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BFMmarkets Broker Review

  1. This broker seems to have closed down.

    Welcome to the BFMmarkets review. BFMmarkets is a binary options broker enabling traders without much prior experience to step into the world of finance and trading by offering an easy to use and cheap solution for making bets on various types of assets. Binary options are the easiest way for ordinary people to come in contact with financial markets and by offering excellent educational opportunities in a feature rich setting, BFMmarkets uses internet technology to help users improve their skills and earn more cash. Read more in our BFMmarkets review.

  2. Account Features

    There are different levels of support that BFMmarkets use to help their clients achieve best results. We will present them in this BFMmarkets review. All the features are set into different account packages which come with different features and specials in addition to the already and openly available platform services. Accounts are mostly distinguished by the size of bonuses, remuneration and additional services. For a detailed overview read further. While testing the platform for BFMmarkets review, we used the BFMmarkets Premium Account.

    BFMmarkets Discovery Account

    Is a starter account requiring a €250 to €5000 initial deposit and it includes a wide range of investment amounts from€20 to €5000, deposit bonus of 30 percent for all subsequent deposits and maximum payout of 75%. Users can also take part in promotions and gain even more.

    BFMmarkets Premium Account

    requires up to €20,000 initial investment an it unlocks 50% bonuses and up to 79 percent in payouts that can be achieved. Minimum investment is €50. A half hour coaching session is also part of this package.

    BFMmarkets Excellency Account

    starts at €20000 and ends with €50000 deposit, with minimum trade set at €100. Bonuses on every deposit are 70% and payouts are set at 83 percent. It also includes additional coaching sessions and expert trade monitoring on the weekly basis. This kind of service is basically a weekly portfolio management session.

    BFMmarkets VIP account

    caters the needs of advanced experts starting at €50,000 deposit. Trades are high stake investments from €1000. This is why payouts are starting at 85 percent. It also includes three coaching sessions per half hour, daily trading monitoring – active portfolio management and protocol for guaranteed trades, i.e., reimbursement of losses, can be set up with your broker.

    The requirements do seem a bit high but this is marketing at work. BFMmarkets is a first class brokerage aiming for the customers who need this kind of service. We must say that the bonus system is excellent since it is not a once time increase in leverage and than the turnover lockup. It is a constant deployment of additional funds. As the investor deposits, the broker tracks his development with the reward funds. While doing the BFMmarkets review, we made much use of this feature.

    This drive for excellence is also visible in the fact that BFMmarkets also offers demo account that is an excellent way for advanced and new traders to see how does the platform perform while trading virtual funds. BFMmarkets will deposit €500 virtual trading balance for the users to practice and test their skills. We at FBO consider demo account one of the most valuable features since it enhances the broker transparency.

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  5. Trading Software & Assets

    BFM has a really simple trading platform that runs on amazing under the hood technologies making it very powerful and more than capable to enable fast and secure trading across a range of different global assets. The account management services are excellent and setting everything up is done as soon as one registers and makes the first deposit.

    The platform offers a wide range of binary option products which cover most of the user preferences. There are Turbo , Digital, Touch Up/Down, One Touch and Range options. The trading window is a web interface with tabs for each binary option type. Users can easily switch products, but also views. Color layout is very appealing and professional. Graphing is extremely precise, as we learnt during the BFMmarkets review.

    The product setup is fairly exotic. One doesn’t encounter range options very often, so all traders preferring this binary option type will love BFMmarkets. It is similar to the Touch options which were set in a shadow after the OneTouch system conquered the market with 500% returns. The standard and the Turbo, better known as 60 seconds don’t need any additional introduction.

    There are also additional risk management tools such as Rollover and Double up which help users sway the binary option into their favor or limit losses. One can also increase investment before the expiry to make even more profit! These functions can be found under Close now and Roll over names on the BFMmarkets website.

    The asset index could really use some additional assets. There are 6 commodities, 11 stocks, 7 indices and 10 currency pairs. This is too few for a prime broker with mostly specialist accounts. Current business standards are set much higher. However, there is one interesting thing, this broker plans to add additional asset class consisting of sovereign debt or — bonds. For now only Bunds of Germany are listed as coming soon. We contacted BFMmarkets about this but they themselves are not sure when bunds will he tradable since this innovation requires a lot of changes. Bond markets are among the most liquid markets which require powerful data stream processing. We are looking forward to trying this in the next BFMmarket review update.

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  7. Support Information

    In between all the services, BFMmarkets supports its clients by offering the Sunday school. A new and innovative project for everyone keen on learning more about trading. These classes are mostly free, happen Sundays and are lead by traders with 15 years of experience. This personalized training option must be requested by contacting the support, which we did for the BFMmarkets review and found it really helpful.

    Users can contact the support via email and phone. Unfortunately, live chat doesn’t seem to be an option right now. Help desk employees are  educated brokers ready to help not only with technical matter but also with detailed explanations of the trading prices. Phone numbers are available for France Italy and UK, from 8 to 4 GMT.

    For our BFMmarkets review, we found the email correspondence to be satisfying and responses cam amazingly quick, like in just a few minutes – and our issue was resolved! This is what we call service, and totally makes Live Chat superficial.

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  9. Banking & Company Information

    Banking with BFM markets is in many aspects the standard featured financial service in binary options business. There are multiple ways to deposit and withdraw and similar rules apply. Users must first withdraw up to the amount deposited by using the same service as before while bank wire is used for withdrawing profit. It is possible to deposit maximum €5000 at once. The selection of methods unfortunately doesn’t include net wallets. Minimum deposit amount is €100 which is standard meanwhile,

    Users must verify their accounts by scanning and sending the required documents. If done so at the deposit time, later the withdrawals go smoother. after that up to 4 days must be allowed for processing the request.Transactions are secured by the Comodo SSL encryption. The minimum withdrawal amount is €40. Withdrawals can be cancelled prior to the delivery of the withdrawal confirmation.The first monthly withdrawal is free while subsequent ones are charged €25 which is less than the average of the industry.

    BFMmarkets is a brand of  Aqua Fin LTD – Suite 24, Waterf-Gardens 6, GX11 1AA Gibraltar, as we learnt during the BFMmarkets review.

  10. Conclusion:

    We make it our mission to not recommend anything but the best – which, according to industry experts, is IQ Option, the top regulated broker for your country with a minimum deposit of ONLY $10!

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    Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs
  11. Your capital is at risk