate the account. This is done by depositing with the broker. This is a very common process, and traders who already used similar robots know how it is necessary to deposit in order to trade. Centobot is free and charges no memberships or fees. Also, you deposit with the broker and not with the Centobot!

The last step, according to the website is enjoying the profit generated by the automated trading process executed by Centobot. They even have enough courage to claim that you can triple your deposit in a single day of trading, but we suggest you stay realistic and understand all advantages and disadvantages thanks to Centobot review.

Traders can also use a Centobot demo that is available for free upon the registration. Demo account is available for limited time only, and the clock starts ticking as soon as you enter the demo account so make sure to utilize it as soon as possible.

Trading Software & Assets

As many other similar robots, Centobot is a trading software that operates from the browser. You can use any browser you like, as Centobot doesn’t mention any limitations. However, make sure to keep your browser upgraded for optimal experience.

Centobot also offers an opportunity for traders to build their own robot, and there is even a top list of top 10 robots. These robots achieved the best results. However, the entire process of building a robot remains a mystery until the deposit is made. It would be great if this feature was added to the demo so traders can immediately try to build a demo robot.

The platform provides a solid overview over the trades placed. On the left side you will find a list of top robots and deposit button, and on the right side there is a list of available trades. However, Centobot review has to conclude that this robot lacks some customization features that can be tested prior to real trading. All indicators etc. are unlocked for demo users.

Support Information

Customer support is available in the form of a live chat, which is the most convenient method of communication as it is free and easy. Every time you log in you will see a little pop up with the chat box. Unfortunately, the agents take their time to get back to you which is not something traders would appreciate. There have been better customer supports around.

Alternatively, traders can also use the support email in case they prefer written communication. Keep in mind that this binary trading software has no FAQs so you will have to contact customer support quite frequently in order to get the information you need. This can be inconvenient when it comes to fast paced trading such as automated trading with Centobot.

Banking & Company Information

Centobot review would like to mention once again how this is a completely free software. This means that you never have to pay for the registration process, trading, signals, or any other services provided by the Centobot. However, this doesn’t mean you can make money out of thin air. If you want to trade, you have to make a deposit with one of the broekrs available. During the Centobot review, only one broker was available, with a minimum deposit of $250. Let’s hope they will add more brokers in the future, so traders can achieve better trading diversity.

Centobot Review – Verdict

Centobot is a binary trading software with one simple advantage – it is free. Traders who opt for paying products must calculate that cost into the trading equation, which makes things more complicated. Also, sometimes traders start their trading journey with smaller amounts that don’t allow them to pay for software.

Thanks to free software, all traders get access to the same robot, no matter whether trading veterans or beginners. The main disadvantage would be limited number of features and settings that traders can test in the demo mode. Such approach makes the Centobot demo completely obsolete.