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    Your capital is at risk
    1. BinaryGlobes is a relatively new broker Fair Binary Options reviewed only recently. While they have passed all the tests to be accepted to the Fair Binary Options best trading platforms list, BinaryGlobes does not offer a demo account. However, this binary options broker was added to our list because it offers many other interesting features and it is regulated, however, with BinaryGlobes, the transparency may be an issue. Even if we got good service, there was a sense of complacency that comes with the CySEC authorization. It seems BinaryGlobes is just happy with the regulated status but they fail to early list what they are offering in many areas.

      BinaryGlobes demo account is not offered, but BinaryGlobes account brings many interesting perks with it. Traders can use many of BinaryGlobes educational features and rewards to cover the are one usually expects the demo account to cover. We did not see any major advantages of demo accounts that cant be covered with a high quality focused education paired with additional funds trough the bonus system. Traders like demo account to practice, but rarely do they understand that trading psychology is not the same when one has virtual money and is aware they cant loose anything, with the situation when one has the skin in the game.

      binary globes trade

      In this aspect, bonus rewards can replace part of the BinaryGlobes demo account. Basically traders will be placing all kinds of trades when they get huge sums of virtual funds. Most of the time, traders will not be focused since there is no need for them to be focused. May wont pair the demo account with strategy lessons at all since they believe they can reverse engineertrading expertise by trading themselves. This is a waste of resources, and BinaryGlobes understands this. There is no logic in sacrificing platform performance so people can have fun trading virtual funds. Other traders get slower platform.

      Since bonuses are awarded directly to the trading account and bring certain terms and conditions acceptance, it is clear why traders will understand the value of this free money. On the other side, any wins and losses with BinaryGlobes bonus are real so traders will be much more focused. They will look for better ways to utilize their trading account balance so that no trade goes to waste. Many traders use BinaryGlobes educational resources to understand fundamental and technical analysis, as well as the strategy, in order to make the most of any trade, even without BinaryGlobes demo account

      BinaryGlobes Login

      BinaryGlobes trading platform is an integrated solution provided by one of the leading providers of this software on the planet. By leveraging the advanced SpotOption platform, BinaryGlobes is making sure all aspects of the experience, from signing up, to using the platform to trade and transact, works well and without delays. BinaryGlobes login is fast and secure process that gets the trader into the account control panel and as long as the account is logged in, traders can access their funds and place trades in binary options on the platform, from the web browser.

      binaryglobes b1

      BinaryGlobes login is however just a small part of the whole experience. The platform that includes back office and front office solution is requiring, as any other internet service, the user to sign up or register with the broker. The creation of an BinaryGlobes account is free and doesn’t require a deposit. Client needs to put in some identity data into the platform to register. After that, the account with BinaryGlobes will be created and trader can enter the control panel. Crucial next step for those who want to trade binary options will be to deposit funds with the BinaryGlobes trading account. With the money one can only make several trades.

      In order to make more than that, traders need to verify their identity with BinaryGlobes service. This requires sending some specified documents one can find in the relevant legal information on the BinaryGlobes website. This means that BinaryGlobes is following relevant know your customer legislation. After that trader is ready to trade. BinaryGlobes login doesn’t require actual process every time since everyone can use the save my password feature in the browser to login automatically. This way, trader can directly do the BinaryGlobes login and swiftly start trading.

      As with any other binary options broker, BinaryGlobes offers many nice features that traders can access after they log in to the platform.While trading can be fun everyone should understand it is also risky and make sure al measures are taken to get relevant information and boost market trading skills before investing much money. When one does it, BinaryGlobes login is an attractive place to start

      BinaryGlobes Minimum Deposit

      BinaryGlobes has included many binary options types to enable their clients to actively manage their portfolios. Access to binary options trading market via BinaryGlobes is relatively unrestrained and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Since they are a regulated broker, traders can be sure their money is kept in segregated accounts and ensured thought the investors Compensation fund. So with these features, traders can be sure they can leave their money with BinaryGlobes and deposit the BinaryGlobes minimum deposit amount or more to start trading in the shortest time possible. Minimum deposits are important for many traders since these barriers have to be set in a way that everyone can join in, and on the other side, the liquidity management of the broker must make sure the account reaches the economy of scale in order to eschew higher fees for brokers, since traders do not need to pay any fees with binary options accounts.

      binary globes deposit

      BinaryGlobes has a very east to use binary options platform so it is not weird many traders are asking about the BinaryGlobes minimum deposit requirement. BinaryGlobes minimum deposit that has to be made in order for trader to start trading is only $200. This is towards the lower end of the mid range of the industry. This means it is lower than the minimum deposit required by most counterparts, which is $250. Small minimum deposit requirement is by itself not interesting unless one can place trades with it. With BinaryGlobes minimum deposit one can make 13 trades with the lowest investment amount of $15, at least. So this is more than the industry average range of 8 – 10. So not only that the minimum deposit amount is lower, but it also brings more in terms of the experience in trading.

      With BinaryGlobes traders can use 60 seconds binary options, pairs, long terms, one touch and ladder. lets not forget the classical high/low option. Traders who prefer dynamic trading will use the fast paced 60 seconds option, also known as the turbo option, where expiry times and minimum investment amounts are considerably lower than with regular options. With OneTouch, traders can enter high yield positions that return up to 500%. Also interesting in terms of returns is the Ladder option, which is actually a system consisting of a sequence of trades which can bring up to 1000% in some cases, depending on the trading process.

      Is BinaryGlobes a Scam?

      BinaryGlobes is a relatively new binary options broker. While we prefer to take a longer term look at any of our brokers, and we do promise we will be back to recheck BinaryGlobes in order to ensure they continue to provide the minimum FBO level standard binary options trading services quality, we will take a step forward here and confirm to all FBO readers that BinaryGlobes is not a scam. BinaryGlobes scam may turn up at some point and Fair Binary Options will make sure we check their legitimacy and inform our readership of the results. However, since we haven’t received any complaints regarding this binary options broker.

      BinaryGlobes offers many features and financial services to their traders. One of the most interesting offers is the unlimited binary options bonus that BinaryGlobes awards. As BinaryGlobes scam rumors are not true, we want to make sure the bonus conditions of this broker are clear to all traders. Since many traders do not read Terms & Conditions, it is important to let everyone know that there are certain conditions that come with accepting a bonus. These are mostly centered around withdrawals since many traders are surprised when they get a bonus and try to withdraw it. Traders are not allowed to withdraw bonus money before it was traded a certain amount of times.

      binaryglobes b2

      BinaryGlobes scam reports mostly focused around customers losing money while trading. Now this is a pretty precarious situation since one should be aware that any kind of financial market trading that relies on price of asset is essentially risky. It is an inherent fact of any financial market and financial system that the risk needs to be dealt with. So traders who simply lost their money because they placed bad trades simply do not have a case here, nor anywhere else. BinaryGlobes, however, does offer many education possibilities so traders know upfront what are good strategies when trading. Since financial markets sometimes behave irrational, a random approach will not help much, but probably it will even lower chances of ending trades in the money.

      BinaryGlobes scam confirmation will have to wait this time. We had a really pleasant experience when reviewing BinaryGlobes so for the short time that passed since we listed them, we didn’t notice anything that would turn on our fraud alarm. BinaryGlobes offers many nice binary options types that have traditionally good returns as customers are accustomed with binary options trading.

      Is BinaryGlobes Regulated?

      CySEC logoBinaryGlobes is one of the newest brokers to get the CySEC authorization, meaning that BinaryGlobes regulated status is officially confirmed. Traders like regulated brokers since they have become accustomed of having a government authority taking care of some of the minimum standards in order to ensure that everyone can be sure they will receive the same level of service. CySEC is the EU member regulatory authority that ensures compliance with European Commission directives, such as the MFID. This directive ensures same rules are followed across the EU making it possible to establish a single market in financial services. By regulating binary options brokers, CySEC is bring ing EU wide rules enforcement

      BinaryGlobes regulated platform surely profits from this since, as mentioned, clients often use regulation as a signaling of a good broker. While this is not alway ultimately true, BinaryGlobes regulation is only confirming what we saw in the broker review – that this is a good broker that has set up a well functioning trading platform. BinaryGlobes uses the appraised SpotOption platform which is one of the most accepted platforms and it is also CySEC approved. With BinaryGlobes regulated platform traders can use many binary options types directly from their browser. Apart from the high/low options, BinaryGlobes also offers OneTouch high yield option, the pairs options and ladder system. All these binary innovations are there for the trader to actively manage risk and maturity structure of her portfolio.

      Regulated platforms mostly offer same set of services as do unregulated ones, but the key differences are in terms of customer protection when something happens to the broker itself. While binary brokers are generally well capitalized, regulated brokers have a set of protections when problems occur. With Investors compensation fund, BinaryGlobes regulated platform can protect traders funds up to $20,000 if they are not corporate accounts in case insolvency happens. While there are small chances of this occurring, it is good to know protections are put into place. Also segregated accounts mean that trader’s funds are kept safe in separated accounts which are then subject to other bank regulations.

      BinaryGlobes regulated platform can offer comfort of producing good trading experience with safety features many traders are looking for in a broker today. Generally regulated brokers such as BinaryGlobes enjoy more trust in the market and build brand more easily. While at some places this means that broker will rely on regulation to do the heavy lifting, BinaryGlobes sees it as a foundation and not an end to it self.

    2. Your capital is at risk