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Are There Any BinaryDAS Complaints

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    Your capital is at risk
    1. This broker is possibly a fraud and this is why FBO blacklisted them, in order to know more, go to our Blacklisted brokers section.

      More info on BinaryDAS Scam.

      With Fair Binary options traders can be assured they will be among the first ones to know if a binary options broker gets any complaints with us. We have set up a single contact page where traders can report any misconduct or write to us if they have any doubts about any broker on our list. For now we want to let all our readers know that Fair Binary Options has received no complaints on BinaryDAS. If there were any BinaryDAS complaints we would let all our readers know as mentioned. BinaryDAS is one of the simplest brokers we have worked with so there is no wonder we do not receive BinaryDAS complaints.

      BinaryDAS provides a fine service on basis of the SpotOption platform which integrates all important functions of the brokerage business into one smooth running binary options experience from the first time deposit to the moment traders withdraw their profits. The front office and back office are integrated so traders of BinaryDAS will have no problems depositing, withdrawing, trading, using the education centre or, whats most important, trading binary options with the BinaryDAS platform. There is no wonder there aren’t any BinaryDAS complaints. Obviously, traders are happy with the BinaryDAS experience in trading binary options.


      With the trading interface that uses the standard SpotOption theme that has proven to be the best next generation binary options trading interface. The color theme is meanwhile themes recognized binary options product that all traders can use without any problems. The platform offered a myriad of binary options types and high yield options for return rates that can reach up to 1000%. One touch is the first of such complex products, but with BinaryDAS, traders can even try the legendary ladder options that offers the best returns in the industry. Also there is the FBO favorite – pairs options. This binary options product is thought of as a financial instrument where traders get to leverage their knowledge of specific sectors. With these traders can bet on the future relative performance of two assets, and with many binary options assets offered trough BinaryDAS we are sure many will use this trading type.

      With the FOREX tab in the platform, one can be sure that traders will surely get all the best technical support in trading since they will be able to switch to a proprietary forex platform. Multiple window views will additionally help traders make the most of binary options. As noticed, there is no reason to expect BinaryDAS complaints with this kind of features they offer.

      BinaryDAS Minimum Deposit

      The lower the requirement it is a lower initial stake for each binary options trader to start building capital with the binary options broker of hers choice. BinaryDAS minimum deposit is low enough so traders won’t have problems depositing and testing the binary options trading solution with BinaryDAS. Other than the low binary options trading barrier presented thought the minimum deposit requirement, BinaryDAS offers huge amount of excellent features that will make many traders satisfied.

      What most people like when they sign up with a binary options broker is that they can start trading in the shortest period of time. With BinaryDAS banking services, traders will be able to use a range of payment possibilities to deposit with them. BinaryDAS minimum deposit will be additional help since it is as low as $200, which being lower than the industry standard, means that traders will need minimum funds to start their first binary options trading experience with BinaryDAS. The process is extremely easy to do. Traders will sign up and verify their email address which will enable them to enter the BinaryDAS control panel. There they can use the banking service of their choice to transfer the BinaryDAS minimum deposit to the trading account. After depositing traders cause the money to trade binary options.


      The minimum deposit requirement of $200 can enable traders multiple chances to break new grounds in earning money with binary options. The number of trades that one can make with said $200, while depositing the minimum investment amount of $25 is 8, which is somewhat lower than the rest of the industry but with this low minimum deposit, traders can flexibly determine the optimum level of funds at their accounts. BinaryDAS other features that help traders gain better understanding of the market. The education centre has loads of useful stuff traders can take advantage of in order to improve their analysis results and predictions.

      Overall BinaryDAS minimum deposit is one of the lower end in the industry and will definitely help a number of traders better manage their trading account liquidity.

      BinaryDAS Bonus

      BinaryDAS is one of those brokers with a secretive bonus polices. We cant say we are thrilled BinaryDAS bonus is not easy to ponder for traders since there is no indication how high that bonus could be . We cant say we like the policy because we always root for transparency. This way traders must inquire about BinaryDAS bonus themselves effectively making the decision if they want to trade with this broker much harder. Bonuses are important part of the feature list for every binary options broker because they enable customers to trade longer with the money deposited. BinaryDAS bonus can do that too, but in order for it to make sense as an offering, traders need to know how much they can get and what are the conditions with this broker. While, as we already mentioned, BinaryDAS bonus policy is unknown. However, we found out their bonus terms and conditions are a 150x required turnover. This is too much in our opinion.

      If traders want to use the bonus of this binary options broker, they are required to make a $150 trades for each $1 of bonus they receive. Usually bonuses with binary options brokers require turnover to be 20x to 50x before bonus can be withdrawn. This kind of policy can be seen as fair only if the broker also doesn’t lock the initial deposit which was the basis for the bonus. So it is important to stress here that, even though the turnover requirement for BinaryDAS bonus is so high, the broker didn’t lock our funds no matter the fact that we tried to withdraw before we initially deposited didn’t make a difference. Our funds were always available to us. Form this side, BinaryDAS bonus makes much sense and it is a welcome act of fairness.

      BinaryDAS also accepts US customers which is a feature that doesn’t directly benefit many traders who are not from the US, but people who want to trade binary options and live in the United States are thankful for fair and responsible binary options brokers that would accept them as customers. BinaryDAS bonus however can be seen as a drawback since traders will find it complicated to join this broker instead of some other broker accepting US customers when they don’t have clearly spelled out what they will be getting out of BinaryDAS service. This can be frustrating for some traders and they might just use some other binary options trading services.

      BinaryDAS Demo Account

      There is no BinaryDAS demo account. While the demo account is a neat feature, this is a sort of a dying feature since ever more binary brokers are turning to the specialized personal experience trough a close contact with account managers.

      BinaryDAS follows this new trend. Since there is no BinaryDAS demo account, one can use all the other vehicles BinaryDAS provides to binary options traders for them to stay on the top of their game while trading. The BinaryDAS trading platform is super responsive to traders who place trades very often. That means that the lag is minimum and there will be no doubts that the trade of the binary options of customer’s choosing was placed exactly at the correct pips when the button was pressed. The reliable BinaryDAS SpotOption based platform enables traders to place as many trades as they want in the shortest amount of time available.


      BinaryDAS demo account being non existent, traders will be interested to find out what other options are there that can make their trading experience more akin to the real demo account. Usually we would name the BinaryDAS bonus here, but the broker gave no indication of a bonus policy that can be leveraged depending in the amount traders deposit. However, other educational tools have the potency to take traders experience to a next level trough training sessions, videos and e-books.

      Traders can use e-books to learn about binary options basics even without using the false platform that would be part of a BinaryDAS demo account. The video sessions that are also interactive are another way to master the workings of the market and increase chances of earning substantial profits with binary options. All these great opportunities are part of the so called education centre – BinaryDAS academy of binary options that lets traders improve their knowledge as described. Even without BinaryDAS demo account, we are sure traders will love their services.

      BinaryDAS Login

      To trade with a binary options broker it is understandably clear that traders need to create a trading account with a broker. Trading account is comprised of banking service, trading panel and an account for funds. When one creates a trading account with BinaryDAS, in order to access these features and to trade in the binary options trading interface a login is required. Before one logs in, it is essential that the trader signs up with BinaryDAS, otherwise features of the BinaryDAS account wont be activated. BinaryDAS login enables traders all the important features of the broker to be at the palm of the hand. The account control panel accessible following the login procedure includes all the preferences that help binary option traders control to manage the trading experience.

      Prior to the full BinaryDAS login activation, traders will need to verify their identity by sending scans of some documents to the broker. This is done in order for BinaryDAS to be in compliance with all important anti money laundering and know your client laws. This is not only to protect the broker, this is also done in order to protect client as well as it protects the broker against any allegations. The documents needed to be supplied for the BinaryDAS login are

      A copy of a personal identity document with a photo. This is done to ensure that the account belongs to the person which is claiming it. Usually a european ID suffices, while US traders which are not allowed with BinaryDAS can use the drivers license.

      Further, traders need to verify their address. This is done usually by sending a scan of a utility bill that has the name and address of the trader. The utility bill scan used to verify BinaryDAS login needs to be at most 6 months old.

      If the trader used a credit card to deposit she will need to provide a copy of the card as well. Since brokers in binary options aren’t allowed to store user data, traders should cover most of the credit card number digits and only leave thr last four so the card can be identified. This verification is done in order to make sure the account belongs to a valid cald holder.

      With BinaryDAS login, traders will surely enter a world of financial opportunity that is waiting for them in binary options. Also, traders should always be aware of risks that are inherent in the financial market. Risk is the other side of the profit medal and every trader should be aware of it before proceeding woth a BinaryDAS login.


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